I will undertake a limited amount of commissions, at prices that I believe are fair, considering the level of work and time it takes to make them. To me, this is a hobby not a business; however if someone wants me to make a system for them, it is only fair I charge a price that is agreeable to me – I am skilled at what I do, and I don’t work for free!

Feel free to ask about commissions by PMing me; if I can’t do the work needed for whatever reason, I will let you know; if I can do it and am interested in doing so, we can discuss options available for the project in hand, timescales, etc.

Rough guideline on some commissions I have taken or been asked about pricing for:

BGP100 bluetooth rehoused into a different controller, £70 including postage.

Make a portable handheld console for a system like the NES, SNES, N64, PSone at £700; again including postage. It will be made as solid as possible to provide more reliablity.

Payment only via PayPal, and only in UK British Pounds.

Systems can be personalised within reason, subject to suitable extra costs as required. Work is undertaken with care and attention and the buyer kept updated on project progress (via threads on my forum).

Commissions completed to date:

Rehousing a BGP100 bluetooth controller into a PSone controller

Message from buyer (RacketBOY forum) after item received:

Rehousing a BGP100 bluetooth controller into a SNES controller

Made a few more as commissions, similar to this:




12 Responses to “Commissions”

  1. Hi, do you still do mod commissions? I’ve hit a bit of a block regarding a project and need a bit (a lot) of expertise…

  2. Im looking at doing a psone portable. I’ve built a portable n64 out of a case i got from but I really like the look of your intoplay case. Is there anyway you could make me one? If you can what would the price be? Thanks

  3. can you make a tutorial video on how you made the plug’n’play one. i just need the basics on that system. including wiring the ports

  4. Hey. Got a commission for you. Can’t find email link.

  5. Hi. I’m interested in discussing a possible commission, but I can find no link to email?



  6. I want you to make me an NES system, as well as an SNES system, how much and I am guessing pound right? If you could tell me how much in USD it would be.

  7. Hey Bacteria, shame your old site isn’t still up. Managed to find this one though.

    Although you don’t do commissions as such, would you be willing to perhaps assemble a region-mod switch for my TG16 (UK version) and provide a guide on how to do it? Or just the switch itself and a pointer?

    I love my TG16 and there are so many cheaper JAP cards out there, I’d love to play em.

    Give me a shout at – sweet!


    • This site is far far better than my old one, and the guides are far better (all were re-written from scratch). I closed the old site as uptime was poor from the host, when was up was often slow and the website software wasn’t great nor stable.

      Sure, can do this mod. There is a method to use an IC switch and a single switch for the job however I use manual switches instead, and from what I read ages ago, IC switch isn’t always reliable for this application anyway, whereas manual switches are.

      I would use four 2P2T switches, joined together (like on my IntoGrafx, only less bulky), although if you are happy enough to open your system up, cut a few wires, do a little soldering work, you can do the work yourself by following the guide on my IntoGrafx work logs, which also cover RGB modding (if you want to output via Scart this might help) or composite mod. On my worklogs I cover these methods and pinouts, and you notice, primarily on a PAL TurboGrafx too!

  8. Thanks again Bacteria! I’ll go over to my bro’s place tomorrow and get him to film me playing Cave Story or something.

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