Plug’n’Play system

Plug’n’Play system

I made this before I got into making quality vacuum formed cases. Not bad looking but ugly in comparison to what I can make now! Concept was to make a base unit that could play plug’n’play games which were made into far smaller game cartridges.

In other words, play these:




Plug’n’play systems (top picture) each made into separate game cartridges…



* Official PSone console board
* Official 5.4″ official Sony PSone screen
* D-pad and three button pad
* Stereo audio via two mylar speakers
* Headphone jack and a/v jack and recharger jack
* 4 amps battery power (about 3.5 hours playtime between charges)
* Removable and replaceable Li-ions via battery compartment
* Easy and pretty comfortable unit to hold


Playing the GBA addon:

13 Responses to “Plug’n’Play system”

  1. emm first hello I love your videos and how you can change things as it were “old” amazing things, my question is, what battery did you use?

  2. please make a guide

  3. can you make a guide. Id love to make this

  4. I see that you are using PAL setting on the Transverter output and you are using a PAL PSOne screen (I can tell from looking at the PCB, it has the Philips chip present that the NTSC board doesn’t have), and it’s interesting for me to see what the GBA display size output looks like via the transverter, on the PSOne screen, and what borders you are getting. Cheers, Alistair G.

    • My Transverter card needs repair, however, as I recall, NTSC was full screen, PAL gave a fairly small border on top and bottom of screen.

      • You must have been using the Transverter switched to PAL then and must have been using a PAL PSOne screen, for this mod., since the NTSC (60Hz input only ) PSone screen cannot accept a 50Hz PAL input and a PAL PSOne screen cannot accept a 60Hz input (from what I a read). I need to find a GBA TV converter that can do PAL as I want the approx 3:2 GBA display with borders top and bottom in the 4:3 screen like what you have here. Help! There’s a GBA TV converter on Ebay but it’s NTSC only!

      • You could get an NTSC screen and use that; eg the Logic 3 PSone screen is RGB only but works PAL and NTSC. The GBA itself is region free after all.

  5. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN,that looks amazing!It’d be freat if you could show how you made the cartidge

    • It involved butchering a GBA cart slot and then for each system, butchering a GB game to remove most of the board and wire to to contact traces that go into the cart slot.

  6. Can you make some videos or guides on how to make one and also can you show us how you made the cartrages.

  7. amazing work! just amazing, i think you stand way up there amongst the best portabilizers/modders. but one question, i am in the process of trying to portabilize a namco ms pac man edition plug n play system. the only thing holding me back, stupidly, is the joystick. the stick itself is a hassle to remove. how did you do it? i havent been able to get rid of the metal-with-yellow ball portion.

    • If you need to remove the joystick, either dremel through the metal shaft or cut out the joystick from the case. The joystick is only digital anyway, using four tactile switches, hence why it “clicks” when moving the stick. As always, each of these four direction switches have one connection as ground and the other as that direction – marked conveniently on the motherboard as I recall handily! Just snip the wires and re-connect them to your control buttons or connect them to a different joystick if you prefer. Any other queries, please ask, always happy to help!

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