Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – PAL

Video content:

Opening a PAL NES “toaster” console
Removing the parts
Parts needed / not needed
Removal of the A/V and AC power daughterboard
Composite and audio modding
Fixing the cartridge port to play games reliably again
Region free modding to play NTSC games as well as PAL
Board reduction

Related pictures:

Region free:

Composite / Audio:


19 Responses to “Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – PAL”

  1. Good post. I’m experiencing many of these issues as well..

  2. Ok thanks for invite
    ill Register on ur Site

    Hope i can Find help there
    Thx Pk.

  3. Ok i agree with that
    But i have bayou Billy
    And this One allways glitched Up man
    I have Seen a List but the Site exists no
    Thx Pk.

    • Not familiar with that title, bottom line though is it should work, but if you test it, you’ll know for sure. It’s only 1 raised pin on the NES, the easiest of region free mods going, so easy to find out. Anyway, feel free to join my forum and be part of the community – this WordPress site is basically pretty much dead as my website contains far more information and guides, only keep the WordPress site going as it gets around 300-500 visitors a day still….

  4. No i have disable the lockout Chip
    Now i dont know
    Which Games work Fine
    And which had some glitches

    Thx Pk.

    • If you’ve region free the NES, then all NTSC games should work. Only title you might have a problem is Mario 7 Stars RPG, depending on the one you have. NTSC games on PAL console will play slightly slower though.

  5. is there a list of compatible ntsc games for a modded pal nes console
    with problems of some u know

    thx pk

  6. have u a list of copatibilty ntsc games
    or the glitches

  7. I am trying to make a portable nes and with the video output with the resistor and stuff wasn’t very clear and for power do I use the batterys you used for the portable n64 if so do i need a step down regulator
    Plz send me more info Mat

  8. “If you’re using a PAL NES console and do the simple mod to allow the NES to play NTSC then you can play most NTSC games on the system (and all PAL).”

    – is there a compatibility list anywhere concerning NTSC games on a PAL console with disabled lockout?

  9. Very clear instructions. It really works, thank you very much!

  10. Mad Props! I was curious what you used to cut your motherboard and remove the ground and power/reset sections? I ask because I have never seen a circuit board cut so clean, and I also really want to avoid damaging my NES. I may have singed my mother board a slight bit while removing the RF box, so I’m trying to be very careful from here on out (I bought a replacement NES in case it turns out that my current one is trashed, and a new digital soldering iron with adjustable wattage for peace of mind).

  11. Sweet. My goal is to just be able to play NTSC games. Do I still need to take out the unnecessary parts or is breaking pin 4 enough for that? Thanks in advance.

  12. Cool! looks good but hard

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