Super Nintendo – PAL SNES

Here is a guide to modding the full-sized SNES, covering how to open it up, remove unwanted ports, relocate the game cart port, video, powering the system, trimming the board and advice on other relevant matters about modding the system.

Had to break the guide into multiple parts as otherwise the .PDF didn’t work.  😉

PAL SNES modding guide – part 1

PAL SNES modding guide – part 2

PAL SNES modding guide – part 3

Other information

There is a very good section on this site for doing an RGB cable, region and lockout modding (to play NTSC) and replacing the fuse if you mod your SNES without turning the system on with power off, to discharge the capacitors.

MMmonkey site

17 Responses to “Super Nintendo – PAL SNES”

  1. Can you do one for an American snes please.

  2. I finished my first portable, a SNES, and thanks for all the help! I’ve been playing it for about 15 hours over the past couple of weeks with no major problems. I was playing it tonight, heard an audible pop, (similar to when the system turns on or off) and the sound stopped working. I can’t find anything obviously wrong. Any ideas what the problem might be? Is there a fuse I should be looking for?

  3. Great instructions! I appreciate the level of detail.

  4. where did u find the pal snes i looked on ebay and other places and i cant find it

  5. idk, doesn’t sound as good as the other ones, but good nevertheless

  6. It says this file is damaged and cannot be redaired. can you please email me parts 2 and 3 at wangtrevor@

    • Just checked, they download fine. The files take several seconds to download. I assume you are using a PDF reader program, preferably one like Foxit that shows the PDF file in a browser?

      The old PDF guides will all be replaced by new YouTube videos in time.

  7. have you made a portable snes?????

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