Making cool cases from tupperware

Yes, you heard it right!

This is what you can achieve from using two 2 litre tupperware boxes – a case system just big enough to make a portable handheld console into!

As you see, a board like the DreamCast just fits ok! (as would an N64 board, PSone board, etc – most in fact).

This process is ideal also if you don’t want to make a vacuum forming table and want a cheap case.


This is what you end up with:


And this is how…..

Making cool cases out of tupperware!

13 Responses to “Making cool cases from tupperware”

  1. What dimensions would you say to use for the case?

  2. I had an idea. why not use the n64 controller with the psone folding screen attached to the top of it. you might have to thicken the controller a bit to hold the n64 motherboard and maybe add a tupperware container on the back for the game cartridge, but that might work, right?

  3. i was wondering, i really dont want to deal with the vacuum forming case method, but, i want a good case, so, do you think that plexi glass acrilics sheet stuff would be good for a case? and how thick?

  4. You NEED to start selling this! You would make an absolute killing… I don’t want to be like all the other whiny kids saying “Sell me one!!” But this is absolute gold, I’m a hugggggeeee N64 fan and I would pay top dollar for one of these. You sir, are a genius!

    P.S. If you take my idea to heart and start selling a few, let me know and name your price! I would pay out quite a bit to play Zelda everyday during my boring Philosophy class haha


  5. what is the mm of the case when both the case r together

    and what is the mm for the case with just one half.

  6. will it fit in your hand?

  7. Couldn’t you use a Project box as well?

  8. How do you get paint to stick to polypropylene?

    • Sand the surface so it isn’t smooth and will help paint stick; use some spray paint primer; then your spray paint colour, then spray paint varnish.

      If the above isn’t all done, your paint will come off the case easily – do the above and it sticks on very well indeed.

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