About me and this site

Welcome to Bacteria’s site!

I am a modding enthusiast and hobbyist, interested in making old retro video game consoles into handheld portable systems. I live in England, and am in my forties. Since 2007 I have been interested in this hobby and devote much of my free time to it.

I previously had a web site, http://www.modded-by-bacteria.com  that got over 100,000 hits in about a year, however the site looked basic, didn’t load quickly, used Soholaunch software which wasn’t the best to use and the web host was unreliable. I therefore shut my old web site and started on this blog, which is also great as it allows people to comment and ask me questions (subject to my approval of the posts of course).

My intention, over time, is to mod most of the retro console systems and produce guides for doing such; whether or not they become a separate handheld console or one made into a Multi-system is just as relevant as I shall show how to mod them, reduce the boards as needed, rig up power, audio and video to them. All my guides are free, so enjoy!

My aim is to eventually have a site that holds all the information someone needs to make a large range of portables; with my free guides and videos. I hope you enjoy this site, please leave feedback!


How about joining the Chat Room / Forum? (link below or on right menu bar). It doesn’t matter if you don’t have modding questions, how about discussion on retro console games too? or general chatter about gaming and systems? I am on the site a couple of times every day for a while…

32 Responses to “About me and this site”

  1. I have been looking at the wireless n64 controller and that is by far the best idea ever! I used to have a docs wireless, but it stopped working so I had to part with it. I was wondering if you do commission for a wireless n64 controller? I am in the US so I don’t know if the region makes a difference. You have awesome work. I don’t think I could trust myself with soldering and programming, but I am just working on a basic NES PC for time being to keep my hands busy. Keep up the great work Bacteria!

  2. Hey Bacman, great job.

    I want to make am Intellivision controller, but the buttons connect 3 terminals. Where did you find such buttons?

    Thank you

  3. Where did you get the caseing/housing? would you be prepared to sell me one? how much would it cost? regards.

  4. Hello Bacteria,
    I have a question about the cooling of an N64 Portable.
    I already started to do one. Everything just works fine.
    But no I need to know how I can cool the N64 Portable.
    I know I could buy heatsinks. But I have so pieces of 10mm strong aluminium at home. Would this work?

    • Heatsinks have grooves in them that increase the surface area greatly so aid heat dissipation. A fan removes the hot air from the heatsink and keeps things cooler.

  5. My son is getting ready to do a mod on the N64. He wanted to know how the copper heat sink only experiment worked. Did it overheat?

    • Yes, it overheated with a copper sheet; and the motherboard got quite hot too; normal slimline heatsinks are ideal so use them, they work and are good heat removers (when coupled with a fan).

      • Okay! Thanks for the info. Will use heatsink and fan. Thank you for the prompt reply. Fantastic site btw. (And glad you tried the copper plate. We might have tried the same.)

      • No problem! Please join my forum BTW if you haven’t already!

  6. Hi. I want to discuss a mod/commission, but I can find no link for an email?



  7. this website is the best modding website ever! bacman you rock!

  8. I am a big fan of your mods and was wondering if you could send me a starter kit?

  9. Hi my name is Alex i was inspired by your hand held game consuls its so amazing! im from the US how on earth can you do that it will be amazing if you can make a kit i would love to buy a kit its something i have never seeing before but when you buy a kit i was wondering will your kit come with the game consul? because this is something i would love to do! hit me up on my e-mail

  10. BEST site ive come across for modding consoles!

    • Thank you! Please join my forum BTW (link on sidebar on right).

      Over time, ie the next year or two, most console systems up to and including Xbox will be covered here!

  11. Hey iSaw Your Videos On How To Make a n64 Portable. Can Yhu Send Me aList Of All The Things iWill Need To Make One Please Send This To My eMail kili040698@yahoo.com

  12. Was just wondering if there is a possibility I might be able to buy an snes controller with bluetooth from you. I live in the US and would love to have one of those! Awesome work.

    • Yes, £70 including postage; and you supply a BGP100 controller. If agreeable, please PM me and we can then discuss the type of controller we can use, if paint job wanted, options etc.

  13. Forum Chat is over capacity.

    • Yeah, FreeForums are having problems with their servers, so have temporarily halted the chat facility to keep their forums running; although just tried it and seems up at the moment. Please bear with it!

  14. Thank you, this site has very valuable information that has helped me get parts and educated me on how to build a portable console. On top of that, this website has FREE information, unlike Benheck, who charges for his books.

    • Thanks for the comment, appreciated.

      I am hoping this humble site will become over time, THE best resource for modding consoles on the net, that is my aim.

      Yes, my guides are totally free, this is my hobby not business. I share my knowledge for all to use and see, and it will always remain available for free.

      Visit the chat room here if you are free, if we are both on-line we can chat about modding…

  15. I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back

  16. I don’t know If I said it already but …I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Tony Brown

  17. You need to make a nintendo 64 case! I mus just buy one of your other cases instead though but it would be cool if you made one specifically for the nintendo 64.

  18. Case kits are: £42 if you live in the UK (payable by PayPal or Postal Order) which includes postage; or £46 if you live outside UK (payable by PayPal in UK British Pound Sterling only) which includes postage and Internationally Signed For Airmail postage.

    Over the coming months there will be kits for a variety of systems, however each one has to be made, templates made and how-to-make-guides done before I can sell them as a case kit.

    Making these portables is a time consuming process and fairly skilled, you need to be happy that you can make them from my guides before you proceed to buy the case kit concerned.

    After the first days of May, I will have the step by step PSone system guide here (re-written from my old site); the next guide and completed system will be the TurboGrafx which will be around the end of May, N64 probably end of June/July; others to follow after, etc.

    Please e-mail me on on my e-mail address above with your needs / if you wish to proceed.

  19. Hey There,
    I’m interested in a kit, How much do they cost?

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