BacPac – GP2x

Presenting the BacPac


* Original GamePark Holdings GP2x handheld console

* D-pad modded

* Modded with 2 x PSP Li-ion batteries

* Charger jack installed to recharge batteries by external PSP charger

* Silver and black finish

WORKLOG and Demonstration

This video contains the worklog for installing a d-pad and the batteries, and also the demonstration of system working. The video might seem a little “crammed”, it was, I needed to get the videos reduced to just under 10 mins for YouTube! The video should however provide a good guide on how to do these mods yourself.

All you need to do these mods are the following cheap components:

D-pad mod:

4 x 8mm rubber topped tact switches, a small d-pad, piece of thin card, hot glue, wiring.

Li-ion battery mod:

2 x PSP batteries, PSP charger, stereo audio jack and male plug.

External inks: Talking of forums, if you want to see some of the things this console can do, a good starting place is *here* and if you want to spend time on a dedicated GP2x forum, *here* is an excellent one. A good place to get downloads of emulators and games is *here*


10 Responses to “BacPac – GP2x”

  1. […] Моддер Bacteria продолжает удивлять. Если среди читателей есть счастливые владельцы приставок gp2x F100/F200, то они оценят по достоинству следующий мод — 2 в 1, а именно замена джойстика на крестовину и установка батареи от PSP. Учитывая грустную подсистему питания на gp2x (2 пальчиковые батарейки) этот мод может дать вторую жизнь Вашей приставке. [смотреть BacPac – GP2x, modded with d-pad and Li-ion batteries] […]

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  3. That’s a nice little mod. Personally I’m stubborn and strange and actually prefer the stick and AAs, but I’m sure I’m in a minority there. I wonder whether GPH would have seen any extra sales if they’d produced something like your mod originally.

  4. Hello, very nice mod ! Do you still have ths system to sell ?

  5. Can you make one of those modding guides like the ones in the sidebar?

  6. Nice mod, read the thread on GP32X about it. Would have liked a more thorough explanation on the Li-Ion mod part, however, like which wires are soldered where on the headphone jack, and the work done to add the headphone cable to the charger. Also wondering specifically where that d-pad came from as it’s perfect for this. Some kind of full parts list would be awesome. I know you’re trying to sell this one, but I’m interested in trying my hand at replicating it.

    • A stereo audio jack has three connections, I just wired the three connections from the battery to the audio jack, then worked out which one went to where and wired the female audio jack to suit.

      The d-pad was from a 3rd party GameCube controller.

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