Sony PlayStation – PSone: *IntoPlay*

IntoPlay – portable PSone system



* Official PSone console board
* Official 5.4″ official Sony PSone screen
* D-pad and four button pad from Sony controller
* Stereo audio via two mylar speakers
* Headphone jack and recharger jack
* 6 amps battery power (about 3.25 hours playtime between charges)
* Slot for memory card
* Easy to remove CD compartment at back
* Easy and comfortable unit to hold


78 Responses to “Sony PlayStation – PSone: *IntoPlay*”

  1. I was wondering where you get/make your cases from. It would help a lot!

  2. I have the big ps1 with controller how much would it cost for u to mod it into the best mini handheld. can it be usb chargeable too. Thx

  3. Where do i go to buy the kit?
    Please email

  4. Poor People like myself have no chance of paying 300-900$ for a 18 year old console With 175$ worth the work (seriously), when i could get a vita for 500 tops (which I did). Wow, Scam. good thing Sony doesnt Play there customers THAT bad.

    • At least you have the Kind heart to tell us How in addition to selling them. Thanks, i’ll send pics.

      • Yes, because I am actually not that interested in taking commissions, my interest is primarily to teach and educate others in the hobby, and help them develop. I’ve helped take the hobby out from being a black art into how-to guides.

    • There is no scam, that is a stupid comment to make. People who want a system that needs the level of time and skill to make, like anything else, have to pay a suitable price to get it.

  5. can I use an old tablet’s screen and speakers?

  6. Hi, Im having trouble with some screens such as i cant find the video and audio outs i need help. Also is it possible to wire a phone screen to your own portable

  7. how do you replace the disc reader for a flash drive instead

  8. Hello,
    I previously asked if 3.0 inch screens were too small, and they were. So are 7.0 inch screens too big? I am thinking of getting a 7.0 inch official Sony Playstation screen for the IntoPlay I make.

  9. Hello,
    How do you make a portable Playstation 2 system using the Playstation 2 Slimline console? Can you upload instructions for making it using the PDF software the same way you did with the Sony Playstation 1?

  10. How would I be able to tell whether or not an LCD screen will be compatible
    with the Playstation software when it comes to making a portable Playstation?

  11. Does the screen used have to be 5.4 inch? Is it possible to use a 3.0 inch LCD screen? Also, how do I know whether or not the screen will be compatible with the Playstation software?

  12. Hello
    I am currently on a mission to build a modded ps2 system and I was wondering how much would i have to invest into building the system

  13. Hello
    I’m am thinking about making one of these modded systems and I was wondering where do I get or purchase the ps one screens or is their ALso a substitute ?
    Im also a fan!!!

  14. I liked the built of PSone. But it’s in english! If you want a translator to spanish or portuguese, I can do this!

  15. Hey…. I have no experience with this kind of stuff what so ever. I’d love to learn. Especially the n64 one…. I found you videos a little hard to understand though… Like how to wire certain things and set certain things up. Is there anyway you’d be willing to sell one to me? and if so how much?

    • When I upload the build for my new N64 portable (about to start), it will be far easier to understand and also do.

      • ok. i have my own case made and everything already… the wiring for the controls and the screen is what lost me… Like how does the controller actually get hooked up to the system? and also have you heard anythign about the Docs N64 controller? that is what i’ve decided to use because i found it lying around.

  16. R u selling the casings and everything else ill buy the case and enything you think ill need just emaip me at

  17. hello, do you still sell it?

  18. Response to Ron Man’s question: In America, $649.51

  19. how much will they cost so i can start saving up

    • Going to be in the region of £400 plus postage; which will cover parts and labour of course. If you look on the basis that the parts and ancillary costs add to around the £100 mark, it works out at around £3-£5 an hour for labour, which is cheap. The system will be made to a high standard as per usual. The systems will be documented in threads so the potential buyer can see exactly what their system will look like.

    • In America?

  20. can plutonium batteries be used?

  21. are you ever gonna sell those?

  22. Hi

    I#m from Germany and you are so great!

    Have you a Intoplay for Pal???
    I#m very intersting!!!

  23. how much is this i’m interested and really want to buy

  24. Thats one of the coolest gadgets I have ever seen. Are these mass produced?

  25. Are PSOnes region locked because I was thinking of burning some PSOne games onto discs using the NTSC standard on a PAL standard PSOne.

    • Not sure, however if you manage to do it you’ll get a black and white image on your screen probably. If you want an NTSC PSone, let me know, I have one you can buy…

  26. can you sell it

  27. muito bom o seu trabalho, todos os portateis que tu fez ficaram maravilhosos, parabens. Congratulations.

  28. the screen is really expensive i need one for 25 bucks or something like this ! And yes i will join the forum



  30. i need a screen where do i get one ? Can i use another screen

    • You can get screens from shops, ebay, me; whatever. As long as the screen works with a/v input (or certainly composite input at the least) you are ok, and assuming of course they run off batteries. Different screens are different thicknesses and weights; and of course the boards are also different sizes; so a good idea to get your screen first, then you know what you have to work with. Please feel free to join my forum (link on bar on right) and we can try to help you with advice as required!

  31. will this work

    • Yes, however the PSone is better than the PS1; easier to power the system and a newer system.

      If you need PSone consoles, let me know, I have 3 x PAL units and 1 x NTSC one; can sell if you like; for a good price.

      • thanks i jst bought this unless i can cancel im unable to purchase one from you and by thew ay way what does pal and ntsc mean?

      • No problem.

        PAL is the format used in Europe mostly (including the UK where I live); NTSC is the format used in countries like the USA and others. The games you have need to be in the same region, unless you manage to make your console region free and make other adjustments for screen rate.

        Hey, how about joining my forum (link on every page on this site)… start a topic with your project and what you want to do, and get assistance! Sounds like a good deal, yes?

  32. where can i buy it

    • I can make portables as commissions, however will not be cheap as paying for my time. (several hundreds of bucks). Or, you can make your own portable using the guides here. If you are interested in this hobby, please register on my forum, post your pics and queries and i’ll try my best to help you along the adventure as/when you need it!

  33. good looking, and easy going

  34. Ohhh Now i see it dude, but the whole concept of modding retro games is a one great Idea, thanks to you dude, it add spice to my gaming tastes, two thumbs up for you…… maybe I’ll do more research regarding my question about swapping the Laser disc reader into a hard drive in which Iso images or rom files of games are saved……. because in my thoughts correct me if i’m wrong maybe this will save a lot of space when modding retro game consoles……. just a thought dude hehehehehe……. by the way keep up the good work………

  35. hey dude, first of all I’m just a nursing graduate and also a amateur hobbyist, I only make coilguns, but i find this modding game consoles also very enthusiastic, since i’m also a gamer, and a computer addict, I just got one question probably also a suggestion……. do you know how to make a small hard drive or a flash drive in which only ROM game files are save instead of using game cartridges and c.d.’s….. cause I wanted to Modify my PSX also a playstaion 1, but i rather not want to used the laser cd reader anymore but just a hard drive for storing game files so i can load it anytime if my future concepts would work. thanks for your time and consideration in reading my interesting response to your hoobies. just reply me in my fake mail >>>>>

    • I think there is a way to do this as people have been able to modify PSP’s with old firmware to play Playstation 1 games. It may also be possible to do it with original PSX hardware too, however I haven’t looked into it as I prefer to use original hardware and original original games, not ROMs or images.

      • hey, dude i’m just quite confuse about the audios in these RGB mode and composite video mode, could you give me just a brief or short explanation about this two????? and also this composite sync………

        thanks dude……..

      • The PSone screen has two audio modes – if the video is in RGB or composite mode. So, if your system will use composite, wire the audio to the composite audio connections, if RGB to the RGB ones; or for sake of ease, connect both sets together.

  36. ok, i have a question, do you think a PSone with 5 inch screen and everything can fit in a ZN-45?

    • The PSone CD ROM casing is quite thick, however if you had the CD exposed, it might fit (not a good idea to have the CD uncontained though). I’m not sure the exact dimensions of the ZN-45; although I believe you would have to LED mod the PSone screen for the board to fit in the case, something I don’t have an interest in as I prefer uniform screen lighting.

  37. um i just wanted know im intrested in one of these but im afraid to buy it and then have it not work is there a return policy? or if there is a problem could you fix it? thanks

    • It isn’t for sale so this question is acedemic!

      This is precisely why I would not sell or take a commission for a portable like a PlayStation or DreamCast – I would only consider commissions for sturdy systems like the NES, SNES, N64, SMS, etc. There is little to go wrong with these systems in comparision.

  38. im interested in one into dream how much cost it and send me an email explaining me everything about this.

  39. hey man i want a this case.or i find this box that you or I can tell how she did it right?

    • I can sell you a case if you want it (two case shells, which you will need to trim, sand, smoothen); £25 payable in UK British Pounds via PayPal; which includes postage to anywhere in the world. Please email me if you are interested!

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