Controller modding projects

This section is for various mods i’ve done to controllers, gamepads and arcade controllers.

MAME Arcade Controller for PC

Using a PS1 Asciiware “arcade” controller, converted it into a USB arcade controller for the PC, using an old USB computer gamepad to wire everything to internally.

Convert a BlueTooth BGP100 gamepad into a PSone controller

I made a build thread on the RacketBOY forum for this – PLEASE CLICK HERE

Convert a BlueTooth BGP100 gamepad into a SNES controller

and PDF download: 

Made a second one, as a commission too:


13 Responses to “Controller modding projects”

  1. Hi, great work on the Bluetooth snes controller! I just picked up a bgp100 on eBay to do this myself but cannot locate a windows driver. The gamepad pairs as a com port and nothing more. All I could fine online is a dead megaupload link 😦 Any chance you could share the driver you are using?

  2. Hi there my name is michael I am from the us. I was very interested in possibly having you build a Bluetooth snes controller for me. How much would it cost in US currency and we could arrange payment for the project. Email me and we can figure it out. Thanks

  3. Hi there 🙂 i live in the US and I’m interested in a snes bluetooth controller, if you’d please email me I’ll be more than happy to ship controller and anything you need.

  4. Are you still doing mods for the controller? If so….Where do i send the controllers and payment? please 🙂



  5. Hello, I must say I absolutely love the Portable Nintendo 64 you made, I made one myself and then one of my friends asked how to make it and I directed them here!
    I was wondering if perhaps you could make a portable NES system, my NES is just begging to be taken with me to school!
    I can’t find any good video tutorials on how to make one!

    • If you’re interested, I have my NES console board, trimmed down, with controller trimmed and on the board, region free (as per my Alpha Omega project) for sale – I need to do a different board as I don’t want the controller integrated. If you want to buy it, please look on the “for sale” on my forum… one off…ready to be made into a portable…

  6. Hello, I live in the US and own a SNES controller and a BGP-100. I would be more that happy to pay for this mod to be done for me. If you’d be willing to E-Mail me to discuss shipping and labor costs, I’d highly appreciate it. Thank you.

  7. Also how much to commission a modded sega 6-button controller so that it is bluetooth?

  8. Hi There how much would it cost to buy one of your modded bluetooth snes controllers?


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