Why make retro consoles handhelds?

Older games from console systems don’t have the draw-dropping graphics of today, however they excel in true gameplay and replay value, which to me is far more important. That is the reason, decades later we still play games like PacMan, Galaga and a host of others.

I got very interested in making portable console systems after visiting Benjamin Heckendorn’s website, (www.benheck.com) and started to spend a lot of time researching the boards and the internet for knowledge of how to mod and hack systems to do what I wanted.

My multi-platform console system is truly unique as I believe it is the only system which has been made to make games consoles interchangeable.

The problems with using video consoles are:

* Masses of wires; untidy and the cables have a tendancy to wrap around each other. This is compounded with multiple systems!

* Take over the floor in the lounge and ties up the television.

* Inconvenient to unplug one system to the mains and television and replace with another.

* Unportable playing as you need to be near a television and mains power.

In comparison, a system like mine gives the following advantages:

* Play the system wherever you want to; at home, at work, in the car (as a passenger). You can play it anywhere, on batteries.

* No trailing and entangling wires and wires that always tend to wrap around each other.

* One base standardised system to which modified consoles slot into, making the system capable of taking a large variety of games consoles.

* Far cheaper to make a multi-portable console system as only one screen and control system is needed.

Why this site?

* Provide detailed step-by-step guides and information so that anyone, with inclination, can make their own similar system.

* Showcase my work.


2 Responses to “Why make retro consoles handhelds?”

  1. this site is awsome!

  2. very good points

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