Nintendo N64 – VIDEO GUIDE LOG

This is a video log of the entire process start to end for making an N64 handheld portable!…an to be more exact, in the building of the:

Tools and components needed to build a Nintendo 64  portable


If you want to select between running system off mains power and batteries; here is a way to do it. If recharging, make sure the system is off first.

-1- Opening the console and removing the motherboard

-2- Removing the ports and lifting off the heatpads

-3- Why it is a good idea to relocate the game port, and how

Supporting pic:

-4- Discussion on reducing the motherboard & what can be done

-5- Video, audio output and also providing power to the system

Supporting pics (please click to view):

Video and audio pinoutPTH08000 PTH08080

-6- Keeping the N64 cool enough

7- The PSone screen – opening, pinout, basic trim & modding

-8- Preparing the case – top section

-9- The case back, securing halves together, spray painting, finish

-10- Make and install a game cart holder + installing “Z” button

-11- Controllers, joysticks, memory/rumble packs, wiring, board height reduction; demo of Doom 64!

-12- The Multi-Function Plug Port

-13- Installing components into case: Screen

-14- Installing the d-pad and joystick and making their assemblies

-15- Install “C” buttons, stop buttons rotating; portable preview!

-16- Show screen working, install rumble motor and controller

-17- Wire the controller board to the system – how to, tips, etc

-18- Batteries – locating in case, wiring them up and testing

Forgot to mention in the video – the height of the batteries is about the same as the game cart section (slightly smaller actually), so no issues about using them in the case. The Canon BP-911 / BP-915 cells I use are excellent batteries to use in portables I find.

-19- Reset button, install shoulder buttons; add fan to keep cool

-20- Rumble/memory, Expansion/Jumper; decals, close case

(this is the final worklog video in this series)

Pics to show what you can safely and easily reduce the N64 console board down to, without much additional work required:

Final video – system and game demonstration!

Here’s a video of another N64 portable i’ve made:

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  1. Do make them for people who are willing to pay you

  2. Same issue living in NZ and finding the PTH08080 regulator for sale is near impossible, I have be in search for so long and soon to give up…. anyone able to help? Email:

  3. Is the any way you’d sell one. If so, then how much would you charge?

  4. I was wondering how much it would cost to have you make me a portable n 64 like the one in the video. I already asked on the other website but I wasn’t sure if it would go through.

  5. hi
    if you use 3AMP (22AWG) wire for the power what amp wire do you use for evreything else Eg Cartridge slot relocation, would 2AMP (24AWG) or 1AMP (26AWG) wire be ok

  6. Hey, I was wondering if instead of using that viltage regulator for the 3.3 volt line on the n64, could you use a 7803 voltage regulator?

  7. This is easy, wire an ever drive 64 onto the board instead of the cart slot and use an ad card for roms, but you have to own the physical copy of the game.

  8. Hi, First off bacteria. awesome original job. inspiring and just plain awesome.

    now do you think its possible, using the same plans you have used in the videos, to put a battery indicator or led display of some sort to this? if so can you briefly say how to wire it up?


  9. is it possible to take two 3.7v and make series we need to get the required 7.4 volts?

  10. This is awsome thanks for posting this info, this is gold!



  13. Would you be able to post a list of the items used for this. Also I can’t access your forums, it only comes up with ads. Is the website taken down or something?

  14. I can use this regulator

  15. Thank you, I’ve just been searching for information about this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered! It’s so good to find somebody with some unique ideas on making this custom N64.

  16. Two quick question. Could i relocate the cart slot with 30gauge wire? And if so how long could that 30gauge wire be and still work?

  17. Hey in looking into building an n64 portable and I went to a local store but they wouldn’t really sell me wires because I wasn’t sure what type of wires were used.. I was wondering if you could send me the types of electrical wires you used for yours?
    And where I could find some online. I’m from New Zealand btw

  18. COULD I USE ANY TYPE OF BATTERIES DOES IT HAVE TO BE OFF A CAMCORDER…I WAS THINKING OF USING R/C BATTERIES..and IM HAVING PROBLEMS how to connect the switch to the n64 and to the screen with the will be cool if your had a picture of your connection not the schematic. thx

  19. Hi Bacman, we love your videos. We have a big problem. We have purchased 4 old N64’s and everytime we simply take it apart and put the mainboard on the table – the red light powers on But no Video!? what are we doing wrong. Is there some sort of grounding needed? we can’t proceed with our awesome mods :)))

  20. Hi, what type of charger do you use to recharge the cells? I’m guessing something like an 8 volt charger? Should it be a 2 amp or a 4 amp charger? Thanks a ton!

  21. Awesome work!! I’d really like to know more about the general purpose wiring/electrical wiring (3amps) you mentioned like where to find these I would really appreciate it!! Well done again really nice to see something like that!!!!

  22. Hey man, I totally admire your work, really neat stuff. I have devided to build one myself since I’m in college and I’m gonna be an electrical engineer. Could you send me a link exactly where to buy the exact same step down regulator that you used? Also, the resistor and capacitor are seperate right? I’m pretty sure they are, just making sure. Thanks for the help!

  23. Can you inform me about the features of the battery that are using in the project?

  24. i love n64 and your custom mod. i still have a few questions. shoot me an email and we will talk more because i may have an interesting idea for you.

  25. What type of wire do you use for composite?

  26. Hi i am super interested in creating one of these im only 16 btw i dont got much experience with circuits and electronics other then the basic Highschool physics knowledge but i would like to know the complete list of material i need to create one i live in America so on another post you told someone it would cost about 100pound which is close to 160USD….

  27. which type of wire i should use?

  28. I want to keep the system in its case but hook a battery and a screen to it so that I can take it on the go. What is the best screen and battery to do this and is this harder to do? Thanks

  29. Dude, this thing is awesome. Out of curiosity, is it possible to use any other type of screen?

  30. is there anyway to purchase one of these and have them shipped to the US?

  31. I like it but I can’t buy it. I don’t have enough money. Thank you for telling me though.

  32. How much would it cost to buy one of these from you?

  33. I’m about to try and build this based on your guide. Quick question, Instead of making the rumble pak an internal component, is it possible to leave an external slot like the original controllers had? I’m asking because i used to play a lot of pokemon stadium and instead of a rumble pack there was an attachment where you could insert pokemon red, blue.. etc and download into the n64 game. Also, is it possible to have a connector for a second player?

  34. I think this is really cool, but I do not think I could possibly make one of these things… Just a quick question. How much would you create and sell one for? (I mainly want it so I can play Majora’s Mask portable as I don’t think Op Moonfall will happen :(.)

    • And if you are not selling them then can I have a list of required and optional tools you need to create it. I am pretty sure I have the tools, but I have never tried something like this…

  35. My main question is how do I get the plastic mold for the project?

  36. […] and four amps of battery power, this handheld monster weighs in at just over 2.2 pounds. With over 20 videos of instruction, it is now possible to even make your […]

  37. Just what exactly seriously inspired you to publish “Nintendo N64 – VIDEO GUIDE LOG |”?
    I personallycertainly adored the post! Many thanks -Ulrike

  38. Hey, Can you give me a list of the stuff I need to make it?
    I can’t understand you in the tools and components video

  39. hi there, awesome vids a great help. only stuck on a couple small things. i have the regulator wired up and in place, but with the battery, where do i wire the positive and negative terminals to? does it go straight to the board or the regulator or?

    Thanks heaps.

  40. Hey there! I have been reading into powering my portable 64 and I was wondering what solutions you would offer to be able to charge and play at the same time? My goal is to avoid having anything more than an on/off switch in contrast to the battery/main/off switch. I’m really inexperienced with using batteries, so any insight would be cherished.

  41. […] and four amps of battery power, this handheld monster weighs in at just over 2.2 pounds. With over 20 videos of instruction, it is now possible to even make your […]

  42. […] and four amps of battery power, this handheld monster weighs in at just over 2.2 pounds. With over 20 videos of instruction, it is now possible to even make your […]

  43. What did you use to design your casing? I understand vacuum forming plastic. But what did you use to actually shape the design? I hope my question makes sense lol

  44. I really want to make one of these for my boyfriend for our three year anniversary that is coming up. My only concern though is the soldering, I’ve never soldered before and I’m afraid I’ll manage to screw it up. Is soldering hard to do?

  45. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images
    on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  46. Hey there would you mind letting me know which webhost you’re working with? I’ve loaded
    your blog in 3 different web browsers and
    I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most.

    Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a honest price?

    Cheers, I appreciate it!

  47. Would one 7.4v 4000mAh li-ion battery work? And if so approx. how long would the system run on one charge?

  48. I am currently making an N64 portable and am using a small portable black and white emergency tv for the screen. It is about 5″ and takes 12v. Can i wire it straight to the 12v of the N64? And do you have any.casing ideas for me because the screen is rather deep and so it doesnt allow for the tuperware idea and i have no means of making vacuum formed case either. Thanks for all the great helpful vids and guides!!

  49. Hi I was wondering if i accidentally connected two pins together while relocating the game port would that burn the mobo up. just trouble shooting i had the portable working fine and decided to clean up the mess of wires i had inside the case. and i accidentally dripped solder onto the board right where the game port pins where without knowing what i had done i turned the portable on. and nothing came on so i checked the voltage and i wasnt getting enough voltage to run the screen or n64 mobo. but when i unhooked the n64 mobo i had more then enough volts and after taking the mobo out to replace it with another n64 mobo i noticed where solder had dripped onto the game port pins connecting the pins together. and i was wondering if that board would still be good for future projects as i have already replaced it with a new mobo and the portable is working fine.

  50. Would you sell one of your iNto64 and if you would for how much money?

  51. I can’t seem to find the Texas instruments PAH08080 Voltage regulator on the website if someone could post a link it would be much appreciated.

    •, samples. Or, pay about £5 for a different, no hassle one from China off ebay – they are cheap enough!

    • Me too I had problem ordering the sample but don’t worry, just send a message to the support of, explain you want a PAh08080 and they will promptly get it shipped to you. 😉

  52. What is the thing that he uses to stable the d pad and does he cut the pins off the tact switches dose it matter which ones

  53. I was wondering wher you put the red an white wires when relocating the game port is the white on the part where the metal pieces were pulled off and the red in one of the darker circles please answer back very important

    • The holes are holes. The silver solder points that the pins were originally connected to are the only places that carry the data signals. 😀

      • He just alternated red and white wires alomg the solder points ’cause they’re pretty lol

  54. are your blank cases adapted for a slimmed N64 mobo or a normal sized one.

  55. I tested the connections before I removed the reset button. If you look at the back side of the board, you only connected the two pins furthest left for the reset button, I got those connected in addition to a connection I found from the center point to the bottom right point. Any Idea why you only needed the two on the left? Also, (correct me if I’m wrong) but I didn’t see in any of your videos what pins you connected to keep the power switch permanently on? I see you just soldered the points together linearly for the 12.2v and 3.3v paths respectively?

    Thanks, Michael.

  56. When your talking about grounds I was kind of confused, do you need to use the ground wires that are next to the composite video and audio soldering points? Do you have to ground all of the different circuit board together and then to the battery?

  57. Hay moddedbybacteria,
    Sorry I have found out I forgot that you did say in you video# 19.
    Thanks for your time
    Donaven Davidson

  58. Hay moddedbybacteria,
    I was wondering can you remove the reset button? and if so what do you got to solder (or not solder) to gather to make the N64 still work?
    Thanks for your time
    Donaven Davidson

  59. what were the texas instrument things you were talking about and where do you get heat sinks

    • The texas instruments thing is a PAH08080 Voltage regulator. Its a little chip that regulates the voltage down to the 3.3v required for the controllers. You can buy that from the Texas Instruments website. The chip can be used to regulate voltage from .5-9 volts I believe. So you will need a 2~2.2k Ohm resistor and a 100uF capacitor set up like he showed you. You can buy both of those parts and heatsinks at any electronics store. Or you can take some old heatsinks out from the GPU, CPU, or RAM out of an old computer 🙂

      • is theyre any way i can just use ohm resistors to get the 3.3 voltage required for the controllers, as i do not have a voltage regulator but i do have an excessive amount of ohm resistors.

      • The 3.3v you refer to is not just for the controllers but also the main working of the N64 board; so no.

  60. Where do i get a heatsink from random electronics such as?
    What was the Texas Instrument U were taking about

  61. what was the texas instrument thing you were talking about what is it.


    Check this out, you could easily mod this into a portable. As a matter of fact i’m going to purchase two right now and do just that.

    Core lithium polymer
    Capacity 10000mAh / 23 Wh
    Input DC 5V, 1.0A
    Output 5.0V, 2.1A
    Compatibility iPad/iPod/iPhone/MP4/Mobile Phones/USB Port Devices

    weight: 350g
    size: 17.6*13.9*3.6cm

  63. Damn, so there is no way copper will work as heat sink?

  64. Did you ever consider using some flat nintendo DS batteries? their less than $10 each and you could put a ton in their. idk if you could manage to rewire them.

  65. Well I am almost done now, and I am planning to just modify the case to something else for my 64. It would help me out a lot if you could give me the dimensions to what the inside of your case was (although I expect mine to be slightly larger).

  66. On the PSone screen i ruined the 7th contact (ground). I wired the 2nd contact (also ground) to the n64’s ground (metal on the side of the mobo) instead of just the batteries negative. The screen and console are both powered but I am not getting video.

  67. Whats the maximum voltage I can pump into the 3.3v line? I’m getting 3.5v and I don’t wanna risk frying it…

  68. I cant a find a psone screeen, what are the specifications of the screen required?

  69. Hey love the mod.
    just got a question or more so a problem.
    so ive wired up my game port soldiered all joints to one another and not in the hole the actual joints on the board but now when i test the game it wont run. is there something im missing? im still using the original power and av cables havent done that part yet so literally the only thing changed is the game port…any help would be awesome thanks a bunch.!

  70. Can i buy one? How much would it cost to build and ship to USA (leave room for profit) email me!

  71. In regards to your latest update to DMBJunky’s portable N64, (The one posted on youtube on February 11th), I was wondering if I could commission you to make an identical NTSC one for me? I’d ship you over my own NTSC console for you to work with, if plausible.


    i picked this little guy up comes with 2 heat sinks and a very nice fan i think you’ll love it

  73. Hey i was curious to you guys that have made the enclosure before is there anyone willing to make another enclosure and sell it to me ? I’ve been trying to make one but i keep messing it up.

  74. from where can I get the battery and need the PTH08000 — PTH08080 or what you can use different, and if so what .?

    and how you can get such a sheath.?

  75. from where can I get the battery and need the PTH08000 — PTH08080 or what you can use different
    and if so what

  76. were could i get those batteries

  77. Thanks for the replies.

    Do you know where i can get hold of a tristar 64 adaptor?

  78. any other ideas for a case besides having to pour my own, and will an original 64 controller work the smaller ones are really hard to find

  79. So Bacteria, will getting one of these things and use the original controller work? Here’s the thing:

    Love the videos! I am twelve and hoping that I don’t fry my only board. Thanks.

  80. Hey I was wondering would a pelican psone screen work? Or does it have to Be official playstation brand?

  81. This is very nice. I just had a few questions about this process. Do you not worry about the different circuit boards touching each other inside of the case? Also from my understanding you are using two 7.4v batteries with 2 amps each together to get a combined total of 14.8 amps with 4000mAh of power. If the nintendo 64 says that it wants 12v, why did you just ignore this and only use a step down regulator for the 3.3v required for the controller? You also did nothing for the monitor, does that mean that it has its own regulators that provide it with the right voltage? And lastly, could you please explain the process you used to make this case? like what products you used? Thank you very much!

    • No, 7.4v at 4 amps. The N64 doesn’t need 12v as that line goes to a 7805 to output 5v. A regulator is needed for the 2nd voltage; 3.3v. As to other queries, all in the guides on the site.

      • i get it now! thanks a lot! right after i posted this i found those guides, but i couldnt edit/delete my comment so i just left it. thanks a ton!

  82. when installing the fan on the back, does it blow air into the case or suck air out of the case? just wondering for when i build my own portable system.

  83. could i use a 2.2k resistor instead of a 2k resistor.

  84. Could I use two 7.2v 1500mah Sony batteries to power my portable?

  85. Just to be clear, from my basic understanding of high school physics, 7.4v is the voltage I need, and increasing the amps from 4000mAh to 6600mAh will NOT fry my display/mobo becuase the n64 and screen won’t draw more than they need, correct? I wanna add battery life but i dont wanna break my $50 screen + my n64

  86. hi what are the specifications of the n64 motherboard ?

  87. Can I use the Intec Gamecube travel screen ( for this?

  88. when relocating your game port – vid .3, you soldered onto the pins, not the holes – where the cart slot was on motherboard. can i solder the wires into those holes instead without causing a problem?

    your advice would be a big help, thank you.

  89. how could i make it so my into 64 is more than one player

  90. hi could i use a game boy advance sp screen instead of a ps1 screen.

  91. Oh, I am NTSC as well.

  92. Have a standard N64 board all cut up and ready, the board is re-located to a comfy spot, and the screen and case are ready to go.

    How do you hook the composite wires from the N64 mobo to the standard plugins for composite without the end plugs? Note: Board to tv stlye plugins YWR.

  93. Payton here again i forgot to mention that the laptop it came out of was a toshiba satellite c655d

  94. hello let me start off by saying thank you for the videos your awesome for it i plan on making one of these in the near future. im an electrical engineering major and i was wondering if i could use a laptop battery for this project. its DC 10.8V/ 10,8V 48Wh and Li-ion. also 4200mAh would i be able to salvage the cells out of this and use them in this project?

    • Yes, you’ll need facility to recharge the batteries of course, and if your screen needs less voltage, use a regulator like 7808

      • hmmm….. what do you suppose i could use to recharge them? i have the laptop that the battery came out of. ill be using a ps1 screen for it seems to be the easiest unless you think that another screen such as a car monitor or something would be better.

        ill be following your vacuum forming tutorial to make the case using that laptop battery, a ps1 screen (unless you think otherwise). which regulator would you recommend?

  95. So you say that the screen needs 7.4v and that the console is fine to run off of 7.4 instead of 12v. Is it possibly to got the other way and run the screen off the 12v from the console?

  96. What do you think about two 7.4V 4000mAh 15C Lipo batteries?
    Would they last a lot longer, is there a downside?

  97. Bacteria, is it the same price of $750-ish for the GBA-style N64?

  98. I’ve bought a 7.4V 1500mAh battery and now looking for another. Can only find 7.2V cheap, is it a problem?

    Am I right in thinking I don’t need a charger?

    Thank you.

  99. Great job.
    Are there any components that can be damaged if you touch them, power off?
    Is there any downside to an off brand ps1 screen?
    Thank you.

  100. Is it possible to use a gamecube or xbox joystick to replace the c-buttons?

  101. Hello. Your guides are great. I am going to make my own portable n64. I am currently buying everything I need before I start anything. I was wondering… what charger did you use and where did you buy it? thank you!

  102. Where can i buy your casing? and I don’t understand something. in the third video, you soldered the cartridge slot to the motherboard to relocate it, but in the video where you made the compartment for the cartridge slot, the cart slot wasn’t connected anymore. Is there any possible way to solder the joints AFTER making this compartment and attaching it?

  103. hey bacteria, what would the price in USD ($) be for the gameboy advance-style iNto64? i think i like that one better than the original.

  104. hello
    i have a question
    i’m al the way from the netherlands and
    i wanna now is it possible to connect an original controller to the motherboard
    thx anyway

  105. Bacteria, can you PLEASE make one o fthese for a gamecube portable?!?!? PLEASE!

    thank you. 🙂

  106. u should do more guides like this, it would be very helpful, dreamcast, gamecube and …

  107. The screwdriver you use to open up the console, what is it called?
    (The one with the transparent green hantle.)
    Can’t really hear what you call it.

  108. could you use anything other than a sheet of copper? could you use tin foil

  109. what are the measurement for the case (how long and wide the case is) for vacuum forming

  110. where did you get those moldings from?

  111. do you have to have a rumble pack

  112. could you make a list of where you find all the components?

  113. What gauge wire are you using when relocating the game port?

  114. What do you think it will cost to buy all of the supplies needed?

  115. Hello there bacteria,

    I am collecting the necessary items in order to follow your guide and make this most wonderful iNto64. But how do I go about making the case that you show in the video? vaccume forming? I’m unfamiliar with that. I googled it of course and am curious how you went about doing so.


  116. i was wondering if i were to use a case other then vaccume forming (DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT) what would i use

  117. I was able to get a deal on the exact same model of canon batteries. Buy 3 get 3 free, so I have six. I was wondering if 12 whopping cells hooked up to a N64 would be too much in terms of amperage. It seems like it would fry something.

  118. do u think a wooden case would be bad, for me it would be alot easier to custom make a design.

  119. Awesome project. I think I’ll rip up my own n64 and try this =)

  120. hi , i am planing to start my own project but i have a question, what would i solder the aidio visiul out plug to on the screen board ? would i just use the rgb out ( .9 .10 .11) even if I was doing it on composite mode? please replie thank you 🙂

  121. the n64 needs a 12volt and a 3.3 volt, correct? I heard from one of your video logs that it can run run on 7.4 volts okay. (i think) I don’t feel like getting a voltage regulator so could i possibly run an n64 portable on a l-ion 7.4v battery and a 3 volt coin cell battery? (like the ones in game boy games.)

    • The N64 will run off 7.4v happily as it goes to a 7805 to make 5v anyway. The 3.3v line is the main amperage line, you have to use a voltage regulator, a coin battery would not work.

  122. Now i love your stuff and i am currently watching your progress so i could make one myself quite like yours actually and i was wondering how you made your case and is it had to do because i want to make to portables the N64,GCP could you help me with these im not ready yet but can i email you when i am?

    • Vacuum forming for the case, details of how are on this site. If you join my forum when you start your project (or before!) we can help you with your project if you need it.

  123. Hey I saw the portable you raffled and I loved it , nintendo64 is my childhood I almost cried seeing it can be portable , the problem with making my own is im a 15 year old girl with no knowledge whatsoever on cables , and I’m scared to mess up and end up costing my dad a lot of money

  124. what is a good site to find this heatsinks.

  125. what type of cool heat sinks do you use.

  126. in your n64 video log 2, when you take off the controller ports, will you still be able to use them later?

    • Yes, because you then solder the controller wires to place. You can use the controller ports instead if you want by soldering them to wires to their place on the N64 board if you prefer.

      • yes, because when i make my portable n64, i will be wiring all 4 controller ports to the portable!

  127. is there a way to take off the controller ports without destroying them?

  128. just found a 100uF capacitor and a 2.2k resistor in an old controller!!! Awesome!!

  129. I bought an n64 from some stupid guy and it doesnt work


    • Depends on luck. No issue when power is off, only when power is on; if power is on and you make a short, you might be lucky or probably end up frying the board with a short.

  131. Click to access bq24133.pdf

    would this part work for this project?

  132. what should the voltage of the input be?

  133. Where did you buy your 100uF capacitor?

  134. would 22 guage 26 guage or 30 guage wire work?


    would any of these heat shrinks work

  136. Click to access slvr888.pdf

    would the capacitor labeled

    100uF Capacitor, Aluminum, 100uF, 6.3V, FK, 0.36 Ohms0.268 x 0.307 EEVFK0J101P Panasonic

  137. Do you think the adapter you used could work of you plug it into a nintendo ds lite?

  138. can you tell me where you bought the wires? also are they available in the united states? Thanks in advance!

  139. Would Texas Instruments ship a free sample to Germany?

  140. 2ne1 Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. 2ne1 And he just bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that Thanks for lunch!

  141. Hello how to you make the top half of the into 64?

  142. Do you sell into64 cases to america?

  143. would this part work as a step down regulator? i ordered a free sample from texas instruments. here is the part:


  144. Would a playstation 2 game screen work instead of a psone screen?

  145. I read, i need in all,you can confirm me if i miss part?
    -a Nintendo 64
    -super 64 controller
    -batterry x 2
    -a charger of battery I fond a charger +battery for 15$! x 2 =30$)
    -a lot of wire
    -3 heat sink
    -some termical pasty(sorry for my english)
    -1 case
    -1 psone screen (32,95$)
    -i will use flat cable in my old broken pc and also a eat sink if he fit
    -1 regulator
    -1 capacitor 100 uf
    -1 resistore of 1800 omh
    -and some tool

    I alway’s have this dream build a nintendo 64 portable, but i thinkk i will make one! But i ask if i want sell this after(if i don’t play after a long time, where i can put for sell), i don’t think i want sel but…

  146. I think i need this for my nintendo 64 portable, if i want do
    -a regulator step down 7.4v to 3.3 v (7,15 euro but in canadian is? I think is 15$)
    -one capacitor of 100 uf (0.10$)
    -one resistance of 1800 omh (0.10$)
    -2 pack on batterie of canon BP-915 (15$ u.s x 2=30 $ us)
    -1 one psone screen is (40$ or more)
    -one nintendo 64(i have) but is ( is 20$)
    -one and a super pad 64 (is 29,95 U.s)
    -One psone controler (is 4.00$)
    -and the plasitc case 5$ or 10$?
    -some switch (0,25 or 1$ i think)
    -and the wire a lot of wire
    -and a lot of time
    Its was expensive!! for a totale of the (145$ to make it)
    I dont have 145$ 😦 for make it, i keep my money, but i want do one!

  147. Hey, I’m in High School… I currently have nothing to do in these next 2 months this summer. I am wondering if, I will find a way to pay, if you would consider building one for me? Or if you know where to buy one… I cannot find a website that sells these(handheld 64’s)… I really want one, I love my 64, and I would love to play it on the Airplane, or at the Mall etc. You get the point, I really want one of these.

    • The only problem with bringing it on an airplane is that they might mistake that golden piece of work for a bomb.

  148. I am really interested in making this as a summer project but the case part is where i hit a wall with every mod. Is there anyway I could buy a case even if it is just the molding from you? or could you make a video on making a tupperware case? If you can do any of these that would be great! Thanks!

    • I did find a case on Polyform the ZN-40 so that looks like it will work

    • On my forum is a good guide on making cases with tupperware, also there are guides here on this WordPress site. I will be selling case blanks in the next weeks/months if you need them.

      • I’m also thinking of doing this over the summer/next year or so. Case blanks would be BRILLIANT. I don’t really have the means to make a vacuum forming table, and would probably only use it once.

  149. Bacteria, your website is awesome! I have never wanted to do something like this untill i have found your website. At the moment i`m watching your video and pdf guides. The plan is to fullfill my summer with portable project 🙂 I have some questions, but i`ll ask them when i register on forum and start the project. On your wiring picture left and right audio are mixed. Is it like suppose to be or u have made mistake in lines? Can u answer now, or i should register on forum?

    Many thanks on such a beautiful website! Good luck with new projects! Cheers 🙂

    • Great – see you on the MBB forum! Not sure about the audio lines, post pics and I can see what you mean!

      • Picture is on top of this page. Called wiring guide. Pin3 on the PSOne screen board is left audio, but its connected with right audio on n64 motherboard (orange line). Right audio on PSOne screen board is pin2, but its connected with left audio (purple line). Only need to know where is the mistake. Pins or lines 🙂

      • Well spotted – you are right in the diagram there is this little error! lol

      • Oh, another thing, are u planning to mod sega mega drive (genesis) to a portable. Or if u allready done that, posting tutorial? There is for sega master system, but i thing they are slightly diferent 🙂


      • Yes, going to do MegaDrive 1 and also the MegaDrive 1 SMS converter too.

  150. So I can connect the PAL Screen the same way as the NTSC Screen?

  151. Hello,
    I have a important question. I need to know how it will work with the PAL version of the N64. RGB won’t work. But how would it work then?

  152. Hi, I’ve got a question. I haven’t look the tutorial videos yet, but is it posible to make it for multi-player propuse just looking your videos ? I’m asking if you explain how to do it, even if the one that you made haven’t got the option.

  153. You can get step-down regulators off ebay, you want one that can output around

  154. the output video of nintendo 64 ,pin (v) in your markup!
    only uses it?
    or need some more?
    video cable usually uses two wires
    I made a drawing to explain my question!
    connecting the second wire into the ground?

  155. for the heat sinks, cant you just use the original heatsinks from the n64 and then add a fan instead of putting on new heat sinks?

    • Logically yes, in practice no, the original heatsinks are just metal plates and have no vents to increase the surface area for cooling, so need the plate too.

  156. hi buddy
    I bought the step down regulator;
    the same model your tutorial. pth08080wah!
    but the specification of the regulator
    said to be 18v input!
    even then tested using a 12v source 1A
    do not feed the plate; used also a source of notebook 18V 3.5 A
    !and also does not feed the card! What can it be?

    thanks buddy

  157. HI BUDDY!!
    I’m doing my portable using the original control of nintendo 64!
    but I want to use the analog of the ps2 controller!
    you have a tutorial that teaches the Installation correct?
    is of great help!

  158. when you make the controller for the into 64 what are the black thing you added on to the controller are they inportent to the controller. oh and the green looking lights things to.

  159. As noted from before, the whole building of the system is around $250 for good specs, does this also include the tools, iron, and system? Because I already have most of these.
    I also wanted to thank you for being so generous with your ideas. ^_^

  160. yes instead of using a The Multi-Function Plug Port
    can you show me where to wire them up to the consle itself so i can make the holes and stuff on the consle. i would like the extra buttons on the handheld than make a multi-function plug port plz help me out ty.

    • You can use a variety of ports – they are only male and female interfaces for connections. Post what you’re after on my forum, with pics, and it’ll be easier to assist.

  161. Okay I’m planning to do this during the summer if I can get the money to buy the equipment but looking through your tutorials, I don’t fully understand step 5 with the audio video and power. mainly the bit where it says we now know how to do it, so let’s do it. Can you recommend a tutorial for… well let’s say a noob?

  162. have as you pass me a link url from ebay that sells this regulator?
    I can not find on sites that accept paypal

  163. hi buddy!

    have as you send me the step-down regulator similar to what you used? it’s hard to buy here in Brazil. I pay for the piece and the tax.

  164. can you give a link to get the step down regulator ho much is it?

  165. Hi, my name is Italo, I’m from Brazil. I’m doing a 64 portable, I’m having trouble getting a regulator to step down.
    not have a way to make a connection using only resistance to fuel pin 3 of the plate with 3.3 v?

  166. Hopefully you still read and answer these questions, after you remove the power switch from the board, it seems like you join the points together in pairs, as can be seen in the reduced-front.jpg you posted, yet you don’t mention it in your vids at all?

    • I do read and respond and keep the website updated frequently. The connections mentioned for the on/off switch are required if the switch is removed off the board.

  167. did the copper end up working or should i just go with the heat sinks? witch one is better in your opinion?

  168. where can I get one of those step down regulators?

  169. What gage wire did you use for the ps1 screen to the n64 and the one wire conecting the power to the screen.. and how did you manage to solder such small points? This is my biggest wall right now.

  170. Hello,
    This is so awesome all the detail u use has been so helpful with building my own portable….i am comming near the end of my project but are having a hard time with the wiring.. I know you have a layout picture but this is my first time…is the wiring just as the picrure shows? Do multiple wires just connet to one point or are layered? If you have any detailed picrures that would be sweet!

  171. I’m currently in the process of gathering all the supplies needed so i can begin making my own portable. I’ve watched a few of these videos and had a couple questions. First, what gauge (thickness) of wire do you need, or doesnt it make a difference besides the flexibility of the wire. And second, is it possible to use dispoable batteries (such as duracell or engergizer) Im in the US so not sure if that is a common brand over in the UK.

    • Don’t use disposible batteries, very expensive and don’t last long for this. Wire – general wiring use the controller wire or similar, power use 3 amp or household mains wire. Join my forum!

  172. i have a question were can i find a small tupperware container like the one you used in the video The Multi-Function Plug Port.

  173. Couldn’t I just use the “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D=pad” buttons from a normal nintendo 64 controller without having to get the Makopad?

    • Yes, but the reason why he used a third-party controller is because the joystick on the official one is different from any other one. You can use modern joysticks on a third-party, but not on an official. If you just wanted to harvest the buttons, but not the board, that might work.

  174. what are the dimensions of the case. thanks

  175. I have been interested in making/having a portable N64 and/or gamecube, but I do not have money/recources/knowledge to do so. I cannot make one myself for these reasons, but am willing to if I had the necessary materials and tools. If you could make a list of all the things that are needed, and where to get them, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks so much!

    • Details of what you need and how to use them are covered in the N64 video log videos; if you need further assistance please join my forum, start a thread and detail the questions you have so they can be answered.

  176. What type of camera did you get the batteries from again?

  177. Can you give me a parts list for this? My email is

  178. about final video.

    i thought that just a yellow composite cant do sound, then how do you get sound from the tv when you connect the system to it? or do you you even get sound from the tv?

  179. Hi Bac!

    I can’t seem to get on the forum. I’m not sure if it’s down or if its just me. It keeps saying ‘Timeout Error’

  180. What was the foam called that you used to separate the boards??

  181. building one and looking for a case i found one here :
    Length (A) Width (B) Height (C) inchesss
    4.500 3.500 1.250
    would that be too small cause if it is could you tell the measurments of yours but im not trimming my board so what would they be thanks anyway

    • I’ll be making a different set of vacuum formed cases with a new mould in the next weeks, that will be for sale and be easy for people to use….keep your eye out for it on my forum!

  182. Hello. i took apart my n64 and didn’t have a dremel tool. i started to use a knife and was alright untill i accidentally cut off the capacitor thing marked C161. Will it work with just the other one at C160. or is it done for? Thanks.

  183. Hi. We talked earlier and you helped me with N64 stuff. I just want to make SURE, I should get 3 of these: (comes out to $20) and this: ?
    Thanks agian for everything.

  184. Hello, I am 12 years old and I love the n64 and want to start it soon, oh how you did the casting?thanks a lot(I’m from Brazil and use a translator to talk to you)

  185. Hello friend I live in Brazil and inspired me to your into64 and want to play super smash bros with my friends, I can not cut the control inputs? thank you very much

  186. Hey, what kind of plastic did you use for the vacuum forming?

  187. Is there any way that you could have put an out so you can hook it up to a tv screen as well?

  188. if your making one what if you want the charger but not the

  189. Hey can i have your e-mail address?

  190. can i buy this N64 portable from you.

  191. i am looking to make a portable n64 system and i understand all the way to the battery wiring. what multi port did you use to recharge the battery?

  192. What wire would you use for grounding? For PSone screen to N64, controller buttons, etc…

  193. Been thinking of making a portable N64 for a while now and just found your brilliant video logs which are quite indepth. I can see you wire the N64 directly from the batteries. Do you do the same for the screen from seperate wires direct to the batteries.

  194. If you join the forum, bacteria sells them on there mate – also guides and tips on how to make them

  195. If the N64 runs on a multiple voltage of 3.3v and 12v, I get how the TI chip steps 7.4v down to 3.3, but how is the 7.4v enough to power the N64’s 12v circuit?

  196. For heatsinks, could you use the original aluminum ones from the board (cut down of course)?

  197. anyone know how to get the case thing for the handheld??

  198. Sorry if this has already been asked, but for the video and audio, would you use any old wire? Or a spesific type of wire? I’m kinda new to this stuff 😛

  199. where can i get a battery pack

  200. How much would you charge me for one if I supplied the N64 and the PS1 screen?(In US dollars).

  201. […] Nintendo 64 portable video guide log by Bacteria […]

  202. Sorry about this, but what did you say you used for the power switch in the tools and components video? Love the tutorials by the way!

  203. Where, specifically, do you get your wires?

  204. […] you want a more in depth guide with a much better looking final product you should check out Bacterias Guide (not as easy to build but worth the effort if you ask me.) Categories: Console Mods, […]

  205. In video 10, what was the name of the material you used for holding the game cartridge in place. I couldn’t quite understand.

  206. where did you get your plastic sheets for vacuum forming?

  207. One last question! haha. I can’t find a fan with the right voltage intake. Every fan I see needs 12 volts. My battery supplies 7.4 volts. Can you please tell me where I can find a fan that would be comparable with my battery. Thank you so much for all of the help! Your videos, guides and answers are AMAZING!!!

  208. I found some wires that are called “Hookup Wires”. I was wondering if they are acceptable for this project? Also, I am interested in getting the step down regulator from you. My battery is a DC 7.4 volt 4200 mAh battery.

    • No idea what “hookup wires” are; however, use general purpose household wires for your power in a portable, and the cable in a controller for cart relocation. Both are easy to find and free.

  209. I live in America and apparently Polyfilla is only available in England. (I know it can be shipped but I was trying to find stuff at local stores.) I found 2 products and I think they could work but I’m not sure. They’re called Silicone, and Welbond. The silicone is mainly for Kitchen/Bath/Plumbing but can be applied to plastic and stuff. The other product (Welbond) is supposed to bond to anything, its flexible,weatherproof, acid free, and dries clear. My question is, what would you say is a better product? Or what other American product would work better?

    • Any filler is fine, but NOT silicone – silicone will be rubbery and therefore you can’t sand it flat and smooth to the surface to paint. Some people use bondo, used for automobiles; it doesn’t matter what you use as long as it fills, stays in place, can be sanded smooth, doesn’t crack and is happy to be painted. BTW – have you joined my forum yet??

  210. Are you referring to the game cart port connector that plugs into the game cart?

  211. can i buy a battery and charger hook up from you
    plus a step down converter since i cant find one on ebay.

    • If you are in the UK, I can provide if you like; although you can get the batteries and charger by seaching on ebay for “canon bp-915 batteries”. The step down regulator, wired up with capacitor and resistor and ready to use I can provide for £12 including postage (recorded post UK, standard Airmail non UK). If you are interested, PM me back please.


  212. Where can I find a battery protection circuit for LI-ion batteries?

    • If you buy them in battery packs, they should have the protection circuit built in (a small PCB); make sure though you use a compatible charger too – it is important!

  213. I found something called the NEO N64 Myth which transfers roms to the cartridge slot. It looks pretty cool but it would be cool to build it into the portable handheld because it looks like it might get in the way.

    • Yes, you could make such a system, but what’s the point; it only plays 2 games at a time and costs $199, for which you could buy pretty well all N64 games for on ebay (if you got them cheaply, eg carts only). The Neo N64 looks good for Scummvm games though, but again, at $199 – worth it? I prefer original game carts anyway not ROMs.

      • Ok. Thanks for responding to all my comments! haha. I’m just gonna get the original cartridges off of eBay, amazon, etc.

  214. what type of tact switches did you use?

  215. If I take apart a battery to use it do i still use the original charger or can i just connect some wires to something else.

  216. i want to use the original on/off switch where and how do i wire it? also in the wiring diagram where do i find pin 4-7?

    • The original on/off switch on the N64 has 4 pairs of pins although not as a 4P2T switch, they are a 2P2T switch. Always a good idea to use a multimeter if in doubt what a switch connects to when “on” and “off”.

  217. does it matter what kind of 100uf capacitor i use? also does it matter what kind of 1k8 ohm resistor i use?

    • Capacitor – as long as it is rated higher voltage than you are using, you are fine; so go for 16v or 25v 100uf capacitor. The 1K8R resistor (1800 ohm in other words), just a standard 1/4 watt one.

  218. your like god giving life to new things lolz. your work is absolutely beautiful. the videos are very helpful, just have one question about video #19, where do u connect the fan?

    • First part is OTT, but thanks for the sentiment! Pleased you like the video set; to answer your query, the fan is just wired to the batteries as with everything else, so the fan goes on and off with the system.

  219. I got so excited after i found your guide on Youtube, i went out and bought an n64 system the next morning to rip apart and try this out with 🙂 Your videos and wiring guides are really going to be handy. Awesome job!!!

    • Thank you very much! My aim is to encourage other to take up this hobby and have a go. Please join my forum (link on sidebar on right) and join up; show your project and ideas in the making and we’ll help you with advice on your project. Be active!

  220. Can you use a fan from the PS2 system?

    • yes i was wondering the same thing me and STARTER are working on building our own n64 portable
      we have many questions for you
      were asking you because you know your stuff

  221. Once i heard about this i was so happy that someone finally made a detailed guide to making one on these! The problem is, i have no idea where to get some of the parts like the switch or the capacitor. I’ve browsed around a few stores but have had no luck. Does anyone know where i could go to find any sort of electronics?

    • Thanks, my video step-by-step guide has haddd a great response from the net community, which is fantastic. Seems there was a real need for such.

      Please post on my forum what you have, what you need, the country you live in, etc. I have lots of parts available, as others do, I am sure we can “kit you out” with components and supplies you need, or suggest places you can get them from. Please also indicate the country you live in too, makes a difference.

    • Hey, I’m new at this and I would like to have some help. I get stuck on the vid 6. I would like to know the names of the cables and if you can kit me up. Make a kit of the items(not the lcd screen and the n64) just the kit to make it portable. Please help I’m really thrilled to this.
      —-Sorry for bad English isn’t my first language.

  222. i have an old dvd player (the battery cant hold the charge), and was thinking of using the screen for this project. Well, actually a gamecube portable. how can i check if it is composite or not.

    • If it has a yellow RCA plug, for input not output, then it can use composite and should be suitable.

    • Hey, I’m new at this and I would like to have some help. I get stuck on the vid 6. I would like to know the names of the cables and if you can kit me up. Make a kit of the items(not the lcd screen and the n64) just the kit to make it portable. Please help I’m really thrilled to this.
      —-Sorry for bad English isn’t my first language.

  223. I’m really only 15 and don’t have too much experience with hardware. Could I still attempt it? Also, all tolled up, how much do you spend on supplies for one of these? (Including the vacuum forming)

    • Yes, you can make your own for sure. Follow my guides, join my forum and we will help you with all the advice you need to help in your project, and troubleshooting. Cost – about £100 in parts; and lots of fun time making one! Give it a go!

  224. can i have get one..good job!!!

  225. Alright, that sounds cool!

  226. i have just noticed another cool looking n64 portable called the nimbus 64 it looks pretty interesting but it is larger in size than your mod. i was wondering if you had seen it. its way too big for me though.

  227. out of all the questions previously put in this ones probably the worst but it still has peeked my interest ever since you have mentioned it. what type of dessert is that?

    • Yes, the most irrelvant question but here goes! Got them from supermarket, in Tiramasu desserts or shortcake cheesecake types. Look at the packaging – square based, clear tough plastic – that is all you need to know, look in your supermarket!

  228. and also-
    i live in korea and have very old console
    it doesn`t support orginal packs of nationwide
    well, to play rayman2 or banjo-kazooie or donkey thingy,
    i need to install another adapt device
    so if i mod like video, i cant put that device in the case
    what more is, if even i mod it together, that device cant read roms of other packs-like to play mario, i need to remove it
    so how can i make it detachable?
    please help me-
    i`m looking forward to make one

    • I think this comment was “lost in translation” as the content doesn’t make sense.

      The original hardware doesn’t play ROMs only original games, and good thing too.

  229. hi i am trying to make one
    but having problems at getting psone screen
    i cant find any of em
    do you think if i can replace it with pmp screen 4.3inch?
    then how can i mod it?

    • Screens – ebay, search for “psone screen” or “ps1 screen”.

      No, you cannot use a PSP screen it doesn’t have the facility for video input (composite).

  230. How can I play my N64 ROMs in this portable?

    Don’t you think about it yet?!?

    • No, only original game cartridges. Why bother with ROMS when you have the real thing?

      • I don’t have actual game cartridges, but i have some ROMS, and I know where to get more for free. I’ve heard that it is possible but very hard to change the N64 to run ROMS, like off an SD card. In my opinion that would be easier in the long run because you can just download another game onto your SD if you wanted one, and have it ready to play in less that 5 min. rather than finding it online and ordering it for a fee. If this is possible please tell me. And even if it doesn’t work, your videos are amazing!

      • that gets into all sort of infringements, even if possible; Nintendo would not approve. I only use original hardware, legal.

  231. great hack thanks for the videos pulling out my old n64 now

  232. Holy crap, have you ever had any problems arise after finishing one of these?

  233. you should try modding some newer systems like the ps2 or gamecube that would be pretty cool.

    • I will do the GameCube and PS2 in due course. Only me and modding systems takes time!! I have several systems to mod before these, but will definately mod them and produce full guides too.

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  235. how much would you charge after you completed it for someone?

  236. how much would you charge if i wanted you to do it for me? personally i rather have you do who is more experienced then me, esp if i got stuck working on it

    • £700 (around $1050 USD), including materials, labour and assuming tracked postage isn’t too expensive, that too (if expensive then a proportion of that too). 50% up front, 50% before posting. Various optional extras too if you are interested, please PM me and we can discuss.

  237. […] Retro Thing  |  Bacteria (1), Bacteria (2)  | Email this | Comments Post […]

  238. […] y tenéis tiempo o bien os pasáis por mi casa que tengo una liada de tres pares o estudiáis el tutorial completo en vídeo para fabricaros vuestra propia […]

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  240. Why are you not selling them in stores? And could you make me 1?

  241. where did you get your step down regulator from?

  242. Absolutely beautiful!! And I know how you feel about the troubleshooting! Problems just seem to pop up at the last minute with the final assembly. If its cool with you, I think I will post my Ccube (portable Gamecube) on your forums when it is complete. Should be finished around June/July. 🙂

    • Please do! Please join my forum and post your work and be active there!

      Yes, half of the time making a portable seems to be spent troubleshooting and sorting out issues. I have had to open my case up several times; had problems with some wiring backwards (easy to solve), a stray wire on the cart port (not so easy to find but easy to fix), interference on the joystick wires (moved wires elsewhere in case and used thicker wires (fixed) and the biggest problem of tiny wires off the audio chip on the PSone screen board popping off and causing audio crackle! (hard soldering, fixed, if issue comes back I can remove the joystick and get to the chip that way and solder and glue the wires down). However, on a positive note, it is easy to separate my case halves and put them back together again, and other components too. Anyway, it is working now!

  243. O_O huhuh… its sooo beautiful! nice work dude, i wreally would like to attempt to make one of these but im only 16 and im not a console modding kind of guy. but for you, this is incredible, well done!

    • Thank you! Please join the forum and start topics, etc – i’ll do what I can to help you with your projects. Making a portable N64 isn’t hard, it’s only hard if you’re trying to make a square peg fit a round hole (ie trying to fit your system into a case that’s too small)!

      Have a go, it’s a rewarding hobby, and you get something you can be proud of!

  244. it probably isnt the right place mut may i enquire as to where you get “mushy” tact switvhes in the uk, i have looked in maplin but to no avail

  245. Have you finished yet!? Its soo close!!

  246. Thanks for making a wiring Guide now it will be a hundred times easier to make the portable.

  247. Hey Bac – Fantastic videos, I’ve watched every one of them several times through making my own portable. I’ve run into kind of a problem, though – I rewired the cartridge slot, but on trying to test the system, it put my power supply into a “sleep mode”. The light came on for a second and then shut off. I rewired the cart slot and it happened again several hours later. I was also told that the same thing would happen to my protection circuit if I were to hook up my batteries. I’ve checked for shorts and cold solder, but to no avail. I’m using floppy disk wire (solid), but I haven’t been reckless enough with it that it would break, I can’t imagine. If you don’t know what’s wrong, I completely understand, but any input or advice for this is greatly appreciated 🙂 I also am ordering a new N64 to try again, so if you have advice about cart slot relocations in general that you didn’t include in your video, I’d also appreciate that. Thanks a lot!

  248. hey can you put up 19 plz

    • When it is ready it will be published. Video 19 will be the last one as the project will be completed. Before I get to that stage, need to do various tests on the system, before closing case up (final part of the last video).

  249. when is 19 up

  250. Hey John. Once again, these videos are just wonderful. I will certainly use this for my future N4P project.

    One question for ya: I am in need of a good dremel (not too expensive). I have been told drills are better, however. Could you recommend any models for me? I can’t seem to find anything good on ebay. I would be using it for mobo cutting and plastic cutting. Thanks!

    • I recommend only getting proper Dremel brand not generic ones, they don’t have the same torque. Ideally, one with variable speeds, however you can get away with just 15,000 RPM if that is all you can get.

  251. Whens your next Video we’ve been waiting for almost a week can you please finish your next video.

    • Ha, ha! Patience is a virtue my friend!

      I have work committments more weeks than others, also some videos take more time to make than others.

      The good news though is it will be uploaded in the next hour or so, video #16. I will be starting to video the next one this afternoon, that may be ready over the weekend hopefully! Video #17 will be devoted to just wiring up the controller, things to look out for, variations, etc.

  252. Bac, you are amazing. This collection of videos is the best set of guides I have ever come across (and I have looked at a myriad of modding guides). You have a talent, and its impossible to ignore that.

    Tchay (from BenHeck and Modretro)

    • Pleased you like my videos, I make them to the best of my ability.

    • Many thanks for your comment. I approved the comment, but removed the reference to Modretro; they are irrelevant as a modding community with little purpose, and contain many unruly disrespectful kids I have no time for or want to be associated with. 🙂

      Please keep following my work! If you need any modding advice or tips, please feel free to ask!


  253. Im just having problems wiring the Screen and the Controller.

    • Feel free to post a topic in my forum with pics and description of your problems, it will be much easier to resolve with pics. In one of my N64 video log guides, it shows what to connect to what on the screen. The controller is harder as there are many controllers and all are different; although follow the same principles (I’ll be covering that in a video soon).

  254. So when are you making your next videos. And how do you wire everything together its very confusing.

    • If you mean how do I wire up the controller and controls to the system, that will be discussed in the next video or one after that. I will try and keep it as easy to replicate as I can, any queries, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

  255. woah good tutorial. im definataly going to do this. one question. in the video where you build the game port, you uses the cartridge accepter or what ever to build it. in in earlier video you saunterd that to the motherboard. did you use the back portt?

    • I wired the cart port onto the motherboard after extending the distance via wires yes, then in subsequent video when showed how to make a game cart holder the port was not connected – correct – reason being that it would have been hard to have it connected and show the parts I was referring to in the video, so used a spare cart port. I will be removing the wires from the first game port onto the one in the case in due course of course!

  256. Can you give me a walkthough or guide on how to connect the wires in N64,Dreamcast,and PSOne Portable.

    • N64 – in my current guide (video 5), see the N64 video log section. DreamCast and also PSone consoles – pics of what to connect to what in the PDF guides. All on this site!! 😉

  257. I am also making a Nintendo 64 portable using Frankencase,and I want to keep all the controller ports, but how would I make a switch to switch between the internal controller and the player 1 port? Could you send me a video?

  258. I’ve been wanting to something like this for the longest time, but I want to make more of a “laptop” hand a handheld. What would your thoughts be on using a larger screen, say a 12″ lcd? I know it would require rewiring the laptop screen to display the N64 outputs, but do you believe it would be possible? And if so, do you have any small tips on batteries? I hope I’m not imposing, but Now that I’ve seen how small the mother board is, I think I can make a case that will house it quite nicely.

  259. Really want to build one, just money and skill and etc. are lacking so cant. when i can i really hope that this guid helps me alot and it already has! Hope i dont kill myself in the process. anyway, where can i buy all of the tools neccesary? of course at the cheapest price, without going online? also one more thing, would a 4.6V psp battery do any good for anything what so ever? Thx Bac when i am done youtube will see mine and i will thank you.

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