GBA Converter

The GBA Converter gives a good TV image quality, however the system relies on clipping a metal part over the GBA’s screen port on the ribbon cable, and in practice is unreliable at best. I’ve rewired the two together and it works great! Here’s how to do it:

Photos, also showing the audio input and wires to power the GBA from the Converter:

Result : (ignore the wavy lines, that’s the photo, the image quality is excellent):

Only downside of this card is as you see – the image is double pixels, however a fairly large border on a PSone screen, less prominent on a normal television.

The upside is the only other TV out card for the GBA is the Transverter which is impossible to get, the GBA Converter is still sold on ebay sometimes; sold either PAL or NTSC, they don’t d both, unlike the Transverter. The other good thing is the Converter takes little amperage; less than 500mA to power the gadget plus GBA console. The voltage is quoted 8v, runs fine on 7.4v cells of course.

Here’s the pinout for RGB:



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  1. Nice explanation mate now i know how to do it

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