Alpha Omega project

This is the main project i’ll ever mod, a large multi platform video gaming console system, using original console boards (not clones), one master controller that works for ALL the console systems, one power supply, one A/V cable, one unit. No system has been made to date with these criteria, this project is unique!

There will be many parts to this project and will take many months to make, so expect updates from time to time!

The controller:

The base unit:

The included console mods:










41 Responses to “Alpha Omega project”

  1. you are my new random hero! stumbled upon this looking for wiring diagrams for a ps1 and am utterly in awe.had been thinkingh bout combining several systems into a custom desktop computer case. we only differ in i like to make things bigger!

  2. your totally amazing.

    ive for a very long time wanted a portable N64. when i have the money if i were to email you would you make me one?

    and the omega project your working on, will that wind up being able to play any game from any of the old consoles on it? and last question at some point would you consider making a portable gamecube system?

  3. Hey Bacteria. Projects looking great so far, will you be doing a more in depth vid eointo the multi controller?

  4. I wonder how you made the Master Controller.

  5. Hello I’m here about comissions if you could mod my NES Top Loader for AV output.

    I was told to come here by AKA Violence, since P&P will be cheaper for me, since I’m from the UK.

    So what exactly is it you do, for UK customers specifically? Do you mod the console for PAL play as well, or just the AV output.

    Anyhow, I am really interested.


    • Oops, wrong section. But can you still help me? 🙂

    • It is easy to make them region free, although if you get a UK NES toaster model, you have A/V output as standard and can make region free too. These are a better bet.

      • The reason why I got a Top Loader is to avoid the problems the Toaster had. I honestly don’t have the money to fork out for a 72-pin connector every time something goes wrong with it. I know, it doesn’t happen often but I just hate the thought of having to replace the pin connector, especially since I’m no good at disassembling stuff and putting it back together. Another reason why is because it takes up less space than the toaster. 🙂

  6. Will you sell it?

  7. What type of casing will you be putting the system in like will you be using wood or metal or plastic

  8. when do u make your next worklog of the system?

  9. what systems do you have installed/ready to install so far? also what ones are you planning on adding?

  10. How many consoles have u put in there so far?

  11. hey dreamcast will be in there i hope

  12. which consoles are you going to put in to the Alpha Omega project?

  13. Will you be putting a saturn in?

  14. Wait, so you are putting the PS2 in the Alpha Omega?

  15. Hi, You Should Put A PS2 In The System.

  16. So when will you mod that MegaDrive? My cousin has one sitting around and I want to see how to mod it. By the way, this is amazing.

  17. Can you mod a Genesis?

  18. Geez. This is probably hard, am i right?

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