IntoPlay build and PSOne modding guides

These are guides to modding the PSone, covering how to open it up, remove unwanted ports, relocate the memory cart port, video, and advice on other relevant matters about modding the system.

Had to break the guide into multiple parts as otherwise the .PDF didn’t work.

Please note, it can take a couple of minutes for the PDF’s to load! 😉

Modding a PSone console – Part 1

Modding a PSone console – Part 2

IntoPlay build


45 Responses to “IntoPlay build and PSOne modding guides”

  1. how much for a pre modded psone or could you mod my one

  2. Can you make ps2 portable?

  3. can i use another screen besides the ps one screen ?

  4. If i could supply u a ps1 with controller how much would it cost. BTW nice ps1

  5. How do you make a portable Playstation 2 system using the Playstation 2 Slimline console? I SERIOUSLY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO THIS PLEASE HELP

  6. Hey Dude, I just want to ask for any tips, guides and instruction regarding PSX SCPH-9002 Power connection, I just want to know how will I connect a rechargeable batteries at the same time the power block of the PSX so that I can switch between Batteries and mains power of the Power Block including the charging jack for the rechargeable batteries, I just also wanted to ask if it is possible to use the power block to charge the batteries and play the system while the power block is active and the batteries are charging or is it much better to have a switch between the mains power block and the batteries???

  7. Hi to every single one, it’s actually a nice for me to go to see this site, it includes priceless Information.

  8. Hello,
    How do you make a portable Playstation 2 system using the Playstation 2 Slimline console? Can you upload instructions for making it using the PDF software the same way you did with the Sony Playstation 1?

  9. hay un tutorial en espñaol?

    are one tutorial in spanish?

  10. no hay uno en español?

  11. hey i kinda broke some of the pins for the cd drive is there any way i could fix that there where 2 cords going into the motherboard to the cd drive i broke the bigger one is there a way i could fix that

  12. I was wondering if you have ever attempted a ps2 portable? Do you know how hard it would be to adapt this guide to make one? I dont have much modding experience and am looking to start a project and was stuck between trying the n64 and psone…then thought maybe a ps2 would be cool bc of its backwards compatability….any thoughts?

  13. we would also like to know what chips there are and what they do and how they interact with each other, witch is specificly information you could give us. Please we need a contact or we will fail the project.

  14. We are in an engineering class called Engineering Design and Development. We are currently working on a “deconstructed” project where we are tasked with taking a product apart to better learn how it was designed and engineered. We have chosen to learn more about the slim PS One system.
    We were hoping that we could get some more information on the specific materials used to make the product as well as the reasoning behind the design. We would greatly appreciate if you could help us to get in contact with someone who can answer our questions. Thank you very much for all of your help.

  15. looking into trying this out. how did you make the cover for the buttons and screen and the back for the disc? where did you get the plastic case from? did you just use the old system? i was kind of confused from that part. or actually, would i be able to purchase the case from you?

    • The guides on the site here show the modding process and also case making; if you have queries for a project build, please join my forum and post a thread!

      • I was actually wondering where in the tutorial you mentioned to cut holes into the case. which case are you talking about? Is this the back half? The front half? Or some completely different plastic casing you are talking about?

  16. Is 9.6v rechargeable batteries ok

  17. if someone wanted one made can you make it for them for a price

    • I’m happy enough to make a cart based system as a commission, but rather not do CD based systems as they have a high failure rate compared to cartridge based systems; if i’d paid decent money for a commission i’d be annoyed if the actual hardware failed after a while due to its original manufacture, so consequently, not keen on making for others. Happy to do a commission for systems like NES, SNES, RetroDuo, SMS, MegaDrive, Amstrad GX4000 and a variety of others. I won’t be making many systems, more to “shift stock” over next year, so happy to make a system more defined to a user’s request than a generic one.

  18. How of the cannon batteries do u need to power the system

    • As many sets as you can fit and afford frankly. Two or three battery sets in a portable is good, more better. It all depends on how long you want the system to run between charges.

  19. how did you do the carcase of the playstation???

  20. how much is one of youre kits and where can i buy one

  21. does this work with the bigger model of the ps1?

  22. […] PSOne modding guide by Bacteria […]

  23. could you upload a wiring guide it would be very helpful

  24. hey where do i go to get the ps1 portable system you made on youtube that you played bugs bunny on

  25. Hey dude the first part of the pdf file on ps one console cannot be oppened and its damage, is there anything or any file you got similar to this ?????????????

    • Just tried it, loads fine (it is about 12 Mb so takes a short while to load). If you still can’t get it, PM me your email address and i’ll forward it to you and/or re-up it.

  26. Could you possibly make a more detailed guide for the PS1.

    • Certainly, no problem. I will do it in a few months time after doing some other systems first.

      If you are doing such a project at the moment, please join the forum and post a topic with your specific questions on the PSone so I can answer them for you!

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