IntoDream – DreamCast portable


*Official Sony PSone 5″ LCD screen

*6 amps of battery power yielding about 2 1/4 hours play time between recharging

* N64 Superpad joystick – a far superior joystick to ones on the DreamCast

* Official Sega PAL DreamCast hardware

* VMU unit showing through case

* Built in rumble motor, gives nice viabration!

* Comfortable to hold, natural to use

* Plays games like Quake 3 well!


Presentation and demonstration


59 Responses to “IntoDream – DreamCast portable”

  1. Good evening. Do you wonder if you can please provide a detailed scheme to build a portable dreamcast. I have all the pieces. I also know the voltage of the batteries. Thank you very much

  2. This kind of game gives a real experience of building a kdccebbeefek

  3. Hello!! First of all… You are amazing at this stuff bro. I have your tutorial and I’m getting ready to start the IntoDream. I have never done anything like this before and I’m a die hard dreamcast fan. I have a NTSC dreamcast from 1999. Will everything still be the same as a PAL dreamcast as far as the tutorial goes while making my intodream ? Thanks bro

  4. Hello. it is possible to have an outline of all the links?? I would be very happy! You are willing to build one for me?? Thanks hello 🙂 Cronologia –

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  6. Hey, can you make a vídeo tutorial i want to make a IntoDream too, please… I Need it, please

  7. Hey, can you make a vídeo tutorial i want to make a IntoDream too, please… I Need it

  8. Your an awesome creator!!! Lol how much U.S dollars will it take to get something like that and the into64?Love your cases and ideas if I could get my hands on the supplies i would but times is hard…if u could email me please I have to have if not 2 1 of your models ill gladly pay and send mote money your way…..quick question why arent you building your own consoles?

  9. Why not just port this to run on an android phone? Mug more mobile that way 🙂

    • That’s the problem, the youth of today have no appreciation of the speed games should run or even how they are supposed to look as they are just used to using emulators, which aren’t usually that good either. If you used original console hardware rather than emulation you’d know exactly the differences.

  10. how do you feel about the Sony PS1 video screen quality? Does it give these systems AMAZING quality comparable to say a PSP? If not, are there any better screen options that you know of that will work with these types of builds?


  11. now this is impressive! well done!

    I have a request, does this unit require the power supply from the original PAL dreamcast?
    I have busted the PSU in mine, and am struggling to find a 240v replacement in Australia (or anywhere)…

    If you would send it my way, i would be happy to cover postage!
    thanks, and again, top effort mate.

  12. Yeah. What’s that red skin? And is there an official walkthrough video; because this is skipping major parts.

  13. Can you sell it on Amazon for the US?

  14. Is it ok to use a PSP screen?

  15. Where did you get the screen and speakers from?

  16. when you sell it in 2011, can you make the intodream in blue or white also. I mean, just picture it in blue or white.

  17. can i do this with a psp screen

  18. I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

  19. Nice done. Dreamcast portable… A little big but good job

  20. They have 17 used available for 57 on amazon in a combo deal with the PSone, which is stupid because the idiots have 6 used ones for 65.99 alone without the bonus Psone?! are they retarded. Amazon seems to be the ONLY place I can find them as they are discontinued but as far as my quick research goes they are compatible with both NTSC & PAL signals. I am mainly interested in them because the ones I source from ebay aren’t guaranteed to run on the 7.5 to 8.3ish volts i plan on running them on. I guess I could offer 70AUD inc post.

    • PSone screens run on 7.5v power supplies as standard hence happy to work off 7.2v or 7.4v batteries (when charged the Li-ions / Li-pos are at 8.3v anyway).

      Ebay is definitely worth checking out, might get cheaper. If not, then $57 AUS isn’t a bad price for a screen, and as you say, you get a free console too!

  21. Ok dumb question, the voltage stays the same but you add the MAH for the life. ignore me. Will join soon just finding out what’s better. Dismantling a battery pack (probably a lot cheaper) like you. Or buying some 7.4v Li Ion’s (smaller, lighter, cost more)

  22. I will join once i source all my parts, I’m finding batteries will probably cost the most! Noticed there is no mention of Ni-Cd batteries in your guide… are these suitable? Also It would be much cheaper to get the 3.7v Li Ion batteries.. do you literally add the MAH and Voltage up? e.g 3 x 3.7 = 11.1v total? same with adding MAH? This is the last thing I need to sort then I can start (oh and i sold my dreamcast and now need a new one of course) Cheers and thanks for the help so far. Looking forward to documenting it all in your forum!

    • Ni-Cd batteries don’t have or retain amps too well. NiMH aren’t good either. Li-ion and Li-po are the ones to get. Li-ion and Li-po cells are 3.7v and come in packs, so 7.4v contains two such batteries. You must have a battery protection circuit for the cells or you will have an explosion – they stop batteries over charging and exploding and cut them off when voltage gets too low which stops them swelling then exploding when recharged. One of the reasons I like the Canon-BP915 / Canon-BP911 cells are not just that they are cheap and powerful, but also they have the protection boards built in to the battery package.

      Great, I look forward to you being part of my forum!

    • The screen isn’t cheap either! If you have trouble getting one, let me know, may save me putting a couple on ebay in a while!

      • What screens you got, I can get a 7inch to suit for 60AUD inc post. Ebay is the shit!!

      • I have some PAL PSone screens; a couple of NTSC PSone screens, and a 7″ widescreen PS2 screen; I can spare some of these; what do you want and offering to pay?

  23. Sorry ones a 3amp +5 regulator, ones a 1amp +5 regulator, $1.65 verse $4.95. I’m guessing more amperage means I can run more things off it? (i.e fans which will run on either the 3.3 or 5 line)?? Although I have a good mind for these things, and decent soldering skills.. this will be my first delve into something a little more technical then installing a modchip in a playstation/ PS2 (lol)

    • Step down regulators are far more efficient than using 7805’s; although you don’t need them for an N64 portable; you need a step down regulator for the 3.3v line.

      Yes, please join my forum, start a thread, etc and we can expand on answers to your queries!

  24. Too easy, i will be starting asap and will join the forums and keep you informed. Found 2 of them 7805’s to regulate the voltage at +5 but ones rated 1a and ones 5a.. the 5amp one is 5x more expensive. Would I need this? Also I don’t know what the “Ti card” is to regulate the 3.3 line.. I also hope those the voltage on the batteries you use is enough for my screen as it says it’s meant to be for 12v but I guess it could likely run anywhere from 6 to 14v (14 being the alternator output of a car as it’s a reverse monitor really) once i source all the parts (if you could help with the 3.3line) I will start my build on your forums. Cheers

  25. Hi have some questions to ask you as im going to start making my own soon! I don’t understand the rumble and memory pinouts, you have the drawing showing wires 1-7 and 8-14 but I don’t really understand. I have old playstation 1 controller rumble motor but I need to know where on the controller (I have the mad katz) to put the postive and negative exactly for it to function, im guessing the LED (is a resistor needed) would go straight to the same points so when the rumble rumbles the light turns on. In fact when i start my project I will have a bunch of questions if you could help!! you have inspired me! I Have got a 3.5inch screen coming with 2x composite in and will run off the 12v line, have speakers coming to run off the 5v line with volume control as well. I paid 29AUD free shipping for the screen was going to get a 7inch screen portable dvd player to dismantle (80AUD) which had built in speakers.. I really wish i got that now instead but oh well.. I also have so many parts its not funny plenty to build this.. just need a dremell to help with the case,(the case i will have most difficulty with) and a bunch of different coloured wire reels. I have a million ideas to incorporate when i start mine!! im genuinely excited to start but i could seriously use a hand for my first build!

    • There are quite a few bits there. Please join my forum (link on sidebar) and post topics with pics, descriptions, etc and i’ll do my level best to help you with advice and guidance on your project!

  26. Informative post, thanks…. i’m very like and i will always waiting in yout next posting … thanks so much for this important information..

  27. Can you possibly do a Worklog video for Dreamcast to.

    • Yes, will do in the next months. After completing the N64 project, I have two GP2x’s to mod (will post the WIP guides on the GP2x forum), then will start the major project – Multi integrated console system – the first system will be cart based, the second one CD based, so will cover the DreamCast in proper detail then.

  28. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  29. The thing that made these games work really well on the dreamcast was being able to use the dreamcast keyboard and mouse, maybe you could figure out a way to incorporate them too? Excellent job though! :o)

    • Actually, you needed the mouse and keyboard on the DreamCast to play games like Quake 3 properly, as the joystick on the DC pad was awful and impossible to use properly. The N64 SuperPad joystick I used was used because it is far far easier to use and is more precise to use on games like that. There is therefore no need for a mouse or keyboard as this portable has been custom made. Sure, you won’t play as well on the portable as with keyboard and mouse, however you can get pretty close! (which is what matters).

  30. Impressive! 🙂

  31. Good work mate, seen it on Joystiq! From alxbly at Nintendo_64_Forever. 🙂

  32. Great Work!! Congratulations, well when you start to sell it :p

  33. […] Hit the jump for a second video that details the construction and be sure to check out Bacteria’s website. […]

  34. Quake III Arena on the dreamcast was amazing online and still the best pc to console port. Played it for 3 years, made so many friends and enemies. i was pretty famous there lol. You need to remove auto center… or else you won’t be able to run and aim a bit down to kill anything. Great job by the way.

    • Good tip, thanks.

      Yes, Quake 3 on the DreamCast is excellent. I will start playing that game a fair bit.

      I might only have just over 2 hours on the system between charges, however that is plenty long enough to be playing a game like that one!!

  35. Great system Bac Man!

    Well done…for sale?

    • No! Not for sale unless someone offered a price I couldn’t refuse, ie over £5000 and paid in cash and collected it in person. I may well do a commission or two for UK buyers for other systems like SNES or N64 or NES but not something as complex and time consuming as the DreamCast was!

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