iNto64 – portable N64 console system

Presenting the iNto64 handheld Nintendo 64 portable system by Bacteria!


*Official Sony PSone 5″ LCD screen

*4 amps of battery power yielding a little under 2.5 hours play time between recharging

* SuperPad 64 Plus controller

* Nintendo 64 console motherboard

* Combined memory pack and rumble pack

* Expansion pack

* Built in speakers

* Weighs just under 1kg, is easy and comfortable to use, all controls in the right place!


There are 20 videos showing the process of what you need to make a portable handheld Nintendo 64 system, all on this site HERE . Also included is a complete wiring guide diagram too. This is one of the things that makes this project unique – there is no other step-by-step video guide on the internet to show someone how to make their own system and gives away so many of the secrets!

Please click on the link on the right (or click) “N64 step-by-step video” to see all the 20 videos to show how to make your own system.

Please join the forum (link on right, or click HERE ) if you are interested in making a portable games system and i’ll do my best to help! There is also a chat room facility there too, ideal for “live help and support” too!

Demonstration video of system and playing games

Raffle competition

Raffle drawn


331 Responses to “iNto64 – portable N64 console system”

  1. Can you please make a guide on how to make a gamecube portable plz i need it

  2. Hi I would like to buy from you a portable n64 write me and let me know if i can pay with paypal thanks you really are a great

  3. Ciao
    Le vendi ?
    Posso comprare una da te ?

  4. Could you make a tutorial to make a multiplayer or connected mirroring mode for the iNto64?

  5. I NEED ONE!!! Man

  6. Hello. I would love one of these devices. I plan to make my own because I can’t find anyone to sell them. Anyway does anyone know if I can use an Xbox One analog stick instead of the n64 joystick or does it matter?

  7. Do u sell it? I’m interested

  8. I want this so badly. willing to pay alot of money

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  10. Hello, I noticed most of these comments are from quite a while back so I’m not sure if you still monitor this site…but I watched your videos on how to build my own portable N64, I plan to try it but I’m not sure how it would turn out if I did. Would there be any possible way that I could contact you about building one of these for me? or if anything getting the wiring, etc. built and I could complete most of the basic assembly. Please email me at the email I entered in the details box, I would email you but I cant find your email listed. Maybe we could discuss prices, the total amount of work, etc.

  11. Is there any way I could buy one? Or pay someone to make one for me? I’m not very good at building electronic stuff. I would be willing to pay $200-$500.

  12. I was wondering if I could possibly buy one of these. I don’t have the expertise to build such a thing, so I’m afraid to try it myself. If there is one available I’d like to know the price before I commit.

  13. Where can I get the casing made?

  14. Hi I would like to know if it is possible to buy one from you. I am currently making my own because I think it is a fun project. However, I know it won’t be as good as yours. I don’t have a super large amount of money, but I would like to know a price if possible.

  15. I’m gathering the parts to build one of these myself, and Im thinking of using 5 AAs to power it, so I have 7.4 V and a regulator that steps it down to 3.6 V for the other parts that need it, my concern is that it won’t power it for very long…thoughs?

  16. Hello! I would love one of these for Christmas to give to my boyfriend who has been talking about this for YEARS! I know there is only 1 month left but I can pay $500? or negotiate a price that works for you? Please! This is a serious inquiry! We can discuss further through email!

  17. Hi, I was wondering what that white casing was for the n64 portable. I am going to make an attempt in making one because I can’t buy one, but still this would be my first time making and electronic. Please reply ASAP

  18. what happen you your forum’s?

  19. Would I be able to buy one from you?

  20. How much did it cost to make I am interested in building one

  21. i can pay 200 euro if i have money

  22. Can you build one, to me, its one of my dream, because i’m the baddest guy in electronic

  23. can i buy one from u?

  24. Would you make one to order?

  25. I have a problem… I rewired all 48 wires on the cartridge slot and it didn’t work! I used 22 awg wire. Do you know what’s wrong? Thanks for reading.

    • Wires are too thick which won’t help however not cause of problem. Obviously no way to know what you’ve done incorrectly with no pics, join the forum and post the query there please!

  26. How much would you charge to make one for me

  27. Can I buy one form you

  28. […] Bacteria presents his iNto64, a mini portable handheld of the classic Nintendo console. The iNto64 […]

  29. 5000 Dollars for a personal order. Can you make time for that?

    • Put it this way, yes.

      If you’re serious, we can discuss what you want and what I can make; and take it from there. I have to get my new site up and working but that should only take to January, then i’m free to start. If we do a deal, 50% upfront, 50% before dispatch, as per usual T&C’s. If you want to discuss, please join my (current) forum and we can exchange PM’s.

      Update – no surprise, didn’t hear back…

  30. So, i have next to no experience or knolwedge of how to do this, but still i would like to make myself one. Do you think i will be able to so long as i can get the correct materials and tools?

  31. Bac, I have an 13 year old Autistic son. He loves watching your you tube video on how you built the portable N64. Are these for sale and how much would you want for one? My email is Would love to surprise him for for the holidays.

  32. Damn Bacteria, that’s quite the impressive portable device you made. I believe I could make my own with your helpful videos and what not. I just want a case like what you have yours in.
    Also, what would it cost to have you make one for me? (I’m lazy) and if I was to hook you up with one of my N64’s so you wouldn’t need to use one. How much would that be mate?

  33. How do I enter the raffle or is it over?????????

  34. please contact me I will buy one!!!!

  35. I need one of these will buy email at

  36. […] iNto64 – portable N64 console system |. […]

  37. How much would it cost for you to do a commission?

  38. […] iNto64 – portable N64 console system | click here … […]

  39. […] iNto64 – portable N64 console system | click here … […]

  40. Thanks. The forum is better though, more comprehensive reference section (it took over from this one so is better).

  41. Can u make list of what u need including wires and etc.

  42. hey i was wondering if you still made the cases for these and how much i would be able to purchase one for. I’m in the UK so it wont be over sea delivery or anything, cheers.

  43. I am at the point of needing to keep the system cool, and I was wondering if I could just resecure the heatsinks that we took off in the first step? I feel like that would work just fine, do you think so too?

  44. For the video about relocating the cartridge, what exactly do I sauder the cartridge port to? The outside row from where it was before or the inner holes where the prongs go.

  45. What kind of battery should I get?? I am getting this screen
    Also, What kind of glue did you use to put everything together?

  46. Aw, this was an extremely nice post. Taking a few minutes and
    actual effort to produce a good article… but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and never seem to
    get anything done.

  47. […] fellow by the handle Bacteria produced a portable version of the Nintendo 64 called the iNto64. Using Sony’s official PSone 5-inch LCD and four amps of battery power, this handheld monster […]

  48. […] fellow by the handle Bacteria produced a portable version of the Nintendo 64 called the iNto64. Using Sony’s official PSone 5-inch LCD and four amps of battery power, this handheld monster […]

  49. Can you buy one?

  50. I really like your work. I’m starting on of my own, but I have a question. How would I go about making the portable be able to plug into a TV? I am using the PSOne screen for the unit’s screen, but I’d like it to be able to hook into a TV as well.

  51. what wire did you use exactly to move the cartridge port. I can not find anything that thin and flexible. p.s. great job

  52. hi there i know that you might get asked this a lot but how much would you charge to make me one of these if i sent you a n64 and a controller please let me know thanks

  53. […] fellow by the handle Bacteria produced a portable version of the Nintendo 64 called the iNto64. Using Sony’s official PSone 5-inch LCD and four amps of battery power, this handheld monster […]

  54. […] fellow by the handle Bacteria produced a portable version of the Nintendo 64 called the iNto64. Using Sony’s official PSone 5-inch LCD and four amps of battery power, this handheld monster […]

  55. […] fellow by the handle Bacteria produced a portable version of the Nintendo 64 called the iNto64. Using Sony’s official PSone 5-inch LCD and four amps of battery power, this handheld monster […]

  56. No matter if some one searches for his vital thing, so
    he/she desires to be available that in detail,
    thus that thing is maintained over here.

  57. can you give me the exact specs of the case halves both of them. I also would like to know if you would post a video of how to make the vacuum forming table.

  58. Hey I’m planning on making this for someone, just wondering can yousend me all the necessary parts needed to build one

  59. You sir, are my hero. This is like nostalgia overload.

  60. What components and objects exactly do i need to get in order to make an iNto64 Bacman? Please respond back, thank you

  61. do you know the cheapest way to build one of these?

    and can you give me a guide on how to make one?

  62. Um, Hello.
    I was wondering if you can make an iNto64 for me?

    I hope its not too much to ask.

  63. Will you ever be selling one of these? if so how much?

  64. Im am about to start building mine but i have no tech or engineerinh skills. If i follow your guide how dufficult will this be. Im just a little nervous…

  65. I’ve read on your site that you sell iNto64 case kits, is this correct? If so please e-mail me. As you have said this is literally the most in depth guide I have ever seen in regards to portable N64’s and if I’m going to take on this daunting project I want to follow your guide to the best of my abilities, which includes proper materials.


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  69. I really want one of these, but I don’t think there’s any way I could make it. Could I just buy one? If so, it won’t be for a while, though, because I;m all out of money.

  70. I’m currently working on building my n64 portable and have everything except the case, if I give you the design of my case with all the height lengths and widths could you vacuum for around 10? For me. You name the price!

  71. How much would it cost to buy one off of you. And how much skill is required to make one

  72. Hey i was wondering if i cna ask you a few questions about this, can you please email me 🙂

  73. Hello, I enjoy reading through your post. I wanted to write a
    little comment to support you.

  74. Please can you make me a iNto64 – portable N64 console system i will pay $150 Please im on dissability and i could never be able to build one myself…. I have a learning dissability and a very short attention span. I cant get a job no one will gore me… So its tough living at home. anyway i hope you agree to build one for me…. If Not i understand.

  75. Im wondering if you could email me a list of the tools I need to make this my email address is:

  76. Do I need to have any experience? And Do I only need to follow your 20 video log?

  77. I would also like to know if there are any raffles to be held soon and if so where and how may I enter

  78. I am serious about making one of these and i would like to know where you purchase the the n64 consoles you use as to make the iNto64, please reply -John

  79. Hi I live in the USA and i’m wondering if you could make one of these for me and how much money you’ll sell it for because there are no stores near me that still sell the materials.

  80. I’ll buy it for $250

  81. unreal, i understand how much cheaper it would be to make one myself. but like most i am really big on looks. that is the greatest i have seen. ive attempted twice now and just cannot figure out how to do this=( it saddens, is there anyway you would be willing to remake this master piece for a fair price?? you would be my all time hero. if so my email is if not i understand, maybe its time for take 3=(

  82. Oi. I have gotten a N64 and all that I need for a total of $61. Why do you want $1000 for a pre-made if I can get the majority of the parts for $61. I know that man power and all that but still that’s a bit much for 0 games and 1 system. I don’t even think a PS3 costs that much today. I have saved a total of $800 with the games included. The most expensive part that’s left is the screen. After that all I need is 1 port for recharging and rechargeable batteries that can run it for a descent time. It may take me a year (more or less) but I save so much money. I think it’s nice that you give us an instructional section. If you didn’t I would be researching for ages. I expect this would take me about 3 or 4 hundred dollars to complete with games. Why are you asking for so much when I can make one for so little?

    • You have to remember it takes 150+ hours to build.
      That’s still less then minimum wage.

    • As3I detailed in the past, about £120 for all parts for making the system, and about £280 for labour for around 80-100 hours work. If you want to work for less than £3 an hour, that’s up to you! I sold for £400 plus postage, your $1000 is not right, $700 was about right.

  83. Hello, wow what an amazing job. Please put me on your list of orders. Just let me know how much for one. If you no longer take orders I just had to say great job.

  84. My nephew is dying for one of these ive searched and searched cant find one or anyone to make one for me I know it takes time and patience but if you could do another 1 that’ll be great just asking ill buy it

  85. And could you use a 3ds analog stick? And how would you wire it to the controller board?

  86. im making one of these. would you be able to split the memory card/rumble pack slot to have both at the same time? Maybe by splitting each pin on the slot with 2 wires per pin?

  87. bacteria I wondered if you could make me a potable something different I am will to pay for any parts then buy it of u afterwards I love these little conversion and have wanted one for ages but have got the mind set or patients to attempt one my self I know ur not doing any at the moment but would be great if u could get in touch when you can on my email thanks matt

  88. There is no way I can make 1000$…

  89. I will pay 300$(or 400$ if I have to)

  90. Hey Mbb! I was wondering if you would be willing to make a completed case (ie: without the buttons, game, motherboard, buttons, just the case with holes cut and painted). I would be willing to pay a negotiable price. Please take this as a serious inquiry, I am a serious buyer who will not low ball/ waste your time.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  91. can you sell it to me for 60 dollars? I really like n64’s and I think it would be cool to have one that is portable. I would love to build one. I will subscribe. PLEASE sell it to me.

  92. Hey, I know you’re not taking commisions right now, but when you decide to can you email me? I’d be willing to put 50% down on it to assure you that I’m serious. My email is
    But just a side note, I’m a really big fan of your stuff. From one techy to another, I’m very impressed 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your work!

  93. Please contact me

  94. I’ll pay anything for it, name your price please!

  95. Hello. I’ll like to buy one too!!! Is it still possible? Maybe also a SNES if you have one! I start to collect handheld console.

    Please contat me :

  96. Pretty cool, a friend of mine just told me about the iNto64. It looks like we’ll be busy this weekend.

  97. hey i am really intrested in buying one of these ill pay whatever price contact me at PLEASE!!!!!!

  98. For all you folks out there asking to buy one of these bad boys…. please be aware that the components alone for this project are in the neighborhood of $150 – $200 … so if he sells one .. there is no way that the price could be much less than that. I do not know what Bacteria has charged .. or does charge … but for sure they are likely not cheap … .there is much more involved than just an old N64.

    • Indeed. £430 including postage was the rate, and I sold a few commissions. Not taking more on at the moment though. Takes about 80-100 hours to make a portable of quality, hence the cost. Roughly £100 for parts, £30 postage, £300 to cover about 100 hours work (£3 an hour is cheap!).

  99. Hey bacteria, I was wondering if you can use a PSP, GPS, or DS screen for the into 64.

  100. Thanks for the awesome info just ordered the
    Parts cant wait to put it togather!!!

  101. Hey, this is the best thing iv ever seen, im serious about buying one, can you send to canada? Email me

  102. hi i was wodefing if i could buy one if your still selling them give us a email

  103. You guys aren’t reading. He is not doing any commissions for a few months

  104. i wasnt sure if your still checking the website but if you are still selling ill buy what ever i have all the classic consoles and dont want to risk breaking mine and my collection wouldnt be complete without one of these please email me regarding the purchase of one of these wonderful handhelds

  105. First off, this design is outstanding!
    I want to make portable n64, but have a few questions before I just start tearing things apart.. the biggest question I have is would it be possible to increase the battery life of a single charge to 5-6 hours? If so how I.e. multiple batteries, one battery that is more powerful, power saving techniques, etc.?

  106. hi there. I am also interested in purchasing an iNto64 if possible. I live in Australia. If it is possible for me to buy a built one off you could you please email me at

  107. Hello,

    i have noticed that a lot of people have sent you requests in regards to buying an iNito64. Not sure if you actually do this, but I will be willing to buy one off you. I would appreciate it if you can email me the details at

    Thank you.

    • Yes, I get around 20-40 a day, 90% aren’t serious when it comes to it. I’m not doing commissions for a few/several months as doing my own projects, will do some in the future though.

  108. Buenas tardes, me interesa demasiado saber si usted me podría vender un producto ya hecho. Enserio consideralo porfavor & tu dime cuando dinero pedirias.

    Espero tu respuesta, Gracias (:

  109. Hey!
    I’ve grown up with Nintendo64 and I’d love to buy one of these!! Is it possible to buy one?

  110. Can I buy one of these?

    Please contact me if possible

  111. Have you tried selling your design to a manufacturer? I mean there’s manufacturers who produce portable snes systems. Just an idea.

  112. i am willing to pay 60 dollars for one, if you can ship to canada.

  113. Hey how much is it ??

  114. Hey my name is Henry Perkins and I am 15 years old and live in London. I would absolutely love to buy a iNto64. I have seen your work and watched your videos and i think you are amazing. Please may you contact me for further details if interested?
    Thank you,
    Henry Perkins

  115. You keep talking about composite imputs. Is that the A/V minijack on the side of dvd players?

  116. Hello, im interested in having a iNto 64 commissioned for myself, i think your work is awesome and ive watched a lot of your videos, you have a serious gift. I hope you are still making these it will amazing to be able bring my childhood with me where ever i go, so if your sill making them please contact me. i can pay shipping and cost of system. Really hope to hear from you soon.

    – Jacob

  117. Could I leave in the 3rd and 4th controller port and I could still use them?

  118. I am wanting to buy a premade one. Are you able to do that? I can pay shipping and handling and any costs that are needed to make it. I hope to hear back soon, thanks.

    -Bruce Vandyke

  119. how much do you charge for one to be made?

  120. How much would it cost to have one made for me?


    • Ok, if you’re serious, contact me mid year (July/August ’12) and we’ll discuss commission details and i’ll take your 50% deposit to start the commission for the project.

      • Hi, I’ve been looking at your work for a long time now, however last time I attempted to make my own custom N64 handheld my parents said it was a waste of time and trashed it all.
        I was wondering if you are still doing commissions for your work and how much you would be willing to create another for.
        Thanks! Keep up the good work 🙂

      • hello im trying to make a portable n64 and im starting out by gathering all of the materials that i need yet i still need a hot glue gun a soldering iron tactile switches and the chip that brings down volts do you know where i can get one anywhere else other than and whats the proper name again? thank you


  123. WHERE CAN I BUY ONE 10000000000 DOLLARS!!!!!!!

  124. I’m sorry I’m from Brazil and use google translator to write

  125. I use a screen nintendo ds if it is not possible that I can use the screen?

  126. You can make a Super Nintendo or Wii

  127. you used a psone screen or plate is used with the screen display is only possible to use a gps

  128. voce usou somente a tela do psone ou a placa com a tela se usou so a tela é possivel usar uma de gps ?

  129. And the car charger sorry that I am buggy you

  130. Would you try make a free portable n64 like n64 commissions but with four controller imports because I never made one at all and I never ever play with one if you can can you mail it to me my address is 4326 Maindenhead Dr Pasadena Tx 77504 I all ways what one can you make Thank you

  131. struqi bre

  132. Is there a way I could just purchase one?

  133. I’m totally interested in having one made…I live in the US but I am willing to figure something out to make us both happy. Let me know!

  134. i’ve got a sony digital picture frame. would that screen work in place of a psone screen? and how would you wire the L/R audio directly to speakers?

  135. Hey! I would love to commission you to make one of these if you aren’t too busy. Please email me and let me know, they are simply rad!

  136. Hey I was planning to make one but it’s like impossible to find that psone screen is there a different one I can use

  137. how much to buy one thanks

  138. I want to give you money to give me one because that is the single coolest ting in the world.

  139. Could you make one of these with a Nintendo 64 DD?

  140. Hey this system looks amazing 😀 Just what I wanted when I was a child 🙂 How much do you charge to make these for people? Just curious 🙂

  141. I also like it because it can let me play super mario 64 without bringing my computer that has an emulator because the computor is too heavy!!!!!?????

  142. Hey im just now getting into this, do I have to have a fan or will the heat sinking be good enough. and if I do have to have the fan, whats the best place to hook it up at?

  143. Could you be more specific on how to wire up the audio, video, and power I couln’t quite understand how to do it?

  144. […] is very, very neat. It’s a portable N64 called the D64 that can actually be used to play multi-player games. Gadget of the year, right […]

  145. I was wondering if you were selling any cases for the iNto64? I tried tubaware, but didn’t get the solid look as I wanted.

  146. Hey, hate to ask the question on all our minds, but can I purchase one? I don’t necessarily have the time, patience, or skill to build one, and would compensate you well. Please advise via email:

  147. Hi, I’m working on my own Portable N64. but I have one problem. I can’t figure out the gauge the wire has to be for the relocation of the cartridge slot. What gauge wire did you use?

    • Thin, flexible wire. In the UK, we don’t use wire gauge however I think the usual gauge used is around 28 or 30 for relocation. Use the wire inside your controller cable, it’s free!

  148. Do you have any more iNto64 systems that you are selling or do we have to make them ourselves

  149. Hey bacteria, I was wondering is there a way to replace the catridge input slot without soldering?? if yes can i use a 40 pin IDE cable

  150. Hello I love your portable system, i was wondering if in the process if you could make it built with an expansion back. Also what is your selling price.

    Thank you,

  151. I need to know cause I am going to make one so would any case work?

  152. Where did you get the case?

  153. where did you or can i get the rubber top switches

  154. Hey, just read all the other comments… they said something about having an into64 for sale. i know you did the raffle already but i was wondering if there is any chance i could get one. like i said… i can’t really make one. 😦

    • The iNto64 was given away as raffle prize and i’m moving to different mould for the case making now. I will be doing some limited numbers of commissions for N64 portables or SNES ones though.

  155. I need help. I have never done this before and i can see that the videos are very well put together. i understand what to do… however i don’t have anything but a psp, an n64, and a screwdriver (and the rumblepack/memorystick/expansionpack). I have no idea where to get the stuff or how to get the money, seeing as i am as broke as todays economy. please help me whether your telling me where to go or telling me im f*&^ed. Im really entusiastic about this but I am only 16 and should have probably gotten interested in something less… complicated. email me at

  156. Hey there, I’m thinking about attempting to make a portable n64, and your design seems like the best/most accessible out there. I was wondering if it would be practical or possible to add controller ports to the bottom of the system?

  157. how could you show how to make the mold of the iNto64

  158. I just have to say that you totally rock! Would love one of these to play Zelda’s OT! Wish I had the time to make one. You Sir are truly talented!

  159. Hey there. I am trying to find the forum but cant find it. I tried watching the movie and asked a bunch of my friends to build it and they say they can’t get most of the part and I have tried looking on ebay. I know you said your planning on selling them eventually and the casing too but the thing is I want to know if I can order 3 devices, when it is possible. I want to order 2 n64 and 1 ps. Let me know or if you can email me that would be great. Thanks for your time and keep it coming what your doing. Do you think you can ever come out like an xbox portable?

  160. I was thinking on making one, so now I am getting all the materials required.
    Does this screen work?

  161. Hi mate, great console mod, and amazing look. I know that many people would love to buy one, but could Nintendo, Sony, Sega, or any other company that you make console mods on take any legal action?
    By the way, keep up the GREAT work!

    • There has been no circumventing, de-engineering, reverse engineering, no use of ROMS, no infrigement of copyright; so quite legal. To put it into basic form – used original Nintendo and Sony hardware and connected them up in a slimline matter; using original hardware and original game carts. There is nothing illegal. If anyone makes an N64 run off ROMS or remakes their motherboard, yes, i’m sure Nintendo would get rightly very interested, but that will never be anything i’d do.

  162. You NEED to start selling this! You would make an absolute killing… I don’t want to be like all the other whiny kids saying “Sell me one!!” But this is absolute gold, I’m a hugggggeeee N64 fan and I would pay top dollar for one of these. You sir, are a genius!

    P.S. Also if you take my idea to heart and start selling a few, let me know and name your price! I would pay out quite a bit to play Zelda everyday during my boring Philosophy class haha


  163. You NEED to start selling this! You would make an absolute killing… I don’t want to be like all the other whiny kids saying “Sell me one!!” But this is absolute gold, I’m a hugggggeeee N64 fan and I would pay top dollar for one of these. You sir, are a genius!

    P.S. If you take my idea to heart and start selling a few, let me know and name your price! I would pay out quite a bit to play Zelda everyday during my boring Philosophy class haha


  164. I really want to buy one of these. Do you think you could sell me one.

  165. hello im ninten i was wondering if you could sell me a n64 portable i just cant find anyone to make one please your my last hope so would you please sell me one

  166. I would love to build this with my son.

    Please let us know when we can buy the Casing from you.

    Roy Chesnut

  167. will this ever be for sale in mass production after the raffle?

  168. Does this have the extension pak for games like Zelda Majora’s Mask?

  169. I would like to buy one, give me an offer?

  170. So could you use a car charger for one of these?

  171. Do you have any of these for sale yet?

  172. This is 1000 percent awesome sauce.

    Ever think of presenting this to Nintendo?

  173. i just dont feel like making it

  174. Hi um do u have any n64p for sale

  175. Hey,
    I am interested in buying one. How do I enquire?

  176. i have a question i rewired the lightbulb on the front plugged in the system flipped the switch and it lit up i did it many times and it worked, well then i got thinner better wire and re-rewired it and it worked a couple times but then it didn’t. Did i fry the system, cause im doing the cart relocation and its worked through out the whole wiring progress, i hope i didn’t.
    (by the way im 12)

    • The “lightbulb” you refer to is the LED. If the system worked with the slightly thicker wire, and then didn’t when you used thinner wire, change back to the slightly thicker wire! ;o)

  177. Happy new year 2011

  178. what kind of tact switch should i use? i cant find one..

  179. Hey i want to know what kind of tactile switch i should use. You can also message me on youtube (legomaster2427). Thanks.

  180. what gauge wire do you use?

    • We don’t seem to use AWG in the UK for wire gauges. For power lines, use 3 amp wire (eg household) and for cart relocation and other wiring, the wire inside controller cables is fine.

      • Hello,
        I wondered if you Could help me Finding good Cables to work with.( especially the wire you called “the cable in Controllers”).
        I have all the Parts to make a portable but im struggling in Finding wires . Im living in Germany.

  181. question from my dad, does it have a car charging hole!

    • You need to use a battery recharger compatible with the batteries for safe charging, so needs to be charged off mains; however you can of course easily have a portable running off mains power, or car jack if wanted.

  182. tell us when your selling!

    • he said in mid 2011.

      • well he’s selling the intoplay in 2011.

      • Won’t be using the “Into” casings though, i’ll be using an easier case style to work with, as they can be made quicker and therefore be cheaper to sell.

        I’ll be working on one for sale sometime January as someone has indicated they are interested in buying, if they don’t then it’ll be up for anyone else for grabs. I’ll offer a selection of portables to be made in due course, however at the moment my priority is to get further into my Alpha Omega project first.

  183. where can i get the dremel and a charger for a low price!?!

  184. do i have to use the n64 controller that you use because i can’t find one for sale?Can i use a regular n64 controller i was planning on using a gamecube controller joystick!!!

    • You can use any 3rd party N64 joystick that doesn’t use the “official” type joystick – if the joystick in the controller looks the same as one official one, then don’t use it, if it doesn’t you can; and can use your GC joystick too. (There are pics on my forum that might help regards controllers, if not, PM me with a pic of what you want to use and i’ll reply).

  185. what the heck is a multi port

  186. what is the name of the charger you used and where can i get it.Oh and whats the name of the tool you use to cut the copper!

  187. can i leave the controller slots in so if i want to play with friends

  188. What other fans can i use

    • Old graphic card fans, NorthBridge computer fans, ones from old consoles (DreamCast, GameCube, etc), computer ones, etc. What you ideally want are quiet, small and slim ones ideally.

  189. Do you know any other wires i can use for the game slot?

  190. where do you get the fan from!

  191. how can i get a case like yours?And do i need a rumble motor?

    • If you look on my forum, there are various types of casings discussed to house a project. If your N64 uses a rumble board, then you will need a rumble motor, however they are included inside the rumble pack so you use that!

  192. where did you get the wires from?Do you know where to get the n64 controller that you used for your n64 portable

  193. How much would you charge to make a red case like the one you made for me?(Just the case).

  194. this is going to be awesome do you know where i could buy a vacuum case thing

  195. i Really want to work on one i think it would be a great gadget using it over my ds all those long tripps

  196. This looks soooo cool i have been looking around and managed to get a PSone with lcd and an N64 with expansion pak. Now all i need is a case. I was wondering if you think it would be possible to fit an n64 inside the PSone console case and just keep the lcd attached rather than put them both in one case? Thank in advance!!!!!!

  197. can u put a memory card slot in any where and if so where

  198. What are its dimensions?

  199. I was going to make a portable what kind of case should I use

    • There are a variety of types you can use, tupperware, vacuum forming, original cases, ones you make or adapt yourself; and also some cases designed for other things that also would work and save time – I have some threads on my forum detailing options – have a look!

      • I want to use vacuum forming could you send me some kind of a design for your case

      • You are better off finishing off your project innards, then you know the exact size you need to make your case, and can design one to suit your style.

  200. hi… how much does this portable cost? i really loved this built… is awesome… i’m from chile and i’m looking a n64 portable, ’cause it makes me remember old times. i have a n64 but it has a problem with the transformator (volts) my controller is something broke and when i saw that your portable could be connected with the tv too i loved it… really… congratulations… my fiend

  201. Would you consider selling the cases for the into64 to other people. I am looking to build one but dont want a tupperware one and cant do the vacuforming? Thanks alot and love the portable

  202. Hi, I’m from Australia and am having difficulty locating a Sony PSone Screen, what other screens can I use and will it be the same inside, or if not could u send me instructions on how to use the different screen. Also where did you get your batteries for your iNto64

  203. Seriously, this looks awesome. How much would you sell a working copy of this portable N64?

  204. Really nice build! Im just about to try make one for myself. jus wondering what would be the ideal dimensions for the case. Thanks

  205. ou je peux trouver l’ecrant

  206. […] Retro Thing  |  Bacteria (1), Bacteria (2)  | Email this | Comments Post […]

  207. Oh good, I’ve been waiting on this one!

    Feels like it’s taken forever :p

    Came out nice, good work!

  208. Simply amazing!

    It looks even sleeker and better than the original N64, and on top of that, it’s fully functional AND rechargable! And that multiport at the bottom is genius! VERY nice work!

  209. i found a case thats
    Length: 4.500 in
    Width: 3.500 in
    Height: 1.250
    would that work for a portabble n64 case?

  210. really cool seeing it finished. started building mine a week ago!
    realley excited about doing this.
    great portable! 🙂

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