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  1. […] game consoles modder Bacteria has unveiled his last creation. It’s named Project Unity and it is capable of playing 15 […]

  2. Also, how did you make the casing of the N64?

  3. Hello,

    I have not been on this website for months but i am revisiting it today. I just want to say I really like the Goldeneye N64. I like the casing of it a lot and I
    think it is a very good design.

  4. Hello there,
    About the Unity Project – is it another system containing multiple consoles in one? Is it part of the Alpha Omega Project? Or is the Alpha Omega project complete?

  5. Your so good at portabilizing consoles could you do a how to video like you did with the nintendo portable but with a gamecube plz.

  6. hi there, enjoyed reading this one, very informative. looking forward for new posts from you.. keep up the good work…

  7. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

  8. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That actually sucks. All the news I did not read, is now gone.

    • There was about a month of stuff there, however it was mostly update bits about the N64 portable video project, plus a cat toy I might mod into a house door bell buzzer, details of my next project (before the Multi system) i’ll me doing various mods to a GP2x. Perhaps look here more often NateN34 – updates are here on most days and worth checking out!! lol

  9. A Peltier cooling plate would be a good solution for cooling large, heat producing consoles. But I would be concerned about condensation.

    • Indeed, overkill for something like the N64 which doesn’t generate much warmth in real terms but Peltier plates would be of great use for cooling chips on the Xbox or DreamCast.

      Condensation occurs when warm air meets cold, indeed, however I don’t think this will be an issue if the plates are applied directly onto the chips in question as the coldness of the plate will be warmed instantly by the heat from the chips; I read somewhere that you could cool hot chips down to about room temperature with Peltier plates, in other words, cool.

      Downside of Peltier plates is you need a decent heatsink on the reverse side or the underside doesn’t get cold enough, you therefore also need fans to remove the heatsink heat generated.

      I tried making a box with a large heatsink on a Peltier plate and running 12v (works 7.4v fine though), didn’t make the box (not a big one) noticably cooler at all, if it were to, it would take an age to cool a volume of air indirectly. I will therefore keep my eyes open at a car boot sale for a mini-fridge – the type that takes a four-pack of cans of beer in it, but not much else – ie a small one; that would be a good way to keep the overall case cool; or I may not bother and just use a couple of large 12 cms computer fans to suck air in and out of my up-coming proper Multi system. So much to plan! I will be documenting the project here fully of course….

  10. Hey Bac,
    Cant wait to see that mobo working . Me i have burned my N64 board so restarting from scratch
    its ok learning from my mistakes , im perfecting my soldering skills wile i wait for my new N64 to arrive witch is a good thing ,so keep up the good work my friend
    Salut A+

  11. This news section would work a lot better if it was a series of blog posts. Then people could search your older news, but in an uncluttered fashion. This setup right now isn’t so great.

    • It’s hard to see how better to make it look. I don’t want reams and reams of blog posts in the News section clogging things up; once a system is released and “published” then project finished and onto next one and the “News” for that work is out of date. On that basis, the “News” section is really more of a “latest news” section than a longterm section, if that makes sense. Over time, I will have made about a dozen console systems or more into portables; each with their own section in the right tab menu board, so the volumes of tabs will increase, no way around that. If you have a better solution/idea, please PM me for consideration! ;o)

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