Joysticks, Buttons and D-pad

This section is designed to give details about modding and using various components you will need for making a video console system portable.

Please note, it can take a couple of minutes for the PDF’s to load!  😉

I have copied video 14 of the N64 video log guide to this section as the video shows how to mount and make assembles for the d-pad and joystick, so is very relevant here

D-pad, buttons and controllers

This guide uses original gamepad boards

Making a D-pad assembly

…whereas this uses rubber backed tact switches (better method)


There are three types of actual joysticks:

1) Original N64 photoemitter ones from their first party controllers, also some third party ones use them too – they look like sealed dark grey triangle type shaped controllers like this, and attach to the controller board with 5 wires:

You can’t use these in other systems.

2) Generic controllers, eg PSone, PS2, GameCube, Xbox, many N64 controllers, etc

These are transferable between systems. There are 6 connections (3 per side), however each set of 3 contacts have a ground and also a VCC (data line); the middle contact on both are the orientation (Horizontal the other Vertical).

for example,

You must ensure that the joystick is orientated in your portable the same way around as it was in the controller, also check which two pairs of connections are ground and VCC from your joystick.

3) PSP type

These have 4 connections, so no duplications, ie one is ground, one is VCC, one H and one V.

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