Case build and preparation

This section provides details of making the two case halves and making them into a finished case, complete with controller and screen holes and controls.

As different consoles have different requirements, eg some use CD’s, some use thick credit card game carts, some use different sizes and thicknesses of game carts: some have small boards some large, some with small components, some larger: some needing cooling, some not: it means that the guide below covers the basics, but in the build guide for each system there will be a different section for making the case for that particular console system.

The idea of the guides are to give you an idea of how I built a system using my cases, you can easily use different d-pads, buttons, shoulder buttons, etc.

Please note, it can take a couple of minutes for the PDF’s to load!  😉

Case build and preparation – part 1

Case build and preparation – part 2


Video to accompany

31 Responses to “Case build and preparation”

  1. do you sell the into64 cases? if so how much?

  2. Hay bacteria what are the dimensions on the n64 portable case

  3. how do you replace the disc drive so you play the games form a flash drive instead

  4. Do you sell the cases allready prepped? I really like your layout and structure of it.

  5. Do you have specs for the case? Like a template that we could use to replicate the it?

  6. I see that the front half of your case is slightly shaped differently than the rear part of the case, which is sloped a bit more. Did you make a separate mold for each half?

  7. you traced it like on paper really

  8. ok what did u use to make the shape u have

  9. yes i would like to no what kind of plastic are u useing to make the portable n64 mould.

  10. Wat type of plastic did you use

  11. Instead of using a ps1 screen can i use the portable screen for the game cube?

  12. i have an lcd screen and i want to use it but i dont know the pinout of it any tips on figuring it out thanks

  13. So i have a 7 inch car seat dvd screen can i use this or is it too large?

  14. what do you suggest on other screens

    • If you mean in regards to portables, you can go for small screens however personally I don’t like small screens so don’t use them. Some screens are better than others of course and there are many about, some can be rather expensive too.

      Only types of screens I suggest not bothering with are portable LCD televisions – they will be probably two-to-a-penny as they won’t be able to receive transmissions soon, however, they tend to be rather pixilated, colours a bit washed out; and small screens.

      The Logic 3 screen is a good screen however it only inputs RGB, the Sony PSone screen is a good all-rounder, a good screen image; the 8″ TFT rear car seat DVD screen I have is acceptable – not as good as the Sony PSone screen but good enough, and far bigger than the PSone screens of course.

      • so a gameboy advanced sp screen would not work very good also on the n64 do you think there is a way to put two game slots and have a switch to go back and forth betweeen them

      • GBA SP screen will not work, no point anyway.

        There are quite a lot of wires you would need to switch to alternate between two N64 games – not practical – just make a cart slot relocation (see my guides) then you can swap between whatever N64 game carts your console region takes.

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