Vacuum forming to make cases

Vacuum forming is a well used process for making plastic shaped into something useful, like a game controller or console case. There are thousands of things used every day which use a commercial version of vacuum forming, like injection molding for example. Hobbyists don’t have access to such equipment, so the best results attainable for cheap, short run cases is vacuum forming.

The basic principle of vacuum forming is to make a mold, place a hot plastic sheet on top, and a vacuum sucks the plastic sheet over the mold creating a final shape.

It is very easy to make one, very cheaply too; in the home. The main skill is making a mold properly and to the right dimensions: also, making the design so that the final shape is strong and not liable to cave or flex.

In this section, I show two guides – one for making a table and the other for making a mold and vacuum forming a case…

Making a vacuum forming table

Version 2 of table making guide – see page 7 & 8  on MODDEDbyBACTERIA forum

Vacuum forming – making a case

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