IntoDream build

This is a guide for the making of the IntoDream Dreamcast system, hope you find it interesting! The PDF file may take a couple of minutes to load so please be patient!  😉


Various videos made during creation

25 Responses to “IntoDream build”

  1. hi
    i hate to be a mooch but if i were to pay for parts and labour would you be able to build one of these for me. (i live in the UK btw)

  2. Hello,
    I notice that the casing of the Intodream is wider than the controller. How do you make the controlls wider so the buttons reach both sides of the casing?

    • I am answering this year old comment so that others may see this. in a controller, there is a circuit board. you can “break” this circuit board into as many pieces as you like, just so long as you attach all wires together and sauter them into place. very convenient for enlarging or reducing controller size.

  3. Hello,
    which shops can you buy perspex sheets from? I live in the UK so it needs to be a store in UK.

  4. Hello,

    What type of heatsinks with fans are required for the Dreamcast? I need to know so I can make my IntoDream.

  5. Me again, I need some advice from Mr. Master Modder.

    I found a decent Coby Portable DVD player, LCD screen with 2 speakers, $22

    Would this suffice in place of a PSOne screen?

  6. Not to be a bother but, how much would it cost to have you make me one of these, I could provide the system myself, but probably not the screen, I used to have one, but it got crushed when I moved.

    • I’ve still got my IntoDream; and don’t use it. Due to the heat when the system is used there are a couple of lines on the VMU screen sometimes, as the heat made the hot glue soften a bit before after some use. if you’re in the UK, i’d be happy to consider selling it, if the price was reasonable.

      • Unfortunately, I live In Massachusetts, USA, so if it’s a problem, I’ll just have to save up for all the supplies.

  7. hey can somebody send me a dreamcast portable wiring guide

  8. hey you should make a portable Super Joy 3 ( Nes system in one small chip that plugs into the tv and plays) it has 70 or so nes games built into it. Im not sure about it and this is my first portable well this or an n64.

  9. you’ve done the dreamcast the SNES and the mastersystem, please could you do the Sega Megadrive 2″? thanks

  10. could you please make a more detailed guide for the dreamcast?

  11. Would 60 watts be too much for a Psone screen and a Sega Dreamcast, for my portable?

    • Some people use a PicoPSU, I believe people have used a 60w one fine before, however, you are better not using a PicoPSU – they are convenient and small (although you need a 7808 for the PSone screen, and heatsink), but as the PicoPSU needs 12v to generate the other voltages, the DreamCast runs far hotter and less efficiently than if you just use a 7.4v battery to drive the PSone screen, the 12v line at 7.4v, a 7805 for 5v and a step down regulator for 3.3v

  12. Hi,

    What awg wire are you using for the Dreamcast?


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