TurboGrafx/PCE console – *IntoGrafx*

IntoGrafx – portable TurboGrafx system



* Original PAL TurboGrafx console board
* Official 5.4″ official Sony PSone screen
* RGB modded. Region free (USA and Japanese HUcard games, via switch)
* Stereo audio via two mylar speakers
* Headphone jack and recharger jack
* 4.4 amps battery power (about 3 hours playtime between charges)
* Original HUcard slot surround used
* Quite light – complete system weighs about 750g
* Easy and comfortable unit to hold and use

More pics:




14 Responses to “TurboGrafx/PCE console – *IntoGrafx*”

  1. […] (source: moddedbybacteria) […]

  2. Still not for sale?

  3. Amazing!

  4. This is great but wouldn’t it have been better to mod a PC engine instead, due to the size?

    • I got the PAL version before I realised, however, the benefit is the PAL TurboGrafx has the CXA chip so amplifies the video signals without other components, like the PCE seems to need.

  5. I have *ZERO* electronics talent, unlike you. I was hoping money could even it out 😀 too bad, though

  6. WANT!!!11 😀

    • Excellent – if you look on my guides you can make your own system too! If you don’t want to make a portable, you can still make your system region free and RGB or composite output to play on your television. That is one of the beauties of console modding, you don’t have to be stuck with RF output from an old console!

      • How about buying one? 😀

      • Sorry, not for sale! I would however encourage you to make your own system and hopefully using my free guides to help. If you want to start such a project or discuss modding in general, please join the RacketBoy forum – we are always happy to help!

  7. wow, thats an awesome job, brings back memories when i had my TG16.
    great work!

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