Items for sale

If you have queries about my items for sale, please send me an e-mail to and I will see what I can do for you. Don’t forget to mention the country you live in so we can work out postage needed. Payments can only be via PayPal in UK British Pound Sterling; or if you live  in the UK, payment by PayPal, cheque or postal order.

Current items for sale / commission:

Over the next weeks/months i’ll be selling some vacuum formed cases for the large format style GBA casings, for N64 or SNES projects; not at that stage yet though.

I take commissions for BGP-100 in SNES controllers, and will be taking some commissions for making N64 or SNES portables (in the cases above). When the video is made and uploaded on that project, the items will be available for commission taking.

I have a variety of games consoles and things like controllers and memory cards too, PM me if interested.

*This list isn’t exhaustive, if there is something you want, email me and I can confirm if I have it available for sale!*


151 Responses to “Items for sale”

  1. I see that you don’t reply often on the comments here but it looks like everyone is asking the same question. How much does a portable n64 console cost? You haven’t answered for years now and we need to know. How much?????????????????

  2. N64 is what I want I am in the us. How much would that run and is it possible?

  3. I keep sending u emails!!!
    Please reply when u get a chance!!
    I’m insterested in buying a vacuum formed n64 case from u to put my portable together following ur tutorials!!!
    Thanks ur page rocks!!!
    But needs ur attention!!!!!!!

  4. I would live to buy one of your custom n64 and/or GameCube. I’m not a little kid just bs,ing around so you don’t have to worry about that but if you would email me back and let me know if you have time or out you still make portable systems. Thank you so much

  5. Hi, I have seen your video on YouTube indicating you are taking commissions for n64. Are you doing any other consoles at the moment, or plan to take commissions for in the future?

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  7. Hello Bac,

    I saw the video on your iNto64 and it is by far the most functional and visually appealing of n64 handhelds! If it would be possible I would be most pleased to own one. Hopefully for commission, since the time and craftsmanship required I do not have. I live in the united states and I do have a Paypal account.

    – Brett M.

  8. I’m looking for a project, and this my friend is just what i’ve been needing. so any new updates on the price for your nintendo 64 to portable kit?

  9. Hey mate I live in Australia and have served in the navy for the past 8 years still currently serving I saw this page and I want/need the portable n64 to take to sea how much including postage would a unit be? Thanks

  10. How much for n64 portable. I live in the USA. Wanted to do price check before I commit

  11. I would like to purchase N64 Portable! Any model, and Please Reply! Thanks!

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  13. You are so interesting! I don’t believe I’ve read
    something like that before. So great to find somebody with some genuine thoughts on this issue.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is
    required on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

  14. Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you
    if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog
    and look forward to new posts.

    • No, don’t use Twitter, its a waste of time and is a quick fire way to get into legal issues as there is no freedom of speech. I’m not on Facebook for the same reasons.

  15. Hello I would like to commision a gamecube portable.

  16. Hey, I’m looking into building my very first Portable n64 and I’m trying to do background research and gathering the materials. Any good references you could point me to? Either via email or response. For someone who’s fairly new to all this but very excited and motivated to have it happen!

  17. I’ve been surfing online more than three hours today,
    yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me.

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  18. How much for one of the BGP-100s in a SNES controller?

  19. I live in the united states central region…How much would an into cost in total?

  20. Would you have any more ps1 screens available for the N64 portable? And if not, what other screen options would you recommend?

    • There are many screens out there that work fine; they just need composite input.

      • Do you sell any of those psone screens? and I was wondering how much an into portable n64 costs? I want to buy a portable n64. What screens other than the psone screen work? I have an old camera screen, would that work?

      • I only have one unmodded PSone screen remaining, not sure if I will sell it, might do as they go for a good amount these days. Ragards a portable, in the range of £350 for system plus postage (£10-£90 depending on where in the world).

  21. Wondering if u csn build me bluetooth snes controller for android? If can how much how long it would take?

  22. I live in Washington state would love if u could build a portable 64 for me I will pay for parts shipping an labor so looking forward to your replay back

  23. Hi I am Simone.\nI need a case to build a pas for ps3 the same as wii u. I have already bought a 7-inch monitor and a wireless transmitter.\nI need a case like that of your playstation portable but by 7 inches by 5 inches and can you help me??\nThank you

  24. I realy need a ps1 screen .how much does it cost in us $?

  25. I would really like to buy a portable ps1 if possible, I wouldnt even gettin close to doin it by my self. So….???

  26. i would really like to have one os those ps1 portable, but i have no idea how to build them, not even with your instructions.. how much would you like to build one for me? (sorry for my english)

  27. I wouldn’t mind getting one of those great n64 cases

  28. Hi, I would like to buy your bluetooth snes control. I live in US email me back thxs

  29. Hi, I was wondering if the ps1 screen is the only screen u can use for the N64 portable as there r other cheaper screens ?

  30. Bacteria can you build me a copy of your intoplay please

  31. Are you going to make a playstation2 or 3 portable

  32. I’m wondering if you have fixed the case molding. As I would like to buy a case for my portable. It’s the only problem I’m facing.

  33. i was wonder how much a portable N64 costs?

    also do you do portable gamecubes if so how much do they cost?

    i am a uk resedant

    thank for time

    from gordon pollock

  34. Hello:) I was wondering if it is possible for you to sell me a portable 64 at $100 or less. Thank you:)

  35. How much would it cost for you to make a portable n64 like the one shaped like a controller?

  36. Hi, i am going to start the n64 handheld making soon, but i still need a case… First i was thinking on using a project box, but i figured it is kind of lumpy. Would it be possible to buy a gba stile one from you with all the holes cut (like the one you made for dmbjunky? With all the ports for audio, adjustment buttons for a psone screen).

    Tnx in advance

  37. Hi just wondering if you have any zenith ps1 cases at the moment thanks

  38. I would like to buy a portable n64 case if possible and if you have a ps1 screen I might buy that if you have one to sell

    Thank you

  39. hi
    I’ve been looking all over the internet for a Psone screen and i havent been able to find one. If you have any for sale i am greatly interested in buying one and a case kit as well. i live in Australia.

  40. Hi, Like everyone else i would like to buy one of the into64 cases aka the red one, but un sprayed and cut. just the actually 2 peices cut out of the mould. i understand your probably very busy with all this. and just was wondering how long would it take to produce and price. also somewhere i can buy a psone lcd screen. im from Australia

    • Too much on at the moment to make cases, sorry! Can sell a PAL PSone screen if you want, £40 plus postage; PayPal. PM me if interested.

      • Alright well would you be able to give me like the dimensions off your case or the template to cut out? And yeah i will pm you next week regarding the psone screen, happy Christmas 🙂

  41. Question, I’m planning on making A iNto 64 of my own, I can get any of the supplies but the only problem of mine would be getting a hold of a case, creating one seems to be far beyond what skill I would have, after all I’m only 15. But I’m wondering if soon you would have cases available for sale? I understand at the moment that they aren’t for sale but I’m hoping you would be selling them soon because I am starting the project very soon.

    • I’ve got a few people interested in cases; thing is I have to remake the back mould as the clay has cracks, so the case backs aren’t good enough quality as they were a few mouldings ago! I need to fix that, then can sell; will take a bit, got things to do in interim!

      • That’s understandable, I guess I’ll just have to put the project on hold for a while, I’ll check back every now and then to see if they are ready.

  42. i have been trying to build a portable n64 and have finally given up. can I buy one?

  43. Hi! I want to buy ur bluetooth snes controller,BUT i live in finland so what this might cost with shipping??????

  44. Hey Bacteria, I live in England and I have an N64, is there any chance that you could make it potable for me?

  45. love your iNto64 case. just wondering when you will be selling them? i looked through the forum but couldnt find any info

  46. How much would you want for a system kinda like iNto64?
    I want one.

  47. Are you at a stage where you will be selling n64 cases? I am very anxious to get my hands on one! Thanks.

  48. Could you make a video on youtube showing how to incorporate a seperate n64 memory pak and rumble into the portable cause i just can get them seperately. Please E-mail me if you can do this.

  49. hey if i find a n64 console at goodwill can i pay you to turn it into a n64 portable

  50. How much are the cases and when will they be available. FWI i live in the US, so i dont know if the shipping will be outrageous.

    • Doing a bit more on my Alpha Omega project, will be resuming the N64 project soon, and selling cases. No, case blanks are not expensive to post to the USA or anywhere else as items are light; please keep a check on my forum for details as they appear!

  51. Could you help me make a dreamcast portable? I dont know how to create, too complicated BTW im only 12. Im a NOOB

  52. I think your mods are absolutely fantastic! How much would a case for an N64 mod run?

  53. Hi, I’m really interested in the bluetooth snes controller.
    How much is it, and also how much to send it to Los Angeles.

  54. Can i pay with a check to get a raffle ticket? Pay-pal is really confusing and hard to use and my bank account is not linked to it.

  55. I want to buy 51 raffle tickets were do I buy them?

  56. Hello I’m interested in buying a modded bluetooth BGP-100 SNES controller so I can play it on my andriod phone… I live in the US, how much money would it be to buy one of off of you? Please email me if you would like.

  57. how much in american money is the n64 or nes

  58. Where is it that you buy your rubber tact switches from?

  59. Hello i was wondering how much it would be if i would ship my n64 and supplies over to u and u could make a portable n64 for me?

  60. do you know where i can find a fc twin or retroduo?

    • RetroDUO is better than FC Twin as compatible with more games. Only way to get one is via ebay, importing from USA. For some reason they are hard to get hold of now. I have one for sale if you’re interested, has been opened and used but in good condition; £45 plus postage, PM me if interested.

  61. Hi Bacteria,
    Recently I got interested and decided on using your posts to create a n64p but my case wasn’t great. I was wondering if you could sell me an into64 case with a slight height addition (3-5mm overall) due to my heat sinks.

    great site on N64 modding

  62. Hi,
    I would like to know if the SNES-Bluetooth controllers work with the PS3? I am really wanting my old school Street Fighter IV fix with my beloved SNES pad, but am almost out of options. Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated, both emotionally and monetarily;)

  63. Hi, how much would it be for a n64 portable casing?
    Would you be able to send to Iceland?

    p.s. Awesome site!!

  64. i really want a vacuum case the one u use in the n64 portable i cant find the tool to make one how much for one i would like it in white

    • You can make your own vacuum forming table for almost no cost (see my guides in the section) however the plastic (Plasticard / Styrene, 2mm / 0.08″ thick) costs a fair bit each sheet and you will get rejects – that is the cost of vacuum forming.

  65. Hello. I am interested in either a modded bluetooth SNES or PS1 controller. What would the cost be for one of these? I live in the states/california. Thanks!

    • Hi,

      £70 for the labour, parts and postage (payable via PayPal in British Pounds + you’ll need to provide the BGP-100 in addition. If you wish to proceed, please let me know and we can discuss options.


      • Yes I am still interested. How would I get the BGP-100 over to you? Which of the two controllers would you recommend? I will mainly be using it for emulated games on my android phone.


        Please let me know if you prefer to be emailed.

      • Ok, great!

        I have a variety of controllers you can choose from to house the project, 3rd party SNES controllers, PC controllers, etc. Can be easily given a paint job.

        When your item is ready to post, i’ll give you my address details. What country are you in?


      • I am in the United States. Would it be possible to house the project in an original SNES controller rather than in a 3rd party controller? If the project could come out looking exactly like the one in your SNES controller video that would be excellent!

      • Certainly, although that would be charged extra as I have run out of official SNES controllers – do you have a spare official SNES controller you can include with the BGP-100?

      • I should be able to get my hands on one. Also, would you be able to recommend an online merchant to purchase a BGP-100 at a reasonable price? If so, would it be possible to ship BGP-100 directly to you from the online merchant? I wouldn’t want to spend double for shipping. The same would go for the original SNES controller considering that I purchase it online.


      • willverduzco on my forum will know that, it’s what he did with his item – send him a PM, he is very helpful.

        SNES controller – if you can’t get one in the meantime, when you have provided the BGP-100, i’ll get one off ebay and you can then pay me that amount on top of the commission price, if you’d prefer.


  66. Not making one of those as a handheld, going to implement one into my Alpha Omega 18 console system though.

  67. Hello i have a question can you fit a trimmed wii mother board inside one of your ps1 cases?

    • Probably although I don’t know the exact dimensions, if you advise I can reply. Thing is though, no point unless you can have a Wii portable that doesn’t need the wavy Wii stick and sensor bar; cure that problem and a portable could be feasible.

  68. I’m looking for a screen to do a N64 mod.. I’m wondering if you have any screens for sale? and I’m wonding if I have to use PSOne screen, or is there a better, cheaper alternative?


  69. Is there any chance that you are selling the Bluetooth SNES controllers? I have been wanting to see something like this for a while, but I doubt I have the soldering skills that you have.

    Amazing work by the way, turn out I have been seeing your accomplishments for a while now, not realizing they were all by the same person.

    • Indeed, a SNES controller commission is £70 including postage, and you provide a BGP100 controller. Please PM me if you wish to discuss further.

      Please feel welcome to join my forum Lindsay, to discuss modding, and be a part of the community! (link on sidebar).

  70. i would like to enquire as to if you have any screens or any advise of ones to buy

    • I have some screens, PSone screens, PAL ones, NTSC ones, and a Logic 3 screen too. Looking for £40 each plus shipping costs.

      My next console project (after the GP2x mods) will all use the same screen, so have some spares.

  71. Do you know where I can find a GBA Transverter? or do you have one for sale?

    • They are impossible to get these days, if you find any, let me know! I have one, but damaged the ribbon cable – I intend to try to repair it though in due course.

  72. how much you want for the portable n64

    • Sorry, this one isn’t for sale, although I would be interested in taking a commission or two after I do the project; although I would be looking at £600 for UK customers, £700 for non-UK (sending an item aboad, fully insured and tracked is expensive, as with PayPal transfer fees); ie around $1100 USD. Still only equates to around £7 / $10 USD per hour for my time, which is dirt cheap.

      If you commission a system, you can choose the color of the casing! Talking of casing, depending on the system and complexity, I may use one of my “Into” cases or th tupperware boxes.

      Or you can use my free guides here to make your own, and post questions here (“ask questions” section) or via the Chat Site forum I set up (see link on right tab). If you have any questions and I am on, can do “live” chat support if you like.

  73. how much for the into dream (portible dream cast) i saw it and i almost had to change my pants i love the dream cast also if you sell me a dream cast portible dcp for short can you get me a copy of quake 3 the best game eva

    • I won’t sell the IntoDream portable, reason being the complexity of the system. Cartridge based systems like SMS, SNES, NES, N64, Jaguar, MegaDrive, GX4000; are very robust, last a long time and should stay working for a good time. In contrast, with a system like the DreamCast, it is complex to make, has masses of wiring involved (could be a point of failure) and the CD mechanism isn’t great on the DreamCast – their drive units are prone to failure over time. That means, such a system is far more likely to need repairs far quicker and more often fail than a cartridge based system – cartridge based console portables can be made far more durable. If/when a CD based system fails I can repair it, however that isn’t much use to someone else, especially as the cost of purchase of such a portable would be fairly considerable (thousands, not hundreds). The only buyer therefore for my IntoDream would be someone with money-no-object and without care how long the system worked for – ie someone who is very rich and money to burn for “a unique item” rather than expecting to be playing it for years to come!

  74. how much for a into play case?

  75. Crap every time i try to calculate it my computer freezes.

  76. Depends on your country – here is a great site:

    Payment though in British Pounds as otherwise PayPal charge a large percentage to “convert” funds sent.

  77. How much would that be in dollars? ya know for a transfer into pounds.

  78. Just selling the case halves now, which need cutting, trimming, sanding, etc. £30 for a case top and case bottom only; payment via PayPal in British Pounds only; payment includes Airmail postage to anywhere in the world. £30 might sound a bit for two pieces of plastic cases, however not when you add up the cost of the sheets, reject sheets, postage, PayPal “final fees” fee, etc. Please post a message here if you want to proceed, or email me.

  79. Hello im making my first portable and i just love your intoplay case how much would that be in a case kit?

  80. How much for N64 and a case?

  81. How much for decals and or an expansion pack if your have one? Thanks

    • N64 Expansion Pack – including postage – £10 to UK and Europe, £11 to rest of world (Airmail). Payment by PayPal (if in UK, cheque or Postal Order fine too), and in UK British Pounds. Email me if you are interested.

  82. how much for a good n64 controller suitable for moding and all-so were can i find a step-down regulator

  83. How much would you sell the snes /w controller for and what N64 games do you have?

  84. How much for the psone, plus a controller? Also congrats on the support you’re giving to the community.

  85. How much for the logic 3 screen and what are the specs?

    • Interestingly enough, I have interest from someone else on this item too. I am deciding if I want to sell it or not as I might like to use it in my GBA project in due course. If I sell it I will give the other guy first option as he was first, if not, I will approach you to see if you still want it. The Logic 3 screen is a nice screen, no anti-glare layer, but is only RGB input (although it is PAL or NTSC). Why might I want it for my GBA project? The image is nearly as good as a PSone screen (official one), but is a bit bigger; as the resolution on GBA games is lower, might show better on this screen than on a Sony PSone screen maybe; however, to test it, I need to rig up a TV converter I bought for GBA to test the image.

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