Board reduction / Port removal

Video to show removal of some typical video, controller and game ports from consoles. Used examples from the N64 board and also DreamCast, although principles are the same for whatever application you have.

8 Responses to “Board reduction / Port removal”

  1. could i use this for a playstation 2? i’m looking to reduce it’s board for a hardware mod.

  2. Ok im freaking out at the moment i have reduced my mother boared for the n64 and the picture is stuffing out after 6 mins i have checked the connection and it is not broken at all please bacman i need your help now im scared that broke the motherboared

  3. Hey, where can i get these Super Pads?
    I used for my Portable, the normal N64 Controller.
    With a Atmega 8 IC, which i tried to programmed.

    Please can you help me.

  4. could you make vid that shows where to cut down a madcatz micro controller? its the only one im alowed to take apart.

  5. I am scary to scap my nintendo 64 bord with this…i really need to make this?

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