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  1. Hello bacteria I am working on a portable n64 and I have a low budget sadly I was wondering if you could help me get pass some problems I am having, is there anyway to email you ?

  2. Hello Bacteria.
    I wanna thank you right away for this awsome tutorial. I just started with the deconstruction of my N64 and I am looking for the parts I’m going to need. I eould like to have a screen other than the PSOne screen. Will one of these touch things you can get for the Raspberry Pi work as well (of course leaving out the touch functionallity)? And if so, could you help me figure out how to connect it the right way? If it won’t work, could you suggest some screens,?
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Austria.

  3. my Nintendo SNES shuts off after being on 10-15 minutes. i think its the massive capacitor going bad (ive had similar problems with vintage moped ignitions). i used to have a link to where i can get parts…i seems to have lost it… know where i can get parts and those star wrenches?

  4. Hello, I am planing to build a nintendo wii portable but I really need your help for the screen. The nintendo wii outputs 640×480, and the psone resolution is too small. I am also thinking about using vga, or component. What screen should I use, and how would you wire vga

  5. Hi! I’m an italian guy. Sprry for my bad english, but i have to ask some question. Fpllow you, i try to make a n64 portable with success (thanks for you video!). But i have some problem with memory expansion pak. When install in n64 and put on the n64 withe zelda majora’s mask, nintendo tell me the expansion pak isn’t insert correctly. You have a solution? Thank you for reply.
    You great 😉

  6. do you think you could make a portable gamecube?

  7. hey bacteria, i dont know if this is relevent or not but lets say someone would be willing to pay you money to make an iNto 64 for them, would you be willing to do it? and if you were how much would it cost? what if you were sent parts by the buyer to use?

  8. Hey, so, I’m planning on making a portable n64 and I have everything planed but I don’t have a case. I was thinking about a oversized gbc case but I have no way of making one. So I was wondering if you could use you vacuum thing to make one for me, I don’t need anything cut out or anything like that I just need a hallow piece of plastic to use as a case. How much would it cost for you to make one for me? If possible I’d like it in some sort of transparent plastic but a plain white piece will work.

  9. I’m having issues with my PSOne screen for my N64 portable project. I rewired cart slot and tested system before removing A/V port and all worked fine. I wired up everything for the system to run off batteries and wired the screen the same way as in your guides except I took the 5v line from the N64 on the A/V port area so I can plug and unplug the two halfs easily. I will be running two LiPo cells with a protection circuit board, but right now just wired to the smart charger I have.(PCB fried eating on a new one. Out put on the charger is 8.4v and 1.2amps. When I power on the screen flashes once but the no video or audio. I also haven’t messed with the headphone wires yet. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  10. Do you have any tips on soldering the Gamecube’s controller pins on the motherboard because whenever i break the port off and try to solder wires from the controller’s pins to the ones on the motherboard they break off and tear off of the motherboard, the pins are so tiny! It seems impossible
    Its the port between the 2 memory card holders

  11. Hey, I am making my first portable anything EVER, which will be an N64p, but I am having trouble with the cartridge slot relocation, I have all of the pins on the slot going to the correct point on the motherboard and am using 26 gauge wire at 5 inches long, I read that less than 7 inches was good for 24 gauge wire so I went with 5 just to be sure, but i soldered all of the wires TWICE and still nothing, I have double checked all of my wiring and everything is where it should be, if anyone could help me here that would be great! Thanks.

  12. Hey Bacman- great site! I’ve been reading through some of the very helpful resources here. My modding career is going well so far, but I have a couple of questions that I can’t for the life of me get answers to:

    -When I install a small (1.5″ or so) cooling fan in a system (Genesis 1, N64 right now) I get some nasty scrolling interference in my video. It tends to speed up and slow down, and when it slows down it seems to then change direction. The interference looks like mostly horizontal greyish/blurred lines, and the scrolling goes vertically either up or down. Can you tell if this sounds like EMI interference from the fan’s motor, or is it some kind of ground loop maybe? If your portables can work with cooling fans, then it’s obviously possible to install them…

    -Also, I’ve basically completed a “Neptunized” Genesis 1 but still can’t figure out the source of my video interference. The wires I soldered to connect the 32x to the Genesis cart slot aren’t shielded, which I’m thinking must be the issue…but they’re only about 5″ each and moving/externally shielding each row of wires doesn’t seem to change anything. Do you think rewiring with good shielded stuff would fix it, or is it from having the 32x/Gen. connected in one case without their original RF shielding? This video interference makes the picture look “messy” I guess, and there’s almost a wavy effect similar to what you see over a road on a hot day…if that makes sense O_o

    Thanks for listening!!

  13. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I want to make a ds lite XL by basically throwing the ds lite in a dsixl shell and fit the bigger screens to it. would that be possible? thanks for your time.

  14. how much does it cost to build a portable n64


  15. Could you make a ps2 portable for me and ill buy it from you

  16. I’m sorry to pester you, but when I attempt to test my n64 to see if it is getting power, the step down regulator heats up immensely, but the red LED on the system remains dark. Also, I haven’t been able to access your forum. I keep getting a 404 error message.

  17. I had a question about modding an N64 into a portable: for the step down regulator, would it be all right to use a 1.5K resistor? I went to Radio Shack in search of a 1.8K resistor, but that was a fruitless venture.

  18. I was just wondering, is it at all possible to use a 3ds circle pad (like from the circle pad pro) for n64 or other handhelds in place of the joystick?

  19. Would it be possible to make some sort of device that would allow a SEGA CD to be compatible with the RetroGEN (Genesis to SNES adapter)? Either that or something to make it able to run on an SNES? I couldn’t find any answers on Google and you were the only person I could think of to answer this question.

  20. is there a special Kind of solder you need to use I’m having problems with the wires to stick to the n64 bored can you please help thank you

  21. Hey Bacteria, I love all your guides, but there isn’t one for a PS2 portable from what I see. Is this possible, and how difficult would it be?

  22. Hi! Awesome site by the way! I want to start building a portable system from either my SNES or my playstation (model no. SCPH-7501). I would rather use the playstation, and I know enough about electronics and hardware modding to be able to do it. I just have one snag… I need a walkthrough on converting the system to run off batteries. I wish I still had my ps2 slim, you can just plug a Wall Mart lipo battery into it and it runs perfectly. So do you think you could give me a hand? Oh and i work with fiberglass/carbon fiber and know how to make molds, so i want to make a carbon case (or clear fiberglass so i can do internal LED lighting)

  23. I have been wondering for years if it is possible to do a thumbstick swap on a n64 controller? (As we all know they suck, and fail) Replace it with say, a gamecube, or ps2 thumbstick? You do fine work sir! :):)

  24. Is it possible to make a portable Xbox original?

  25. I like the Wii U/esque design, but would rather go for the GBA styling. As i mentioned before, i do not want either of those, but more of a hybrid of the two. I understand that you may not take custom orders, in which case i would like the one made for dmbjunky.

    PS neither of the links are directing me to the any threads, but instead a 404 error page.

  26. I’ve been looking around for a good portable N64, and am quite impressed by your work. I am looking into buying one from you, in the style of the one you made for atxjason, but, with the additional controller inputs and exhaust vents.

    Main Questions:
    Can I get it in a specific colour?
    How much will this cost? ( I live in the US, California)
    When is the soonest I can get it?

    PS Do you do Game Cube portable mods as well?

  27. Hey! I found your site after searching for someone to commission a mod job. If there is any way you could help me with my idea, email me!! And keep up the awesome work!

  28. Hi Bacteria. Great guide for the n64 mod, I’ve nearly finished my own. The only trouble is finding the rubber capped tactile switches, is there a supplier you go to for them? Regards.

  29. hey bacteria what are the dimensions of the into64 case

  30. Hello,
    first I would like to say that i very much enjoy your work. But I have a question. I’m searching for the PSone screen’s alot, but all i can find are prices above 100$… I would like to know where I can buy a PSone screen for a decent price.

    Thanks in Advance.

  31. Hi
    I have to TV screen one is DVD player the other one is just a screen they sit on the back of the head rest min your car the audio and video are like headphone jack can I use the screen and how do I wire it to work thank you

  32. So what type of wires shoul i use instead

  33. Could i use a 14 gauge 1015 MTW Hookup wire for the wiring of the N64 portable??

  34. Alright thanks

  35. Hi
    What rechargable batteries would I use for the N64 portable in the USA. Also where would i find a headphone jack port and a charger for the rechargable batteries.
    Thanks for the guides

    • Headphone jacks are on a lot of equipment, you can salvage off, or use Radioshack or ebay. Batteries – whatever you like, I use the Canon BP-911 ones as in the guides on the site.

  36. Hi
    I’m trying to make the portable N64 can I use a coby tf-DVD 7750 portable DVD player if so how please help
    thank you

    • Only if it has a composite video input, or S-video input (NOT output).

      • Hi
        It has two screen one is the DVD player the other one is a screen they sit on the back of the head rest in your car DVD player one audio video out to the audio video in on number two but it not a av cable in more like the end of the headphone what do I do Ronald it work thank you

      • Hi
        I think its a in put because it goes from the DVD payer one to the other one they sit on the headrest of your car but the audio video are like a headphone jack can this work and how do I do this
        Thank you

  37. Hi, I was wondering something for when I build a Portable N64 (it’s still in the design process) and this is more for if I want to make two separate P64s. I know it’s possible to hook up the screen to a television, but would it be possible to have one of the P64s on and playing a multiplayer game, and have just the screen on the other running, hook it up and allow the game to display on both screens, and have the other N64 running as a controller. Basically, the same game running off one console, one portable running and the other portable as just a controller but displaying the game at the same time. Is something like this possible or am I just thinking too hard? If it is possible, how much would that take and what would I have to do?

  38. Hello,
    what do You think about making handheld consoles out of raspberry pi or odroid-u2 or odroid-x2 it would be nice to watch and maybe learn something…

    very nice site

  39. how much does the shell of the portable n64 $

  40. Hello,
    I LOVED the of the INto64 and so I was wondering if you can make an iNto64 for me.

  41. hello bacteria. i am trying to make an portable n64. I was going to use a portable dvd player lcd. but instead i have a notebook laptop lcd screen. i just wanted to know how i can hook up the screen so it would work?

  42. Hey I’m fairly new to modding and I need the step Down regulator can I buy one pre assembled and ready to go? And I know it’s probably a lot to ask but is there any way I could but like a part package from you like those squishy button things and the regulator and wire and such but main concern Is first question

  43. Where can I get a hold of the mushy tact buttons that you use in your portables? thanks

  44. Hi Im new to to modding and was wondering if there any kind of small beginner projects that would help ease into the hobby?

  45. Hey bacteria! I’m making a portable n64 and I was wondering if I could use a psp screen instead of a ps1 screen?

  46. Hello Bacteria! I’ve just discovered N64 portable modding and discovered your site. I have recently acquired a N64 from a friend and I would like to make it into a portable device. I’m new to this but I’m patient and I think I could do this. A couple questions:

    – Where can I cheaply get a PS1 screen?

    – I noticed on your Into64, you have a remote to control volume, brightness and for a headphone jack and to connect your device to a television. How would I go about adding these functions to the side of the case (roughly where your remote would plug in) instead of on a separate remote? And would it be possible to use the headphone jack to not only use headphones but also to use a 4 pole 3.5mm plug that could transfer video and audio? Or would I need a separate jack for this?

    Thank you!

  47. How do you hook up the power to the screen, console, leds, fans, vibrators, speakers, etc.?
    I am worried that I am going to accidentally put too much or too little power in them and somehow break them.
    I am expecially concerned with the batteries and the recharging process.

    Hope you could understand that– I normally speak Spanish
    Also I do hope that I do not sound stupid: I am very new to video game modifying as well as portables and electronics as well.
    (If it makes any difference, I am attempting to create a portable version of an Imported American Atari Flashback 2 with a cartridge modification that uses a D-pad, a few buttons, a “paddle,” an LED for when the system is turned on and for when it is charging, speakers, a car back-up screen (somewhere between 3.5 & 5.5 inches), a charging hole, ear buds hole, out put to my TV (the one with the red, yellow, and white cables), ports for external controllers, and some switches here and there.) Also could you recommend a type of small speaker that is space efficent but can output good quality sound?

    Thanks so much!
    I am very inspired by your work; keep it up please!

  48. hey bacteria,
    your work is awesome, keep it up. i wanted to build your bluetooth snes controller to use with my phone, but first i was wondering, what emulators would support it? i currently use tiger snes. thanks

  49. Do you sell portable systems, for instance like the ps1, fully assembled? I will pay extra of course. Look forward hearing back, thank you. Email me back when applicable.

  50. I want to make a portable n64 but the psone screen is expensive. I was wondering what screen you used for the other portable n64 you said it was a 7″ wide screen can you please show me where you got it and how to wire it up.

  51. Bacteria,
    I am using 8v batteries for my portable and wondered what I can do to change this to 3.3v for the system. Will I be able to use the same pth08080 regulator with same components or not. And also will a xbox/ps1 zenith screen be able to take in 8v to the usual pinouts or will I need something to reduce this to 7.5v?

  52. hello bacteria,
    id like to know if you still selling the nintendo 64 portable, how much it would cost to send it to brazil, if you can change the colour, if it have the expansion memory, if it have the space for headphone, if it shows the battery, if i can lower the sounds( that it can) and if it already came whit an game on my chose .i might be asking on the wrong part but i want the portable one a lot.
    thank you

  53. i was hoping that you could tell me where to get those mushy tact switches because i cant find anywhere to buy them here in america

  54. I just want to know what’s the cheapest I can buy a good quality screen that’s easy to put in a portable and how hard is it modding an NES

  55. Where do you get your wires from? I can’t seem to find them anywhere nearby :/

  56. Hey, bacteria

    I just ordered a psone screen and a n64 and want to do a portable, but Im not sure how you wired up the cooling fan? It doesn’t say on your videos.

  57. Bacteria!!! I’m one of your brazillian fan and i wanna ask a little thing: Is possible make a fisic system to support an emulator (compliance requirements with the operating system and memory)? I wanna build one with an autorun to open in Windows. It’s possible?

  58. Hey bacteria, I was looking at other portable N64’s and saw that they used a 3.5 in lcd screen… Would that work?

    Also, could you provide templates for the vacuum formed case you used?


    • 3.5″ screens work fine but are small screens.

      Each project needs a different casing depending on how the system was made, dimensions are only relevant if you’re making same as I do.

  59. I understand that you get a lot of commission requests and I’m sure you’re extremely busy, Im having a really hard time finding all the materials nessecary to build a portable 64. I’m not a tech person by any means but I feel that building my own is the only way I can attain/afford one. I guess I’m asking for some kind of kit including all the materials I will need so I can try this daunting task. I will pay for this kit of course along with all shipping costs.

    Please let me know what you think

    Your friend,
    Taylor Berg

    • Yes, but it’s nice to get the attention, lol!

      Really is a case of getting the parts off ebay and other sources, there aren’t many generic parts you need, the rest are things specifically for your project.

  60. Would you happen to have any board schematics for a n64 cartridge? I got a copy of Conker’s that wont boot and i’m determined to fix it and learn a little something in the process but I need info on chip specifics (I know conker is a 64mb chip) and common fixes (I hear a corrupt save chip can cause a black screen).

    The pins are pristine. Tested on two systems. Kinda bummed about being out 30 bux. Plenty of experience with an iron and boards, just never tried to repair carts. But hey, if it works, i’ve got 3 or 4 others on nes and 64 that I might be able to fix.

    Any info you have to pass on that would help me would be appreciated greatly. Nice site, btw!

  61. What if I were to try and put in a portable N64… a built-in Gameshark? Now, I’ve never used one, so maybe you can answer this. Am I able to run the portable without having to turn on the Gameshark itself? And would going through with this even be reliable in the least?

    I wanna know what you think/recommend :3

  62. Hi Bacteria-

    First off, great site, very impressive work. If this question has already been asked I apologize but I did not see it. I was wondering if it is possible to mod a modern controller, such as a gamecube or xbox360, to work on a super nintendo? I’ve never done a mod myself before but if this is possible and not too difficult I’d love to know how or wonder what you might charge for such a mod. Thanks so much

  63. Hi Bacteria,

    Thanks for the advise about not using a ps2 screen. I found a ps1 screen and got almost all of the electronics done. I am now at the point of orienting and fitting everything in a case. I will use all the buttons from an first party controler, but not the stick, because they will fail brake easily. So i want to replace the stick with one from a xbox360 controler. but i was wondering, how do i find out what to connect to what. How can i test which is the data line and which are the directions. Or will it be a better option to buy a “ready to install” new n64 stick (which will be a gamecube stick designed for the n64 controler).
    Thanks for the help.


  64. Just wondering if instead of using the PS One screen which i would have to buy, can i use an InterAct portable Gamecube screen for the N64 Portable Mod that i have laying around. What other modifications would i have to make to your guide if this would work and where would i get a wiring guide? Thanks for your time!

    • Those are not great screens but you can use them if you want, composite.

      • Ok thank you, now i was looking at some other tutorials and found they used to regulator from radioshack a 7805 voltage regulator, will this work for this project or will i need to go through texas instruments?

  65. hey bacteria,
    i have little to no experience modding games or with electronics in general,but im a quick learner and pretty smart so im hoping i will be able to figure this out.

    1) is it significantly harder to use an lcd screen and speakers versus the ps one screen?

    2) where can i get a step down regulator from 7.5 to 3.3 (i think thats what needed)? can i buy it at radioshack or bestbuy, or do i need to get it from texas instruments? i only need one of these right? and the 7.5 is for the lcd and the 3.3 for the nintendo? i am confused about the power supply situation. sorry if you are too busy to explain this, i understand. if you could just point me to an article that could explain ( i learn better from reading and pictures than videos) that would even be helpful

    3) i tried to join your forum but it tells me i am unavailable to register at this time. it would be much easier to talk there, so if you could help me register i would love it. maybe it was because it was christmas, ill try again tonig

  66. Hi,

    First of all: Thanks for all the tutorials of how to mod your n64. I have decided i will try to make one, and all the video’s are helping me a great deal in planning.
    But I have a question. Its turns out that it is rather hard for me to get my hands on a ps1 screen. But its rather easy to find one that is made for the ps2slim which is a 7inch screen (rather big but a good option). I was wondering if this is a good screen to use and if it will wire sort of the same as the ps1 screen.

    Thanks for your help.

    • PS2 screens need 12v which makes life a bit harder as you’d need larger battery packs. If you need a PSone PAL screen, I might have a spare one for sale, will cost £40 plus postage though; let me know if interested.

  67. Hello again, Bacteria. Quick question.. Do you think it would be possible to use a GBA screen for a portable N64? I’ve seen a few people trying this idea out, but I can’t tell if it works well, looks good or sounds good.

  68. Hey, Bacteria.. I am new to molding and vacuum forming, and I was wondering if you could send me details about your portable N64 case, such as the measurements for making the mold, schematics, etc. Anything would help. I would much rather try and make one on my own rather than buying one.


    • Get your electronics done, then you can work out the dimensions best for your system; that is best advice to anyone new to modding.

      • Yeah you’re right.. I’m going to finish the electronics and then work on my own design. Thanks for the inspiration and the tutorials though to help me get started!

  69. Hello again, Bacteria… I have a few questions.

    1) How much is your iNto64 and can I buy one?

    2) Can it utilize all four N64 controllers?


    • im not bacteria, but i can answer at least the first question 🙂 the iNto64 is (in US Dollars) approximately $740… bacteria, im going to let you give the GBP price 🙂

      • I checked. He said the gameboy-style portables are around 400 euros. That’s, like, $540 approx. Thank you for your help.

  70. Hey Bac, Great work on your SNES portable commission! Looks fantastic! I’ve got a question for you. I came across a thread a while back that listed all the power requirements for every game console in one place. I forgot to bookmark it though. Definitely useful information, so i thought i’d check and see if you knew where that post might have been?

    Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see what’s next!

  71. hey i know you are in the UK but if your were to approximate, what gauge wire did you use for the battery and what gauge for all other purposes?


  72. Can i strip the YRW cord from the n64 and solder it to the ps1 screen. The reason being so I don’t have desolder the video/audio output jack on the n64. Also, do i need a ground from the system to the screen if doing this set up and both units are running off their own power cords into the wall?


    • You can use the cable from the N64 controller (or any other) for general wiring like video, relocation, etc. You only need to make sure both systems share grounding if using same power supply, which you aren’t.

  73. Bacteria,

    The nice job you did with the former PS1, MAME usb arcade stick got me inspired. I have a third party Gamecube steering wheel that I’ve taken apart. The steering wheel itself isn’t very good, but it does have a full set of working Gamecube buttons and d-pad on it’s base. In a similar fasion to what you did with your arcade stick, would it be possible to wire a SNES controller and it’s buttons to the Gamecube controller board in order to have a simple SNES controller that works on a Gamecube? I have no real knowledge of electronics, but I’m good at following guides. If it’s as simple to do as I’m thinking it is, then I’m confident I’ll be able to do it.

    Thanks in advance,

    • You’d have to remove the SNES motherboard, and make the buttons in the SNES controllers independent, then wire from these connections to a GameCube controller, then you can use it that way, however no point, as the SNES has no joysticks and the GameCube games need them; if you’re using a SNES controller for emulation on the GameCube, then ok.

      • Thanks for the quick reply and the good advise. I’m really only interested in using it with the GameBoy Player as well as compilation discs such as the Sonic Mega Collection, for these things I think it’ll work quite well. I’ll have a good hard look at it and try and get my head around it.

  74. can you buld a project 64 controller?

  75. Can you link me to a mako pad for the into 64, the battery packs and that texas insturment thing you were using. And if there are no mako pads will a nintendo 64 controller work the exact same way you used it?

  76. Can i basically use any type of lcd screen? as in Digital camera screens, cell phone screens(?) , ipod screens, etc.?

  77. What type of wires can I use for a SNES portable?

  78. If the voltages are, say 5.5 vs, then are all those volts only used for the screen, or does the console also need separate power? thanks

  79. 1: I paid for Nintendo 3rd club and am unable to sign in

    2: Can games be downloaded directly from the club to my Nintendo 3rd? ( I don’t mean the built in ds ware shop). Thanks

  80. I am using one of those 3.5″ screens for my portable. When I hooked it up to the AV cable of the N64 it worked perfectly. After I removed the AV port from the mobo and hardwired the screen though I can’t seem to get it to work. there are 4 wires. Orange goes to positive. Green is negative. And the other two are vid1 and vid2. What do I hook up where on the n64 mobo? Do I connect anything to the 5V? I tried just running the vid1 to the V spot and nothing. Help!

    • Connect vid1 from the screen to the composite line on the N64 board, and also connect ground (green from your screen) to the negative on the N64 board (eg the silver strips on either side); should then work, obviously as long as the N64 and screen are getting the voltages they need.

      • Thanks Bacteria, I’ll give that a try again. I have found that my particular screen needs at least 8V to power on, so i will try to hook that up directly to the batteries. And just want to say, love your site and all the tutorials you’ve put together. It’s an amazing resource. Keep up the awesome work!

  81. is it normal for a psone lcd screen (on ebay) to be $56.00?!

  82. What do you use to make holes for the buttons, screen, cartridge slot, etc.?

  83. Could you please make a more detailed step by step tutorial of how to make a vacuum former? The one you have now is good but I feel lost in some of your steps because it seems like you jump ahead a few steps and then post the picture. If you could take a picture after each step (even the small steps), I would really appreciate it.

    • There are two guides here and on my forum i’ve made for making a vacuum former; if they aren’t sufficient, post your queries on my forum please so can resolve any queries remaining.

  84. Is MDF harmful to use for vacuum forming in an oven that I also cook in? I heard using it is toxic. Don’t want to die…

  85. Do you sell any of these portable consoles???

  86. Wait how do i add the voltage to the screen and how do i connect the Suitible cords?

  87. umm i was shocked by how complicated and pricey thhis may be, so can you connect the existing wires (to originally connect ot hte TV) to a LCD screen? like the red, yellow, and white plugins, serial, etc. kind of like connecting a playstation to a TV but instead a LCD screen. i was thinking i MIGHT be able to make a still-exiting-wires-connecting-to-LCD-screen portable OR an outlet powered handheld. i know this is confusing but please try to answer my questions

    • There’s a lot of components to make up a quality portable, and that costs. Post what you want to do with pics on my forum so we can help with your project.

      • This isnt a huge project or anything, i just want the playstion smaller (less space), not portable (by means, still having the ac/dc plug, I know LAME) and the cable that are connected to the LCD screen like a t.v.

        The Question: is it possible?! (sorry if im bothering you)

      • You’d need to install the LCD into the casing and connect suitable voltage from the regulator to the screen. Alternatively, get a PSone and PSone screen, designed for similar purpose out of the box.

  88. For the ps portable, i only have a normal, bigger playstation 1. is it any different? how can i make it?

  89. yes i was wondering how thick is the wires you use on the into 64

  90. can you use a psp screen for a handheld n64 instead of a psone screen cause the psp screen is about $50 cheaper.

  91. Dear sir Albert Einstein got nothing on you. Truly you are a genius no doubt. I would like to buy from you the portable N64 you made for my son. If you would be so kind as to let me know how much i would really appreciate it. I live in the USA. My email address is Also I would like to know If your system will work with games here in the USA. Thank you very much in advance for your reply

  92. Hey there,

    I started work on my own portable N64 just a few days ago, and it’s coming along quite nicely! However, I’m to the testing stage, and I can’t see to get the video to show up on the PSOne screen. The console and screen are both receiving power, as the LED on the console and brightness buttons on the screen are working fine. I check continuity of the wire connecting the composite from the console to the screen, and it seems to be fine as well. I thought maybe it’s a problem with the relocated cartridge slot? I’m not sure what else it could be.

    Thanks for your time!

  93. I am more than interested in purchasing the N64 portable, its killing me to even consider its out there and I don’t have it ! I would love to purchase one, but yet you seem distant at best about it ! Any way people could sway your mind?..
    with all respects,

  94. Hi, do you sold the bluetooth gamepad?

  95. Will the IntoDream be sold in America?

  96. I’m a complete newbie at wiring/ electronics work (my dad may be able to help me get my project done, though) and i want to start small. I have a powerjoy laying around from years ago, but the audio/video wire is cut a little. Could this be an easy project for me to make into a portable? Or should i just go strait into a nes portable? If not is there an even easier project for me to start out with? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • This is quite a straightforward project, yes – post it on my forum and we can help you out as and when you need advice.

    • Plug’n’plays are easy to work with as just you just need to connect the audio, video and button contacts from their contacts on the board to your system. Plug’n’plays are not very good though, some are however like Namco and Capcom ones.

  97. I watched your video on your controller hook up to your n64 portable and I was wondering if you have a wiring diagram for the ps1 controller analog, to wire it to the superpad 64 plus analog.

  98. Hey, i plan to make my n64 portable in the original case and relocate the cart slot to where the AC addapter goes but the cartridge wont fit. Ive seen alot of people do that should i just trim it?

  99. hi can you try to make a gamecube portable and make a guide because i have this old gamecube and works fine and would love to play the many great gamecube games on the go

  100. (N64 Portable Question)
    Hello, I was wondering, when wiring the batteries/charger/any power wires, does it matter the length of the wires? i’mnot sure if when i wired mine, my battery is really low or the voltage is lowering from too long wires. id say they are abput 9 in. or so. How long should they be?

    • (Edit)
      The wires from the battery to the N64 are about 9 in. (estimation) but the batteries from the charger to the male jack is about 1 foot, then from the female jack to the battery is about 6 in.

    • Certainly does matter, the longer the wires the more resistance in the wires and the more chance of interference. Up to about 6″ is fine, sometimes longer. If your games don’t boot or boot eratically, then the wires you use are too long.

  101. hello again

    I have already begun the wiring of my portable XBOX .I just need to know how to wire the GRN wires on the power cable to a li-on battery

  102. Alter looking at your “Painting And Decals” section, I am still confused about the differences between sticky label, which you said tend to look bad, and sticky GLOSSY labels, which you use for system logos, etc… any websites in particular that you know of, or searches I could do?

  103. Bacteria,
    I’d like to start off by thanking you for posting PDFs and Videos of your builds. Now for the question, you bring up multiple times it’s a good idea to use extra length of wire so that mobos can be moved so work can be done. I’ve been thinking about doing a built of my own to make a portable playstation, and thought about using molex style connectors ( 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, and 15 pin). I understand that they take up extra room, but would you advise for or against the use of them? My thoughts are that less and cleaner wiring, as well as the ability to completely remove boards.

    • Certainly. You can use smaller connections if you like, eg the male and female ports in the PSone screen (the multi-port), or anything else; what you don’t want to do is find out in the future that you need to remove a board from your completed system and the only way to do it is to cut masses of wires and then work out how to get them all back again.

      • You’ll have to forgive me, I’m American so the terminology may be different, but what gauge wiring would you suggest using?

      • On my forum there’s various discussions about gauges, not easy to work out as we don’t seem to use AWG in the UK. I posted a link in my forum to the type I use; it’s thicker than IDE and far more flexible.

  104. Hello

    I have a few questions I would like to ask (if you do not have the time i can understand)

    1).when using the PS1 screen can yo set up more then 2 audio channels?

    2).which is better quality RGB/component or s-video(I know that RGB/component can support a higher resolution such as 720p).I am going to go with RGB/component being better because it has 2 cables for Luma and 1 for Croma instead of just one for each.

    3).I am a big fan of the Knight Raizer(not that im not a fan of your mods!!).I was interested in what case he used (it looks like a thing you would get from the dollar store), if he whats to keep that to himself thats fine.

    4).I am thinking about making a Xbox portable (based on the Knight Raizer).if you could point me to some websites that may have some info on the Xbox’s wiring that would help(not that your site has not helped alot).

    Thank you for your time if you replied.

    • 1) 2 channels, left and right (ie stereo) only. 2) In order: Component, RGB, S-Video, Composite, RF. In reality with game consoles, some systems like Nintendo systems look as good with composite as with RGB, some look really poor with composite rather than RGB (eg TurboGrafx, GX4000). 3) Lazer Doodle. You can use a variety of other casings, some are shown on my forum. Yes, Raizer is an excellent modder! 4) Google is your friend, search for terms like “xbox pinout” and take it from there. The Xbox is a complex system and you can mod various parts of it if you wish to.

  105. I am well in the making of a portable N64, but I have not completely thought the design through. Would a slide open case be possible? when I say slide open I mean like the PSPgo or newer cell phone with a keyboard.
    I also thought of making a fold open design, but i like the slide open better. Like a DS. Again, is this very difficult or what?

  106. how much would thing cost in american to make

  107. hello i am contenplating doing this with my n64 i bought for £17.50 (it came with star wars racer) i have wanted to make a portable for some time now and i thought a n64 would be a great place to start. but i was wondering where i could get the batterys from and how much they cost? Also what are the chances of me braking my n64. thank you for your time.

    • For future reference, visit car boot sales, N64’s show up most weeks (not all) and will cost around £2-£5; N64 games from £1-£4 each.

      Batteries – I choose the Canon BP-915 batteries a while back as “battery of choice” as they are cheap Li-ion cells, work well, have built in battery protection circuits and are cheap. Expect to pay about £6 each; and use 2 or 3 packs in your portable depending on the space you have; you also need a compatible charger for them, again about £6. Ebay is the best place.

      N64 aren’t too likely to fry unless you do something stupid like feed the wrong voltages through, or over trim the boards, etc. Please join my forum if you haven’t already, start a topic, be a part of the community and we can help you. Also, my 20 video logs in the N64 section on this site (see sigbar section) will help too.

  108. Hey

    How can you attach a vga out put or somwthing so you can play GBA games on a pc monitor?


    • The only way to output the GBA to anything is via a GBA Converter or GBA Transverter; or via a GameCube adaptor. Even then, you can output via RGB (if modded, good quality output) or composite (quality is bad), not sure if you can then output via VGA as VGA needs H-Sync and V-Sync, unless the C-Sync line is enough – Google for that!

  109. hello i am just starting out modding and need some advice.ya see i wanted to know how you made your mini-platform systems game cartridges. thanks.

  110. Hey I am currently building your Nintendo 64 mod and have been having trouble finding the step down regulator for sale online or in stores. Help please

  111. can you use a ds charger and jack to charge the batteries for the n64? and can you play and charge at the same time?

  112. I was wondering if it was possible to make a portable gamecube. I’m pretty sure it would be hard and, not being an expert on these things, I don’t know if it’s even possible. If you could make one and put up tutorials, that would be great! However, all I want to know is if it is possible to make the GCN portable.

  113. For the video, you just said to solder a wire to the correct n64 point. Do I just go buy a composite cable, cut it in half, and solder the bare end to the board? Then just plug the other end into a screen/solder it to the input and it would work?

    • Wire the composite connection from the screen to the composite connection on the console, and also a wire from grounding on console to grounding on screen board.

  114. Hey I am beginning an N64 Project based on your video logs, where do you get your tact switches from, I can’t find any with the rubber tops like you have and would hate to have to use a plastic version.

  115. I was wondering if you could reccomend any other larger screens besides the psoone. it is a bit small for what i am doing

  116. How to change the crystal to 21,47727 Mhz?

  117. Ok, by the way i am french and my English is limited, so crystal= sony CXA1145 and change this 17,7344 Mhz to 21,47727 Mhz ? Am i correct? Is there only this to change to have 60 hertz? No resistances or condensator to add? I search on the internet to buy it but i don’t find anything… can you give me an adresse where i can order it please? I need help please, thank you for answer!!

    • I read stuff on the PCengineFX forum about this a while back; that is a good forum that specializes in the TurboGrafx and PC-Engine. Best to ask there about this particular question.

  118. Hello!! I have a turbografx pal and i want 60 hertz!! How can i do that? Help me please!! Thank you very much!!

  119. Is there a way to make your n64 mod multiplayer? So that two people can play.

  120. Are you going to do a documented gamecube portable? I’m interested in doing that, but I don’t know how to hook up a screen to it. Also, on your n64 mod, can you solder the points but still keep the normal video output working so you could just flip a switch and it would move to your big tv?

    • Yes, intend to video document a GameCube project, however it will be a few months before I start on that project.

      Yes, you can put in a switch to select if the video is displayed on the PSone screen whilst also on the large television, if you like.

  121. what model of the Texas instruments (calculator) did you use? are both components that you pointed out found in said calculator?

    • also what type of graphics card did you get the fan from?

      • Computer graphic card fans often have fans that aren’t thick, especially older ones. I used an easy to get hold of fan in the iNto64 project, 40x40x10mm thick, which I had as a spare from a DreamCast.

    • For around 3.3v, use a 1K8R resistor; you also need a 100uf capacitor, rated 16v or higher.

    • Texas Instruments, PTH08000 or PTH08080 step down regulators, there are others about too of course. On the page on this site under Batteries and Voltages is a guide to using them.

  122. would you be willing to sell pre-cut casings (i plan on making an exact copy of what you made for extra? i am the biggest cluts and me with a power tool in my hands….. weapon of mass destruction!

  123. Are you selling any systems? if not then i will make one myself, but do you sell the casings cut or uncut?

    • If you join my forum and be active, i’ll sell you the case halves much cheaper! 😉 Yes, they are provided uncut and ready for sanding and preparing, as per the N64 video log.

  124. Hi, I’m interested in building the N64 unit
    How much did all the parts end up costing you in the end?

    • Roughly, screen £35, console board £3, controller £14, rumble/memory card £8, case (materials, etc) £10, hot glue, solder, wires, spray paint, etc etc £25, expansion pack £8. These prices are very rough indeed, around £103; plus needing a second expansion pack, rumble/memory card, controller and N64 board for various reasons; so mine cost me around £33 extra.

      In other words, it isn’t expensive to make your own (assuming you have the tools), its the time involved. Like anything you can cut corners and get something that looks like it, or can spend the time making something to be proud of; I prefer to make systems to the best of my ability, which takes time.

      Please join my forum and start a build thread and i’ll help you out as much as I can with your project to help you achieve the end result!

  125. Great site! You have some pretty cool stuff on here 🙂

    I actually found you by searching for vacum forming. Unfortunatly, it looks like your PDF’s are down. Is there any chance you could email me a copy of them?

    Keep up the good work!! What’s your next project going to be? 😛

    • PDF files work fine, I just tried them from that section. They do take a few seconds to load though.

      I presume you have a PDF viewer installed on your system? If not, please try the free one in “Handy programs” section, Foxit is excellent, free, and integrates into your browser!

      If you get any more problems, please PM me again and I can always e-mail the PDF’s to you if needs be.

      • I tried again using Firefox this time, and it worked! My browser must have been going a bit funny last time.

        Thanks! 🙂

      • Good.

        I use FireFox and also Opera, works fine in both of them.

      • Actually, do have a couple of more quick questions:

        – What plastic do you use for your vacuum formed cases?
        – Where do you buy your plastic and pains from? (I’m in the UK too)


      • I use ebay for supplies, and search on ebay for “Plasticard” – 0.08″ thick (2mm). In the USA they call it “Styrene”

  126. Hello, for a school project I have used your website as a resource. I need someone as a mentor just to fill out a needed sheet. Could I possibly use you? I have the sheet and everything, just need an actual person to be used. You can contact me via email as left and I will answer any questions you may have.

  127. I was wondering if you might help me find the problem with my n64. Currently, they cart slot is relocated, and its getting power through the stock 7.5v psone cable. It turns on, but i’m not getting a video signal out of it. is how its wired up

    • The wire is fine, the wiring looks ok although I can’t tell from the pic if it is wired fine (looks ok), using a TI card, fine and the 7.5v is fine. One thing that looks the issue though my friend – the wire you are using is probably just about ok for the 12v line, although I would suggest 3 amp wire (eg household wire); the 3.3v line will definately need a 3 amp wire – the wire you are using is probably rated about 0.5 amps; whereas the N64 needs around 1 amp – 1.4 amps or so (depending on what it is running) – so the thin wire is too thin.

      If you use thicker wire for the two voltage lines there is a good chance the system will work fine! Let me know how it progresses and feel free to post pics and threads on the forum/chat site (see link on menu bar on right)!

  128. Hey bacteria what is a RBG? I have never heard of it before.

    • I only have limited knowledge on video; however, on RF you have video and audio along one wire, and the wire is susceptable to interference, hence lowest quality; composite where all the video information is on one wire so better (including H&V references), Scart where the video information is along two wires (B&W ie luma and colour ie chroma) which is better still (normally), RGB where the individual colours that make up an image are output along separate wires (ie Red, Green, Blue which are the three primary colours of light BTW) and a fourth connection which is C-sync which is the horizontal and vertical references – as each section has its own connection this makes for excellent video quality; and component, which you only get on modern consoles which is capable of similar but higher resolutions. That’s my understanding, on basic level.

  129. hey do you have a dreamcast Disk drive wiring diagram or pinout? making a DCp so this would be very helpful

  130. hi bacteria i would like to know if you could make me a case exactly like your n64 one your doing write now just the plastic molded case.. please contact me at i can pay you through paypal or what ever you like


    • Indeed, can supply case blanks, priced as per “Stuff to sell” section; as raw case halves needing cutting, trimming, sanding – just like in the N64 video log guides. PM sent!

  131. can you use a ps1 logic3 screen for a portable?

    • Yes, I have one; the Logic 3 screen however only takes RGB. The screen is slightly bigger than a PSone screen and has a good image. Many portables can take RGB, however some can’t.

  132. hey bacteria when how do you mod a controller for half of it too be on one side of a portable and the other half too be on the other side? do you cut it?

  133. when you make a portable gamecube are you gonna use original controlls?

  134. what if your in the middle of a game and it needs to be charged how willl you know when the it needs to charge?

    • You can install a circuit that turns on a red LED to show when the batteries are running low, however, the best gauge is the fact that the image on the screen starts to slightly lose its stability/wiggle slightly, which indicates you need to save your current game, turn system off and recharge the portable. The low power LED circuit is a good idea, however, a bit destracting when you get the LED showing and you are still playing – it’s a bit like the LED in your car to indicate when your fuel is getting low!

  135. if someone wanted you too build them a portable,and they gave you a design. would you take the design?

    • If you are talking about a commission, you would be looking into serious money on that basis, due to the time and material costs to make a mould.

      My design is unique in shape, coupled with the red and black colour scheme, is like a “designer brand”.

  136. would it work if i used the snes PAL version guide, but using and snes mini?

    • SNES mini (I presume you mean version 3) will by definition be a different board. Guessing here, but likely the video and audio output pins may be similar, assuming it is an official Nintendo product, as it is unlikely they would require a different a/v port. Google search for a pinout.

  137. what happens if you fry the board on a game console?

    • Keep it for bits, capacitors, etc. It is however handy having a fried board to use as references when working on a new board, for example if rewiring parts you can double check what should connect to what.

      It is a pain if you fry a board that cost a bit to buy, like the Dina 2-in-1 piece of crap I bought, or the first Amstrad GX4000 which shorted on the graphics chip when I over closed a case and the metal pins shorted against the metal of a battery; however, in regards to the GX4000 it works enough so I can work out what can be removed off the board until it stops working, before doing same on the 2nd board I have.

      It isn’t an issue though with cheap to buy consoles, like N64, SNES or DreamCast – I can buy these often for about £2-£5 each. I bought a DreamCast the other day for £5 with the attitude that if it doesn’t work, the fan in it is worth £4 !

  138. hey bacteria on your intoplay how long do the battery’s last for?

  139. is it possible to use your guides but use a differant case?

    • Of course. There is nothing special about my cases, they are ones I made so I am using them, as designed for the job. If you look on the tab on the right, you see guides for making your own vacuum formed cases and table, and also making cases from tupperware too, like I did on the IntoDream project.

  140. When i turn on power to the N64 the 3.3v regulator i have set up drops to .2-.9v. The adjustable regulator has 2 resistors i have wired up and when i dont have it connected to the N64 it gives a healthy 3.3v but when connected drops. Please help.

    P.S. the regulator outputs 1.5 amps.

    • Use a better step-down regulator, sounds like a poor one you use. Even a car adaptor designed to output 3.3v can give about 2.8v which is barely enough to drive an N64 with jumper pak (not expansion pack though) and only via mains. You are better off using a decent step-down regulator like the ones in the “Batteries and voltages” section.

  141. would it be hard to make a portable snes?

    • No, not hard at all. You have composite output (which BTW is better on the SNES than RGB), and audio output, by design. No heatsinks, no rewiring (unless you want to make the board smaller).

      One thing you MUST do with a SNES – before opening the console or doing any work (including if system is open), turn system on and off without power connected; this gets rid of the voltage remaining in the capacitors – if you don’t do this, you could fry the board.

  142. how did you learn to make retro consoles portable?

    • Research. If you visit a lot of forums and read old posts you can learn a lot of stuff. If you Google for things you find a wealth of knowledge from sites and forums too. YouTube can be handy sometimes for something fairly specific / inspiration. Basically, read and research all you can and then apply the knowledge and adapt it to how you want the results to be like. Experimentation helps, and also trial and error sometimes!

      Sometimes I use other people’s work as-is, although often I put a new spin on it and come up with different ways to achieve the result, or come up with a new method myself.

  143. if someone offered you money too make a console you have not made yet would you make it?

    • Probably not as I would prefer to know what I am doing before offering a service. I have worked on a number of systems so far, this will be about x3 over the next months.

      When I have done a system I know the issues with that system, and also less likely to damage a system rather than “first time”. There are also some systems I have little interest in doing, like the latest consoles for example.

  144. is it hard to make retro consoles portable? and does it take a long time to make one?

    • Depends on the system. Most consoles can output composite or RGB natively so that is easy to tap off; some of them can be modded to output like that fairly easily, some are way hard.

      Some consoles you just wire the power and video and audio lines and you are pretty done, others you need to trim the board down, add heatsinks, different voltage circuits, etc. Some systems run cool others hot.

      Then there is case making – you can make a system look crud by using things larger than they need be and making a bad job at finishing (eg sloppy hole cutting, hot glue exposed, etc) or you can spend time making a system look attractive (either vacuum formed or by making a case by hand).

      So, working with consoles ranges from mega easy to mega hard and from making a shoddy looking but functional system in a few hours to a labour of love that takes months. That is one of the appeals to the hobby, you learn lots all the time and strive to make your next system better than anything you made before.

      If you are new to the scene, you would be best to consider doing an easy system like a plug’n’play or NES, if a bit more adventurous a MegaDrive, SNES or N64; then move to other systems after that. Remember, you can always remake the case you made later and re-house the electronics!

      I hope you find my guides on this site useful and helpful. If anyone has any queries, please post the questions on this site, or the Chat Room if you prefer. I will always offer advice and help wherever I can, based on my knowledge and research.

      Over the next year or two I anticipate having guides for a considerable amount of console systems with detailed accounts of modding them. Please bookmark my site and visit often!

  145. will you ever make a new multi-platform system? and if so would you make a guide?

    • Yes, after my N64 project (current one) i’m going to make a system comprising of many console systems in one, integrated, all with original boards – ColecoVision, N64, SNES, NES, MegaDrive, GX4000, GameCube, Xbox (maybe), Intellivision (if can get composite mod), Atari 7800 (if can get composite mod), Jaguar, SMS, PSone, DreamCast, NeoGeo.

      The above will use an 8″ screen which is composite / RGB; the CD systems will be modded to use pop-out trays.

      The project will be a long project, but will be documented fully. Might have to remove one or two systems to keep the end product not massive (eg the NeoGeo carts are massive) but will make decision during build. I will definately include the cartridge based systems.

  146. Bacteria, my mom and dad said that when I get enough money I could get one, and my dad owes me loads of money; so I might get a portable sooner or later.

  147. is it possible too make a portable ps2 by using the intoplay guide but changing the motherboards and disc drives, and where is the intoplay guide?

  148. would 650 dollars be a good price for a portable? of is that not enough?

    • That is a good price, what portable would you like made, specs, etc? There are LOTS of variables involved. Probably a good idea for us to chat in the chatroom when we are both on, or via email, so we can discuss requirements and terms, etc.

  149. This might be a stupid question, but how can I pm you?

  150. are you gonna make a portableb playstation 2?

  151. do you take money from america?

  152. if someone offered you money to make them a portable would you do it?

    • Yes, although would depend on various factors:

      1) What the console was. If I make a system for someone else I don’t want to do one that might prove problematic, like some CD console systems.

      2) What the buyer wanted, including cases, etc. We would need to discuss.

      3) Price. I am aware that people have limited budgets, however they need to be aware that making a portable is a labour of love for me, I take care in my work, that takes time, and time costs money. We would need to agree a final price, if I finish early, i’m in profit, if I take longer then you pay no more. 50% up front, 50% plus postage costs before delivery. Postage is far cheaper for UK buyers as I live in the UK, postage out of UK would need special courier service and priced accordingly.

      I had someone recently who wanted me to make him a system for $200 plus parts – sorry, no, to make a portable takes a long time to get it right and my time is worth more than just a handful of bucks an hour!

      4) Time – would be “done when it’s done” although I would keep you fully informed at all stages. I have a full time job, and portablizing is purely a hobby for me.

      In other words, yes, I would make a system depending on what it is and other factors, subject to negotiations and being agreeable and worth the effort. PM me with your requests!!


  153. do you have to be experianced to make a portable gamecube?

  154. Hey bacteria does your Multi-Platform Console System play gamecube games and ps2 games? and was it hard too make it?

    • I only got as far as making it for N64 and SNES as after that I decided to completely redesign, and in the interim do a couple of normal portables. I am going to make an integrated Multi system after the N64 project including several console systems in one.

  155. Hey Bacteria! Do you know any good tutorials on how to make a portable gamecube? Because I really want too make one. Please reply.

  156. Hi there bac man
    I used the same clear coat as you (Plasti-kote Krystal clear) Its taking forever to dry, its been at least a week. And although most areas are dry, there are parts which still mark very easily. Also these areas have a slight yellow tinge to them. Any advice or info would be great.

    • It does take a few days after final coat to be rock solid, no idea why you got a yellow tinge.

      I can only relay what I do, and have done a few times – I spray paint in the garage and leave the varnish for a day after final coat applied, then carefully bring it indoors (not touching the surface or you get fingermarks) and leave it indoors where it is a little warmer, for a few days.

  157. I am having an issue with my batteries. My camcorder batteries output 7.4v (8.10 when fully charged), but when I hook them up to there protection circuit the output of the batteries drop to 3.4 and can’t even start the ps1 screen. I’m very confused as to what happened to have caused this as the batteries were working fine with the protection circuit when I got them, easily lighting up the ps1 screen.

    P.S. Read you were going to make a GC portable. Can’t wait to see it!!!

    • The only things I can think of is that you didn’t wire the batteries to the protection circuit exactly as they were before modding. If you forgot to wire the negative wire for example, you might only have one battery working (ie around 3.7v (you have two cells in the battery pack, in series, each about 3.7v giving 7.4v total).

      The fact it worked fine before opening up the cells indicates it was something you did afterwards, so would suggest faulty wiring? If you have a spare battery pack, open it up, and wire the existing one like it is on the new battery, and test.

      I intend to portablize quite a few console systems over the coming months; will document my work here.

  158. Are you gonna make a portable gamecube? If so can you make a video guide?

  159. Hi i was just wondering. would it be possible to make a system that reads sd cards and runs roms on an emulator? If so would it be easy and what do you think would be needed to make one? Thx

    • That’s called a laptop or standard computer.

      I am only interested in using original console hardware or clones if needs be, and using original game cartridges/CD’s; I am not interested in ROMS or emulation. I am only interested in “the real deal”.

  160. Im making a portable and when I recharge a Li-ion battery, all I want to do is take the battery out, charge it and put it back in. Do I have to take the battery port from a Li-ion/Sony battery charger and wire it to the n64 or what? Please also send me a video.

  161. how much does a kit cost? i really want 2 know. thx

  162. In your voltage guide(i believe it was that guide) you showed how to take the batteries apart and hook 2 of them to there board(forgot the name of the board atm). So i ordered the same ones and do i hook all(more then 2 batteries) to the same board, or how exactly do i do this?

    • No, you must keep the two cells in the batteries connected to their own boards, the board is a battery protection circuit, designed to take 2 cells at 7.4v.

      You can connect multiple batteries together, to either increase the amps (ie connect positive to positive terminals, negative terminals to negative terminals), ie in parallel, so for example 3 battery packs of 2 amps each at 7.4v would give 6 amps at 7.4v; or you could connect in series to give 2 amps at 22.2v – although you wouldn’t want to do that. In proof, the IntoDream demands about 2.7 amps, so one battery pack of 2 amps works for a couple of minutes, then the protection circuit cuts out; however works for a long time with 3 packs in parallel!

      The battery protection circuits stop the batteries undercharging and swelling and dying; and overcharging and exploding. Also, if like with the DreamCast in the example above, if the protection circuit didn’t kick in if just trying to run the system off 2 amps, it would damage the cells and could cause them to explode. They are important!

  163. Disregard my question, your guide answered it. Great guide btw.

  164. Hello, I removed the N64 power switch from the console and if i were to hook it up and everything would it start up or what?

  165. Hey i am just about to start a portable n64 but i dont know what to buy for the best controls and how to put the buttons in i read the guide but i dont know still also about how much would it cost to buy all the materials?

    • You can use an official controller or unofficial one, it depends on the joystick you want to use (see “joystick” section). Regards the buttons, depends if you want flat ones or curved ones. Choose what you want from any controller and wire up to the N64 controller. Regards costs of materials – depends on the country you live in; and also if you visit car boot sales / flea markets or ebay.

  166. hey bacteria sorry to no that you are leaving CyberSteamPortables i got there because you and helraizer were there and i wanted to learn from you guys , i dont no what people are judging you about and frankly i dont care for that bullshit im 37 year old and i no what you mean by young kids tinking they no everything . if you dont mind id like to keep in touch because i will have many questions and i want to learn from people who no what there talking about because as you may no i have downloaded many of your tutorials and they helped me wrap my head around these projects
    so hope to hear from you my friend and to collaborate whit you

  167. hey i have an original ps1 end am trying to make my ps1 portable cold you please give me some info on the circuit board i don’t have any experience and am only 15 i just need help to know how to power my ps1 with some batteries and where to buy them pleas send me the info

  168. Hey man! me again..i hava just purchased a PS1 screen and am startng another DCp, but one problem.iam used to Gamecube i dont know how to hook up the video out of the DC to the PS1 screen..i looked at the wiring diagram of the ps1 screen, but dont know which pins i should use? the composites? and i dont know the pin output FROM the how did you do it..what do i hook up to the screen? could you take a pic of your setup..(i sound like a total noob, but it is neccessary as i have already lost 1 DC mobo working with that PS1 screen)..i need your help again master bacteria.

  169. Bac, give me a shout!! Seeing as how you won’t be checking your BH or MR messages!


  170. Did you buy ben heck’s book? If so did it help a lot?
    Because I was wondering if I should buy it.

    • Yes, bought BenHeck’s book a couple of years ago. It has some interesting background reading, although you are best to experiment to make your own system frankly.

  171. You showed how to relocate a controller, but in my mind it’s nothing like the N64 controller. I just don’t know where to cut it without breaking it. Can you tell me? Or better yet show me?

  172. Hi, I have recently gotten into modding and undertook making a portable N64. Bought a spare at a Flea market, gutted it, and slowly started making progress. I have all the necessary parts to assemble it, but instead of doing everything at once (get rid of power connectors and such) I decided to change one thing at a time, making it easier to figure out what went wrong. Anyways I went through the painstaking process of relocating the N64 cart slot (desoldering the expansion slot and getting rid of it), then soldering wires to both sides.

    After I finished all I get is a black screen, nothing happens. The red led still comes on, the game is still fine, etc. I figured my problem might be that I soldered the wires into the wrong holes (where it originally was located at-the 2 inner rows). I remember reading somewhere that the cartridge slot had the pins connecting to the expansion slot, which I had removed, so I went along adding a little piece of wire connecting the holes next to each other (inner to outer). I have checked every connection several times, both on the board and on the slot, all seems to be in order. I have went over the main board to make sure no loose pieces of solder or other debris was on either side, nothing.

    Anything you can suggest that would help me? I have pictures I can send to you if you would like. I put a lot of time, effort, and money into this and would love for it to actually work : )

  173. For the n64 portable, what kind of wires did you use to relocate the cartridge slot and memory pack?

    • General purpose wiring, not IDE – IDE cable can be ok but easily rips inside the cable. You want fairly thin general purpose wires that are very flexible. Keep the wires to less than about 12cms or so or you may get some games not running. If you have no other, use the wiring from an old games controller.

      • Where could I get the wire because when I went to radioshack I got some wire but it seems to thick.

      • You get various thicknesses of wire, some single strand (rigid) some suitable for supplying power, the type I use is only rated as 0.5 amps, which is fine for data lines. Ask them for general purpose flexible wiring, they must do it!

      • Thank you, I just didn`t know if I should ask for a certain type of wire. But I guess “general purpose wire” is fine.

      • If you are stuck for wires, I normally suggest recycling controller cable – the wires inside are fine for this sort of work.

  174. Hi! I’ve been following your projects for a long time. I’ve bought a psone official screen a couple of months ago but never had the time to start a console of my own. So now that i got a psone i wanted to use it, but something very strange is happening. It can do 1 of 2 things when turning the console on:
    1- turn on backlight and start flashing (no sound-console doesn’t even go to the first sony screen)
    2- console starts normally and plays game or bios, but screen is almost black (no backlight, picture is barely visible)

    Do you have an idea of what might be happening? i didn’t touch the panel other than opening the case. I’m really lost here, and this little guys are expensive to get in my country, so if you could lend me a hand on this i would really appreciate it!!

    Thanks in advance, and i’m hoping to see more videos of you on YouTube!! (my nickname there is N4ch007)

    • oh, I just checked the power supply and while it outputs 7.5v, it only gives 2 amps. Could the amperage be causing this problem here? Thanks for your reply 🙂

      • More likely to be the video is not connected to the screen properly, composite and ground, or the 5v line to pin 12 to feed the backlighting (see diagram on the PSone screen).

  175. Hey, I was wondering what batterys do you use and where do you purchase them from?

  176. Is there a special kind of socket you can insert batteries for the powersource or do you connect batteries directly to the wires. Also what do you use to convert 7.2/7.2v to 5v for the ps1 screen. Thanks.

    • Connect the batteries directly. They are rechargable cells (Li-ions) so can be recharged directly from the jack as per the guides. The Official PSone screen uses a 7.5v input normally, however you can use standard 7.2v or 7.4v cells happily; when fully charged, they are typically about 8.3v (towards the upper end of the PSone screen’s tolerance), when the cells get under 7v the screen goes off.

  177. Hey bacteria.
    I’ve been looking around on the internet the past few days, trying to figure out a way to get the video output signal that usually goes to the LCD on a GameBoy Colour out of the GameBoy and into some sort of cable, whether it be by composite, component, RGB or something like that. The idea is to be able to view the screen on my laptop to increase the screen size, decrease glare, not have to use a light, etc. I suppose the first question is: how much do you know about the inner workings of the GameBoy (Colour)?
    I know you used a GBA transverter for your Big Boy Advance – would it be possible to mod and use something like that for the GBC?
    Any insight would be much appreciated!

    • The GameBoy Color cannot output directly; you have three options though: 1) use an emulator on your laptop (I don’t normally promote emulators, but this is a different case, and the GBC has excellent emulation), 2) you can use a TV output via a GBA using GBC carts, however you can’t buy GBA Transverters anywhere and the GBA Converters are awful, so 3) get a GBC converter cart for a SNES, portablize a SNES (you can then have GBC and SNES original games output to your laptop).

  178. on n64 project the when you hot glue the heat sinks it won’t mess it up?

    • You don’t apply hot glue to the heat sinks directly (apart from sides) or to the chips directly (not a good idea as the heat from the chips can melt the hot glue; if hot gluing to the vents you could clog them up if not careful, and defeat the purpose); attach wires through the heat sink vents and secure both ends with hot glue to the motherboard: this keeps the hot glue cool enough to work and maintain the wire’s hold of the heat sinks. I ran the system with a small fan like this on my Multi project for 7 hours straight without a problem with this method (before batteries needed recharge).

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